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Nov 25 2015

New Acquisitions Highlights

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SAQs for dentistry/ Kathleen F M Fan and Judith Jones.

D 617.602 F19 s

Written by authors with extensive experience in the field, this new edition (3rd edition) has been revised thoroughly and features over 200 questions.

Each question is accompanied by teaching notes to expand candidates knowledge for the exam. This title is organised by subject to help candidates identify difficult areas that may need more revision.

It covers a variety of SAQ formats, and is suitable for candidates studying for final BDS exams and postgraduate examinations such as MJDF and MFDS.


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Nov 19 2015

New Acquisitions Highlights

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Functional occlusion in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics / edited by Iven Klineberg, Steven E. Eckert.

D 617.636 F97


Assess and manage occlusion problems with confidence! Functional Occlusion in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics provides a full-color, comprehensive guide to occlusion, with coverage ranging from an explanation of biological principles to treatment planning and clinical procedures. An easy-to-understand approach advances your skills with the latest evidence-based clinical research, and reinforces knowledge with chapter synopses, key points boxes, and abundant references. To support the book’s content, a companion website includes three video clips: condyle movements within the glenoid fossa, relationship between condylar translation and rotation, and movement of the condyle-disc assembly recorded by MRI. Edited by internationally renowned prosthodontics experts Iven Klineberg and Steven Eckert, this reference will help you treat occlusion conditions and TMJ disorders safely and effectively.



Pre-, peri- and post operative soft tissue management: e-learning lessons / authors, Otto Zuhr, Marc Hürzeler ; production, Dental Campus.

D 617.674 P922 DVD


The DVD-Video covers the following topics as E-Learning Lessions presented by the authors Otto Zuhr and Marc Hürzeler.


Pre-Operative Soft Tissue Management

Peri-Operative Soft Tissue Management

Post-Operative Soft Tissue Management


Total runtime: 130 minutes





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Nov 11 2015

New Acquisitions Highlights

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Primary tooth development in infancy: a text and atlas / P. Sema Aka, Murat Yagan, Nergis Canturk, Rukiye Dagalp.

D 616 B19

Primary Tooth Development in Infancy: A Text and Atlas describes the initial phase of human dentition. It includes more than 1,500 photographs of fetal and infant teeth up to the age of one year. The book presents each step in the developmental phases in photographs accompanied by concise explanatory text. The teeth are photographed from six different aspects: labial, lingual, mesial, distal, incisal, and from the root direction and includes CT images in some cases.

Topics covered include morphology and development of primary dentition, discrimination criteria for human dentitions, forensic importance of direct and indirect measuring techniques, dental identification and age estimation from teeth, achieving dental evidence from oral autopsy, and age estimation formulae. The book also discusses the neonatal line concept of intrauterine life accompanied by corresponding scanning electron microscope photographs.

A supplementary software program for age estimation from dental measurements can also be used in conjunction with the material in this text. Meticulously prepared by a team of experts, this atlas is a valuable tool for odontologists, pediatricians, pedodontists, forensic scientists, and dental anthropologists.


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Oct 29 2015

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Principles and practice of single implant and restoration / Mahmoud Torabinejad, Mohammad A. Sabeti, Charles J. Goodacre ; [contributors, Aladdin Al-Ardah … et al.].

D 617.674 T67 

Covering treatment planning to restoration, Principles and Practice of Single Implant Restorations is the first book specifically designed to train Endodontists and General Dentists for a single tooth implant and restorations. It describes surgical principles, implant placement, implant site preparation, bone grafts and bone substitute materials, tooth extraction, guided bone regeneration, immediate implant placement, surgical defects, and single-tooth esthetic considerations. Expert authors Dr. Mahmoud Torabinejad, Dr. Charles Goodacre, and Dr. Mohammed Sabeti provide detailed guidelines for the use of single tooth implants as an appropriate and compelling treatment tool.


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Oct 14 2015

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Implantology step by step/ Christoph T. Sliwowski ; co-authors, Stefan Hümmeke, Dominika Sliwowska, Christian F.J. Stappert.

D 617.674 S63

In this practical textbook, the author presents innovative treatment strategies for the protocols of implant dentistry that span the discipline, from simple single-tooth restoration to complex full-arch rehabilitation of edentulous arches involving sinus elevation and immediate implant placement. Delineated in the book are treatment protocols for clinical situations with different baseline conditions and levels of difficulty, including a section devoted to treating the fully edentulous patients. New technologies, including 3D diagnosis enabled by CBCT, are analyzed for their effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, important complications are discussed within the context of their causes and management; the author does not shy away from presenting examples of implant therapy with unsatisfactory results, valuing the instructive worth of problematic or controversial cases. This book provides valuable instruction and guidance to student practitioners on the most up-to-date protocols in implant dentistry.


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Sep 30 2015

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Microbiology fundamentals: a clinical approach / Marjorie Kelly Cowan.

