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Dec 15 2010

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. WikiLeaked [FP’s New Blog]
  2. FP’s editors uncover the best of the State Department’s secret cables.

  3. Turns Out U.S. Diplomats Aren’t Chumps… – By Joshua Kucera
  4. They’re just B.S. artists.

  5. A Who’s Who of WikiLeaks [An FP List]
  6. The world leaders embarrassed by Cablegate.

  7. The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd [The FP Survey]
  8. Want to know what Nobel winners and emerging power brokers think about the world’s most pressing problems? So did we.

  9. Exclusive: Video Message from Aung San Suu Kyi
  10. The newly released Burmese democracy advocate speaks about her selection as an FP Top Global Thinker of 2010.


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Mar 23 2010

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. EU environment ministers look back at Copenhagen
  2. China, Not UN, Controls Carbon Offsets, Stanford Says
  3. EU backs UN climate report despite scepticism
  4. Britain’s Miliband Visits China Amid Rancor
  5. Energy secretary: ‘U.S. lagging in clean-tech race’
  6. India needs to find right model for managing climate change
  7. Help poor countries cope with climate change
  8. India proposes coal tax to pay for clean energy push
  9. China envoy says deep divides threaten climate talks
  10. Kerry insists US to move on climate
  11. Climate politics hots up
  12. Two resignations, many fallouts in climate geopolitics
  13. U.K. Lawmakers Call for Intervention in Carbon Market

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Mar 23 2010

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  1. United Nations Economic Commission for Europe: Statistical Database
  2. As anyone who does comparative social science research knows, finding reliable data sources in one place can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there is the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). On the UNECE website, visitors can find data related to macroeconomics, gender, and transport for all of the countries in Europe. First time visitors may want to start by reading the “About this database” overview, and then taking a look at the summary statistics for the past several years in the “Facts and Figures” area. Moving on, visitors can view tables and statistics that relate to industrial production, price indices, forest resources, and biological diversity. Visitors to the site can also register for free to create their own comparative data tables and save them for future use and consultation. Also, visitors can view the UNECE document library and look over a list of related links.

  3. Measuring Underemployment Among Military Spouses [pdf]
  4. What is it like to be a military spouse? It can present some rather unique challenges including underemployment. This 111-page report by researchers Nelson Lim and David Schulker on underemployment among military spouses was sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the work was conducted in the RAND National Defense Research Institute. The work examines the extent and causes of underemployment among military spouses, and it also looks at their “look-alikes”, who in this case happen to be a group of similar civilian wives. Their research indicates that military wives are much more likely not to be in the labor force, and they are also more likely to have relatively high levels of education for their jobs when compared to their civilian counterparts. Visitors will want to read over all seven chapters of the report, and they can also consult the indices, graphs, and helpful charts.

  5. South Asian Oral History Project [pdf]
  6. Oral histories are an important way of telling a community’s history, and this intriguing project from the University of Washington Libraries sheds new light on a very interesting aspect of history in the Pacific Northwest. The goal of the South Asian Oral History Project (SAOHP) is “to record pan-South Asian immigrant experiences in the Pacific Northwest using the medium of oral history.” The project began in 2005, and the interviews here include immigrants who moved to the area from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka from the 1950s to the present. Visitors can view transcripts of the interviews at their leisure, and good background material can be found in the section titled “A librarian’s gift: Oral history project preserves memories of South Asian immigrants”. The interviews are quite fascinating, and they include memories of studying at the University of Washington, attending the1962 Seattle World’s Fair, and the challenges immigrants faced when they arrived.

  7. Voices from Afghanistan
  8. The Library of Congress has a wonderful and timely exhibit featured on their website that allows the world to hear from the people of war-torn Afghanistan. Their voices are heard in the letters that they wrote to Radio Azadi, the Afghan outlet for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. There are many themes expressed in the letters, but what can be found throughout is that there is some joy in their lives, despite everything, and that there are many similarities between the desires, hopes and fears of Afghanis, and those of people of any other country. That may sound clichĂ©, but helping to resolve conflict there depends in part on how Afghans are viewed by the rest of the world. This enlightening exhibit has two “Featured Items” of particular cultural interest, which are “The Tradition of Accordion Books” and “The Tradition of Scrolls.” The links to these two items are on the homepage, near the bottom part of the page. The “Themes” area, found in the middle of the page, combines the letters into groups. The thematic groups include “Requests for Action & Assistance”, “The Question of Employment” and “Crossing the Technology Frontier”.

