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Dec 18 2014

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Explore the Virtual Special Issue: Anthropology Beyond Boundaries

Anthropology has a long and deep relationship with the journal Economy and Society that stretches from its first issues. Within its pages ethnography has been brought to bear on the crucial theoretical debates of each era.  The articles in this new virtual issue draw out three reoccurring themes: justice; governance; and capital.

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May 13 2013

Handpicked Articles from Child and Adolescent Social Work

Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal focuses on clinical social work practice with children, adolescents, and their families. The coverage addresses current issues in the field of social work drawn from theory, direct practice, research, and social policy. The range of topics includes problems affecting a variety of specific populations, in special settings.

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May 08 2013

Handpicked Articles from Res Publica

Res Publica is a peer-review journal of legal, moral and social philosophy focusing on normative analysis of theoretical, practical, and public issues. The journal publishes work of established scholars, as well as those at the beginning of their careers, in both Western and non-Western settings.

You can download and save these free articles to your computer, iPad or mobile device:

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Jan 02 2013

Latest reports from IssueLab

  1. Where Do We Go From Here? Philanthropic Support for Black Men and Boys
  2. Memory and Justice: Confronting Past Atrocity and Human Rights Abuse
  3. World in Serious Trouble on Food Front
  4. Strategies for Foundations: When, Why, and How to Use Venture Philanthropy
  5. A Safe, Stable Place to Call Home Supports Young Children’s Health in Arkansas
  6. Overcrowding and Frequent Moves Undermine Children’s Health
  7. LIHEAP Stabilizes Family Housing and Protects Children’s Health
  8. Federal Programs that Protect Young Children’s Health
  9. Establishing a Venture Philanthropy Organisation in Europe
  10. Children of Immigrants: Healthy Beginnings Derailed by Food Insecurity
  11. Boost to SNAP Benefits Protected Young Children’s Health
  12. Update on Health Policy Grantmaking
  13. Untapped Potential: European Foundation Funding for Women and Girls (Highlights)
  14. Spotlight on Human Services Grantmaking in the San Francisco Bay Area
  15. Spotlight on Human Services Grantmaking in Ohio

[Source: IssueLab]


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Dec 06 2011

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  1. Practical Action 
  2. Founded over 40 years ago by an economist, Practical Action’s aim is to help impoverished people “use technology to challenge poverty”, to gain “access to technical options and knowledge”, and “influence the social, economic and institutional systems for innovation and use of technology.” The “Downloads” tab has a link to “Practical Answers” that cover almost two dozen themes and lets you browse the extensive library, submit technical questions to expert, and it also provides you with a section entitled “Share” which documents peoples’ experience with Practical Action. You will also find the “Featured Articles” section of the Downloads useful and full of such practical information as “Build Your Own Tippy Tap”, for hand washing after toileting and a “Solar Voltaic System Design Info Sheet” that covers electrical design issues.  Back on the homepage, you will find links to their social networking, e-newsletter, and the latest from their series of blogs.

  3. Education for Employment: Realizing Arab Youth Employment
  4. The Arab world is “overwhelmingly young”, and the human potential throughout the area is tremendous. Recent events across the region have “amplified the social and economic disconnect between skills, jobs, and opportunity.” To address this situation, a group of organizations (including the Islamic Development Bank), started the Education for Employment (e4e) initiative. The basic goal of the initiative is to position “education as a major priority to drive improved employment prospects.” On their website, you can look over a brief summary of their work, and also look over their report from April 2011. The report is based on 200 in-depth interviews and surveys of over 1500 employers and 1500 youth throughout the region. You can download the 150 page report, or view the executive summary here in Arabic or English. The report’s chapters include “Perspectives of e4e Stakeholders” and “The e4e Challenge in the Arab World”.

  5. United Nations Development Programme: Open Data
  6. In an effort to expand access to large data sets and information about their work, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has created this website to provide access to such materials. You can dive right in with the “Exploring the Data” section, and they have the option to look over information organized by country or project. The helpful diagram on the homepage provides a basic visual representation of where the UNDP directs its various resources. Recent data indicates that the top three recipients of UNDP funds are Afghanistan, the Republic of the Sudan, and Zimbabwe. On the right-hand side of the homepage, You can use the “Our Stories” section to learn about how the UNDP deploys its resources in Somalia to support local governance and their work supporting fishermen in Panama. When looking through the countries or projects for data sets, you will note that they can look over the data in a visual format, export it for other uses, and also filter through the dataset. 

[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 17, Number 48, December 2, 2011]


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Nov 21 2011

Latest resources from Urban Institute


  • Challenges for Public Leadership in Today’s World
  • Former Congressmen Dave Obey and Steve Gunderson will speak about today’s challenges for public leaders from the vantage point of their long political careers in Congress and Wisconsin state government, as colleagues, and as members of different political parties.