D 579 C874 m62 

Cowan’s Microbiology Fundamentals: A Clinical Approach is The Perfect Fit to align with your course. Here’s why:

  • The author team includes a practicing nurse to help students see how the content fits in their lives and relates to their future career on every page.
  • A briefer text means all core concepts are covered, but streamlined to better fit the length of your course.
  • A more modern, visual text and digital learning package fits with today’s students and the way they learn.



Peterson’s principles of oral and maxillofacial surgery / editors, Michael Miloro, G. E. Ghali, Peter E. Larsen, Peter D. Waite.

D 617.672 P95 M 

Peterson’s Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery third edition, encompasses a wide range of diverse topics making it a unique text amongst the medical and dental specialties. The purpose of this concise, easy-to-read two-volume text is to provide an authoritative and currently referenced survey of the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. It contains the necessary information for clinicians and is an ideal reference text for preparation for board certification in the specialty.


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Sep 24 2015

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Dry mouth: a clinical guide on causes, effects and treatments / Guy Carpenter, editor.

D 617.665 D79


This wide-ranging guide to dry mouth, or xerostomia, is intended to meet the needs of dentists by providing information on all clinically relevant aspects. After introductory discussion of salivary secretion and function, the potential causes of dry mouth, including diseases affecting saliva production, drugs and irradiation, are examined. Symptoms and signs such as altered taste, bacterial changes and infection are discussed and impacts on quality of life, described. Diagnostic issues are fully explored, covering the use of clinical scoring scales, difficulties in assessment, detection of early signs and the role of salivary biomarkers. The full range of treatment options and preventive measures is then described, including the use of intensity-modulated radiotherapy to spare salivary function, the value of artificial salivas and the beneficial effects of regular chewing. The book closes by considering future treatment avenues and the potential for salivary gland regeneration.


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Sep 09 2015

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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The 5-minute clinical consult standard 2016 / editor-in-chief, Frank J. Domino.

D 616.075 G85

The 5-Minute Clinical Consult Standard 2016, 24th Edition, provides rapid-access in a quick-reference print format. It delivers diagnosis, treatment, medications, follow-up, and associated factors for a broad range of diseases and conditions. Organized alphabetically by diagnosis, this best-selling clinical reference continues to present brief, bulleted information on disease topics in a consistent and reader-friendly three-column format.




Human physiology/ Stuart Ira Fox, Pierce College.

D 612 F79

Human Physiology, 14th Edition, is intended for the one-semester Human Physiology course often taken by allied health and biology students. The beginning chapters introduce basic chemical and biological concepts to provide students with the framework they need to comprehend physiological principles. The chapters that follow promote conceptual understanding rather than rote memorization of facts. Health applications are included throughout the book to heighten interest, deepen understanding of physiological concepts, and help students relate the material to their individual career goals. Every effort has been made to help students integrate related concepts and understand the relationships between anatomical structures and their functions.



Oral and maxillofacial pathology/ Brad W. Neville, Douglas D. Damm, Carl M. Allen, Angela C. Chi.

D 617.661 O63

Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, 4th Edition provides state-of-the-art information on the wide variety of diseases that may affect the oral and maxillofacial region. Over 1,400 radiographs and full-color clinical photos – that’s more than any other reference – bring pathologies and conditions to life. New to this edition is coverage of the latest advances in diagnosis and disease management, plus topics such as hereditary dental anomalies and oral lesions associated with cosmetic fillers. Written by well-known oral pathology educators Brad Neville, Douglas Damm, Carl Allen, and Angela Chi, this market leader is your go-to reference for the care of patients with oral disease!


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Sep 02 2015

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Handbook of clinical techniques in pediatric dentistry / edited by Jane A. Soxman.

D 617.629 H23 S73

The Handbook of Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry provides the clinician with an increased level of expertise and skills for timely identification and intervention for various presentations in the developing dentition. It also clearly describes procedures for treatment in the primary and young permanent dentitions, including pulp therapy for primary and young permanent molars, extractions, space maintenance, and more. The most commonly encountered treatment needs are discussed with the goal of increasing clinician and staff confidence while decreasing chair-time and stress.



Key concepts in contemporary orthodontics / edited by Kaley Ann.

D 617.64 K44

Orthodontics is a rapidly growing field of science as well as of medicine. The aim of this book is to provide innovative possibilities and novel ways of looking at this field. It provides key concepts in orthodontics organized under two broad sections: Orthognathic Surgery and Research. The book aims at serving the readers as a valuable means of exploration of the application of knowledge, information and answers to some orthodontic questions and topics.



Textbook of geriatric dentistry / edited by Poul Holm-Pedersen, Angus W.G. Walls, Jonathan A. Ship.

D 617.6561 T35

Textbook of Geriatric Dentistry, Third Edition provides a comprehensive review of the aging process and its relevance to oral health and dentistry. Now in full colour, this third edition has been fully revised and updated with new material encompassing recent research and clinical developments within geriatric dentistry. Written in a clear and accessible style, this is an essential guide to geriatric dental practice for undergraduate and postgraduate dentistry students and practicing clinicians alike. Key features include: * Contributions from an international group of expert authors * Comprehensive coverage of oral healthcare issues in the older adult, from demographics and physiology through to nutrition and pharmacology * Provides both foundational knowledge and a guide to clinical management * New chapters including material on orofacial pain, quality of life and treatment planning.



