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Jul 11 2013

Administration in Social Work Honors Best Article Winner for Scholarly Excellence

Administration in Social Work, in conjunction with The Network for Social Work Management, presents the Slavin-Patti Award for Scholarly Excellence for the best article published in each volume. 2012 Winner: “Coping with Disaster: Lessons Learned From Executive Directors of Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) in New Orleans Following Hurricane Katrina” by Steven Lee Smith.
FREE ACCESS is available to the 2008-2012 Best Article winners – just click here.

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Mar 27 2009

More IssueLab Reports Added

  1. 2003 Not Even a Place in Line: Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Capacity and Waiting Lists in Illinois
  2. 2004 In Our Own Backyard: Human Rights in the Heartland
  3. 2005 Human Rights in the Heartland: An Assessment of Social, Economic, Civil, and Political Rights in the Midwest
  4. 2005 Targeted LGBT Senior Housing: A Study of the Needs and Perceptions of LGBT Seniors in Chicago
  5. 2007 Chicago Area Income, Poverty, and Housing Overview
  6. 2007 Not Even a Place in Line: Public Housing and Housing Voucher Capacity and Waiting Lists in Illinois
  7. DuPage County, Illinois, Plan to End Homelessness: Progress at the Five-Year Mark and a Blueprint for Moving Forward
  8. Findings for the Cleveland Achieve Model: Implementation and Early Impacts of an Employer-Based Approach to Encourage Employment Retention Among Low-Wage Workers
  9. Facing Homelessness: A Study of Homelessness in Chicago and the Suburbs
  10. Finding the Fit: A Review of Three Intervention Models for Working with HIV/AIDS Impacted Substance Users Who are Homeless
  11. Human Trafficking in Iraq: Patterns and Practices in Forced Labor and Sexual Exploitation
  12. Is the U.S. Unemployment Rate Today Already as High as It Was in 1982?
  13. Legal Interpreting Program Evaluation Report
  14. Life After Hurricane Katrina: A Brief on the Chicagoland Katrina Relief Initiative
  15. Many New Hampshire Jobs Do Not Pay a Livable Wage
  16. Many New Voters Make the Granite State One to Watch in November
  17. McHenry County: A Place to Call Home – Affordable Housing Needs Assessment
  18. Opening Doors: Adapting Housing and Substance Abuse Services to Meet the Needs of HIV/AIDS Impacted Persons
  19. Overview of 2007 Census Data
  20. A Profile of Latinos in Rural America
  21. What works best in sex/HIV education?
  22. Que sirve mejor en la ensenanza sobre la sexualidad y el VIH?
  23. Service Connectors Model: Staffing and Cost Projections
  24. The State of Coos County: Local Perspectives on Community and Change
  25. Uninsured Persons in Illinois Legislative Districts

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