  •  “What Directions for Public Health under the Affordable Care Act?” – by Randall R. Bovbjerg, Barbara A. Ormond, and Timothy Waidmann
  • The Affordable Care Act builds prevention into coverage expansion and reform and creates new mechanisms and new funding for many public health activities. Much work remains, however, to make sure that health reform becomes a wellspring of appreciation for public health’s value.


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Nov 17 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Ayatollah for a Day
  2. March of the Freshmen
  3. Gateway Interventions
  4. First, They Came for the Journalists
  5. Eight Reasons Why Italy Is Such a Mess
  6. A Grand Tour
  7. Filming Sarko

[Source: Foreign Policy, 4th November -10th November 2011]


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Dec 15 2010

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  1. A small slice of justice
  2. Black farmers: justice delayed
  3. Postcard from the first annual Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference
  4. National Black Farmers Association

[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 16, Number 48, December 3, 2010]


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Jun 29 2010

New publications are available at the Scout Report!


  1. Justice with Michael Sandel [Flash Player]
  2. Is it sometimes wrong to tell the truth? How much value does society place on a single human life? These are truly the “big questions” of human existence, and they (along with many others) are discussed at length by Professor Michael Sandel of Harvard over the course of his popular “Justice” class. Now anyone around the world can sit in Sanders Theater to partake in the course, courtesy of Harvard and WGBH. Visitors can view the 12-part lecture series in its entirety, and they will by privy to a wide-ranging set of conversations and dialogues between Professor Sandel and his students. On the homepage, visitors will find the link to the lectures, along with information about the course readings, several helpful discussion guides, and a place for visitors to join the conversation in an online discussion forum.

  3. Malaysia: Abused and abandoned: Refugees denied rights in Malaysia [pdf]
  4. The situation for many refugees around the world is quite dire, and every year, World Refugee Day seeks to educate the public about some of the issues surrounding refugees around the globe. In June 2010, Amnesty International released this 20-page report which reveals a “litany of abuses suffered by refugees in Malaysia, the vast majority of whom are from Myanmar.” Among other findings, the report notes that refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia are subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention in atrocious conditions, caning, and human trafficking. One potential solution to this problem is the introduction of government ID cards for UN-recognized refugees. The report includes a methodology section and a set of proposed policy solutions.

  5. PRIV-WAR: Regulating Privatisation of War [pdf]
  6. What does it mean to have private military companies involved in the conduct of war? This is a subject of interest to the European University Institute, and a host of other partners, including the University of Sheffield and the Riga Graduate School of Law. The purpose of the PRIV-WAR project is to “assess the impact of the increasing use of private military companies and security companies in situations of armed conflict.” The project was started in 2008, and on their website interested parties can learn about their activities and click on to the “Publications” area. The working papers are quite worthy of special attention, and they include “Passing the Buck: State Responsibility for Private Military Companies” and “A History of Private Warfare”. Moving on, visitors can also use the “News” area to peruse a chronological listing of their publication records and conference activities. [KMG]

  7. U.S. government announces new policy to address homelessness
  8. Addressing the problems of the homeless population is a multi-faceted undertaking, the White House made an announcement that a new effort called “Opening Doors” would be utilized to offer a new approach on the federal level to dealing with homelessness. The basic premise behind this approach is that better coordination among the “many agencies that try to help homeless people find employment and health care as well as stable places to live” is a crucial step to ending homelessness entirely. One of the key components of this plan is to also add housing vouchers for low-income families and affordable rental units in the short-term. The hope is that chronic homelessness (where people tend to cycle through shelters and hospitals) can be effectively alleviated with the implementation of this policy.


[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 16, Number 25, June 25, 2010]


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May 03 2010

National Portrait Gallery: The Struggle for Justice

The struggle in the U.S. for equal rights for women, African-Americans, Native Americans, the disabled, and gays and lesbians is the focus of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery exhibition titled, “The Struggle for Justice”. The online companion has some great features, including six video clips narrated by Soledad O’Brien, of CNN fame, that were created especially for the exhibit. Visitors can find the several minute video clips in the “Introduction” section. The “Gallery” section of the website has portraits of those people who were instrumental in fighting for justice in the various struggles for equal opportunity that are an integral part of United States history. Visitors can scroll over the numbers at the bottom of the “gallery” to see the names of all those in the portraits. A paragraph on their role accompanies the portrait. Those visitors interested in details about the portrait should click on the “C” found below the paragraph, to read the caption. A lesson plan that can be used in conjunction with the exhibition is also provided, along with related web links and a reading list.

Please click here to access.


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