Pickard’s guide to minimally invasive operative dentistry/ Avijit Banerjee, Timothy F. Watson.

D 617.62 K46

An ideal introduction to the theory and practical aspects of conservative dentistry, the tenth edition of Pickards’ Guide to Minimally Invasive Operative Dentistry is a must-have text for all dental students, new graduates and oral healthcare professionals alike. Written in an easy to understand and concise style, the authors introduce the essentials of dental disease before outlining how to collect patient information clinically in order to detect, diagnose, plan and deliver care.


Exploring key topics such as disease prevention and control, the principles of minimally invasive operative dentistry, contemporary restorative materials and procedures, this completely up-to-date revised edition integrates a thorough academic grounding for degree examination with an essential preparation for clinical practice for the whole oral healthcare team. Illustrated with step-by-step colour photos, common clinical procedures are clearly set out and labelled for beginners to learn. The tenth edition has been updated to reflect the latest evidence based guidelines for preventitative management and there is a focus on maintaining existing restorations and follow up/long term care.


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Aug 14 2015

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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new additions 04082015_Page_3

Periodontal regeneration / B. Stadlinger, H. Terheyden ; production, iAS interActive Systems GmbH.

D 617.664 S777 p

DVDs + program notes 

Unlike bone, which is constantly undergoing resorption followed by bone apposition, teeth are not subject to remodeling. They are remarkably resistant to physiologic remodeling processes. The reason for this is found in the periodontium and cementum. The mechanisms that take effect in this area and the effectiveness of the periodontal system — consisting of gingiva, alveolar bone, periodontium, and cementum — after injury can be visualized in this scientific 3D film. The visualization of these complex processes is of great interest for academic teaching as well as for the clinician, as the cellular interactions are presented in this context of four phases. For the first time, scanning electron microscope images of real cells can be visualized alongside computer-animated simulations, allowing the comparison of their characteristics.


new additions 04082015_Page_5

Anatomy for dental medicine / edited by Eric W. Baker ; based on the work of Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher.

D 611.910223 A535 B16

Anatomy for Dental Medicine, Second Editioncombines award-winning, full-color illustrations, explanatory text, and summary tables to guide the reader through the complex anatomy of the head and neck. Each region is arranged in a user-friendly format beginning with the skeletal framework. The musculature is then added, followed by the neurovasculature, and finally, topographic anatomy shows all structures in situ.


new additions 04082015_Page_2

Practice management for the dental team / Betty Ladley Finkbeiner, Charles Allan Finkbeiner.

D 617.688 F4 

Learn the business skills you need to run a dental office! Practice Management for the Dental Team, 8th Edition, is comprehensive one-stop resource for dental practice management and the only one that includes EagleSoft practice management software screen shots and exercises for a realistic office experience. This unique text provides practical information on a wide range of dental office skills, from managing patients to running the business. The 8th Edition covers changes in technology in the dental office, including the electronic health record (EHR); telecommunications; appointment scheduling and tracking, and dental office accounting and financial management.



1000 multiple response questions in paediatric dentistry / Morenike Folayan … [et al.].

D 617.629 O58

It can be used for quick revision of various topics namely caries epidemiology, prevention and management; pulp therapy; tooth restoration; dental materials; oral medicine; traumatic dental injury; pain and behaviour management; tooth anatomy and physiology; eruption and eruption disorders; and general dentistry for children. There are three basic kinds of fixed-response questions in the book: True/False Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Multiple Response Questions. The introduction section of the book provides readers with 10 quick guides on how to make yourself familiar with the vast material in the book. At the end of the book are the answers to the questions as well as a blank answer sheet which you could use during your personal studies. The book shall be revised every three years to ensure it addresses contemporary issues in paediatric dentistry as well as ensure it contains information on current concepts in paediatric dentistry.



Comprehensive esthetic dentistry / Florin Lazarescu, editor.

D 617.627 C737

Nothing can replace the sense of professional fulfillment and personal reward that comes from successfully restoring a patient’s smile. This book, which serves as a complete primer on esthetic dentistry, is aimed at that precise reward. Informed by the latest scientific research and clinical evidence, the authors provide readers with keen insight into the artistic aspects essential to achieving a truly esthetic outcome. Preliminary chapters cover esthetic analysis, effective treatment planning, use of digital dental photography, and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. Further chapters outline effective treatment protocols, including the principles of ultraconservative restoration, tooth whitening, anterior and posterior all-ceramic restorations, in-office CAD/CAM technology, implant placement and soft tissue management in the esthetic zone, and the usage of minimally invasive procedures. This book, in its extensive knowledge and passionate voice, represents the union of function and beauty in dentistry, and in doing so, established itself as a comprehensive resource in the field of dental esthetics.



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