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Aug 03 2009

Environmental Issues From Global Issues

  1. Colombia: Gold vs Preservation in the Central Mountains
  2. G8: It Will Be a Tale of Two Summits
  3. Environment-Laos: Rubber Plantations Spawn Social Strife
  4. Trade: Who’s Harming Fish Stocks? Trawlers or Artisanal Fishers?
  5. Environment: Japan to Take Leadership Role Toward Copenhagen
  6. India: Opposition to ‘Nuclearism’ Builds Up
  7. South America: Anti-Nuclear Activists to Form Common Front

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Jul 09 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. UN chief says climate pact must be finalized
  2. India won’t accept emission reduction target period, says Jairam Ramesh
  3. Sweden takes over EU helm with economy and climate in focus
  4. UN’s Ban urges Japan business on climate change
  5. PNG’s climate change head ‘suspended’

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Jul 02 2009

Archived articles From Political Affairs Magazine

  1. Honduran People Demand Return of President Manuel Zelaya
  2. The Reason the Cold War has been Renewed
  3. Three Questions for Socialists
  4. Illusion, Reality and Courage in Iran
  5. Beyond Politics: People for Sale in Hungry World
  6. Japan: Communists Protest Call for Using SDF to Inspect North Korean Cargo Ships
  7. Venezuela and US Move to Normalize Relations
  8. Iran’s Tudeh Party: Unity, Struggle and Solidarity Can Overcome Repression
  9. US Minister Demands Justice for the Cuban Five
  10. The Missing Split in Germany’s Left Party
  11. UN Resolution Calls on North Korea to Listen to World Opinion
  12. Time for US to Show N. Korea Some Goodwill
  13. Violence Hurting Aid Efforts in Southern Sudan
  14. In Obama Era: Can We Think Big and Make the Changes We Really Need?
  15. Iraqi CP Welcomes Obama’s Commitment to Withdrawing from Iraq
  16. Editorial – Remembering Tiananmen
  17. Philippines Academics Protest Proposed Constitutional Changes
  18. Obama Must Build on Arab Peace Initiative
  19. Rich Country, Poor People

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Jun 18 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. Rich nations failing to meet climate targets, UN official says
  2. Japan, Russia urged to issue 2020 greenhouse goals
  3. How Much Should Poor Countries Be Paid to Fight Climate Change?
  4. Nigeria: Countries Signs MOU on Climate Change
  5. Indian farmers to insure themselves against climate change crop failure
  6. China, U.S. discuss climate change

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May 26 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. America’s new green guru sparks anger over climate change U-turns
  2. Testing the Resolve of Obama on Energy
  3. Japan pledges $528m climate aid to Pacific Islands
  4. China Looks for Big Cuts in Emissions
  5. U.S. Climate Plan Threatens Goals for Global Accord
  6. India gears up for battle on climate change funds
  7. Chinese, EU officials see Prague summit milestone

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Apr 23 2009

More IssueLab Reports Added

  1. Achieving and Maintaining Cognitive Vitality With Aging
  2. The Ageing European Workforce
  3. The Aging Factor in Health and Disease: The Promise of Basic Research on Aging
  4. Aging in Japan
  5. Alzheimers: The Disease of the Century
  6. A Anatomy of a Demonstration: STEP from Pilot through Replication and Postprogram Impacts
  7. Big Brothers/Big Sisters: A Study of Program Practices
  8. Big Brothers/Big Sisters: A Study of Volunteer Recruitment and Screening
  9. Biomarkers of Aging: From Primitive Organisms to Man
  10. Building Relationships With Youth in Program Settings: A Study of Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  11. College Students as Mentors for At-Risk Youth: A Study of Six Campus Partners in Learning Programs
  12. Compression of Morbidity: In Retrospect and in Prospect  
  13. Contemporary Issues in Mentoring
  14. The Dependency Ratio: What Is It, Why Is It Increasing, and What Are the Implications of the Increase??
  15. Do Health and Longevity Create Wealth?
  16. Economic Status of Older Women
  17. Emergency Preparedness for Older People
  18. Finding Leaders for America’s Nonprofts 2009
  19. Growing Older, Staying Strong: Preventing Sarcopenia Through Strength Training
  20. Getting In, Staying On, Moving Up: A Practitioner’s Approach to Employment Retention
  21. Has Anyone Ever Died of Old Age?
  22. Improving Drug Safety: The Importance of Postmarking Drug Surveillance

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Apr 08 2009

Publications at Foreign Policy


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Apr 06 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC


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Apr 06 2009

More Articles published in Foreign Policy

More Articles published in Foreign Policy:

  • Think Again: Japan’s Lost Decade
    As the economic gloom deepens, many American politicians and commentators have invoked the recent history of Japan as a cautionary tale. But the comparison may be more misleading than helpful.
  • The Sick Man of Asia
    Why we’ll miss Japan when it’s gone.

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Apr 06 2009

North Korea: Time for Strategy

What are the intentions of North Korea for the rocket launch recently? The vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Douglas H. Paal, analyzed the issue in an article.

Click here for access.


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