[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 17, Number 9, March 12, 2010]


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Feb 10 2010

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Malta limits EU action on climate change
  2. Canada files emissions target with UN
  3. Hot air in rich nations’ pledge
  4. India sends emission cut plan to UN, leaves out farm sector
  5. States renew vows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  6. Poor response to climate deadline
  7. BASIC Group countries underscore support to Copenhagen Accord on climate change
  8. China, India, Brazil, S Africa Agree To Disclose Mitigation Actions
  9. Act fast before it is too late, leaders warn at Energy Summit
  10. India shouldn’t be in haste to submit climate targets: Experts
  11. EU pushes for deeper carbon emissions cuts

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Jan 13 2010

Sustainable Development Headlines From Global Issues

  1. Agriculture: Three-Quarters of Hungry Are Rural Poor
  2. Economy-Jordan: Dubai Crisis Casts Shadows On 2010
  3. Development: Japan’s Rude Awakening: Poverty Hurts
  4. Chile: Eliminating Slums
  5. Rights-India: Molestation Case Revives Calls for Police Reforms
  6. Development-Fiji: Amid Economic Slump, Children Face Bleak Future
  7. Environment-India: Creeping Deserts and Crouching Hunger
  8. Kenya: Mapping Africa’s Largest Slum

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Dec 21 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Climate change: India shows flexibility in stand
  2. U.S. unveils plan to rev up clean technology in poor nations
  3. UN chief sounds a cautious note on talks
  4. Asia needs continuing source of climate funds: Philippines
  5. Malaysia PM to offer CO2 reductions in Copenhagen
  6. Deadlock over EU stand on climate pact; India defers draft release
  7. Bangladesh demands allocation of funds for population at risk
  8. China announces carbon target for Copenhagen
  9. China sets ambitious target on emissions
  10. Poland to sell Ireland 15 million euro carbon credits
  11. China harnesses mountain wind power
  12. Denmark: 65 world leaders for UN climate summit

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Nov 17 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. U.N. Official Says Climate Deal Could Be Put Off
  2. UN chief encourages world leaders to accept invitation to climate summit
  3. Denmark invites 191 leaders to U.N. climate talks
  4. U.S. weighs backing interim international climate agreement
  5. New Zealand confident of carbon pact by Copenhagen
  6. Climate finance hits snag before key UN summit
  7. ASEAN chief hopes Asia as agent of change for climate
  8. Japan urges China to make ‘international commitment’ to cut emissions
  9. Copenhagen climate change deal could be two separate treaties
  10. Climate-Agreement Deadline May Slip to End of 2010
  11. Developing countries, int’l organizations call to save Kyoto Protocol
  12. China Rejects US Pressure to Agree to Carbon Emissions Cuts
  13. Money and science key to climate success: China
  14. Gore Says Obama Likely to Attend Copenhagen Climate Summit
  15. Delaying UN climate deal makes no sense: Denmark
  16. ANALYSIS – China steps up climate diplomacy as Copenhagen looms
  17. US, China huddle for high-level trade talks
  18. Copenhagen must produce a political agreement: Ban
  19. India and China ink climate pact, as Copenhagen speculation rumbles on
  20. Hu, Obama hold telephone discussions
  21. Where will India draw the line at Copenhagen climate summit?
  22. INTERVIEW-Poor nations fear empty climate deal at Copenhagen
  23. US must help poor nations deal with climate change: experts

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Oct 20 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Biggest Obstacle to Global Climate Deal May Be How to Pay for It
  2. Climate change: India, Argentina call on developed nations to do their bit
  3. Rich nations need to ante-up in climate talks: U.N.
  4. Climate Talks Failure Would Embarrass Obama, EU Says
  5. Trade, climate top US-China agenda
  6. Copenhagen Meet and replacing Kyoto Protocol
  7. Oil exporting countries seek compensation in carbon-cutting world
  8. Is China Now the Climate Change Good Guy?
  9. China, BlueNext form standard to build CO2 market
  10. Britain urges int’l deal on climate change in Copenhagen
  11. China and India are leading the way. Yes, I’m optimistic
  12. India Weighing Emissions Curbs

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Oct 16 2009

Migration Information Sources

  1. Emigration, Immigration, and Diaspora Relations in India
  2. Immigration Controversy Lands in the Middle of Health-Care Reform Debate
  3. The Basics of E-Verify, the US Employer Verification System
  4. Guatemala: Economic Migrants Replace Political Refugees
  5. Transnational Migrants: When “Home” Means More Than One Country

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Sep 16 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. EU proposes U.N. war chest for climate funds
  2. Climate change mitigation offers growth chances: UN report
  3. Expert warns on cost of failure in Copenhagen
  4. Fighting climate change good for industry: UN body
  5. ASEAN environment ministers meet in Hua Hin
  6. Forestry funding-key point in UN talk
  7. POLITICS: Developing Nations Sceptical of Climate Summit
  8. India to take measures on climate change before reaching Copenhagen
  9. Study: 1.6 billion face water, food threat in Asia
  10. India Says Per-Capita Emissions to Stay Below World Average
  11. India emissions ‘triple by 2030’
  12. India to make fuel efficiency mandatory from 2011

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