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Jun 07 2013

Handpicked articles from Psychology of Well-Being

Psychology of Well-Being is devoted to understanding the biopsychosocial and behavioural factors leading to enhanced well-being, optimal emotional processing and the prevention of psychological dysfunction.

All articles are peer-reviewed and fully open access. You can download and save these articles to your computer, iPad or mobile device:

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Aug 16 2012

Most downloaded articles from Applied Research in Quality of Life

Applied Research in Quality of Life (ARQOL) presents conceptual, methodological and empirical papers dealing with quality-of-life studies in the applied areas of the natural and social sciences. It aims to publish papers that have direct implications for, or impact on practical applications of research on the quality of life. The articles are crafted from interdisciplinary, inter-professional and international perspectives. ARQOL guides decision making in a variety of professions, industries, nonprofit, and government sectors, including healthcare, travel and tourism, marketing, corporate management, community planning, social work, public administration, and human resource management. It helps decision makers apply performance measures and outcome assessment techniques based on such concepts as well-being, human satisfaction, human development, happiness, wellness and quality-of-life.

Impact Factor: 0.744

Read most downloaded articles:

You may click here to view the most downloaded articles which are downloaded live and in real-time from Applied Research in Quality of Life (ARQOL).

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Dec 12 2011

Free Selected Articles from Social Indicators Research

Founded in 1974, Social Indicators Research has become a leading journal for the publication of research results dealing with measurement of the quality of life. These studies – empirical, philosophical and methodological – encompass the whole spectrum of society, including the individual, public and private organizations, and municipal, country, regional, national and international systems. Topics covered include health, population, shelter, transportation, the natural environment, social customs and morality, mental health, law enforcement, politics, education, religion, the media and the arts, science and technology, economics, poverty, and welfare.

Impact Factor: 1.000

Read, download and save these articles online. They are available online for free until December 31, 2011:

You may click here to view the most downloaded articles which are downloaded live and in real-time from Social Indicators Research.

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Aug 25 2011

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Is Ignorance Bliss?
  2. 10 Psychological Techniques to Help You Get a New Job
  3. From End To Beginning: Navigating a Transition Well
  4. Happiness Tends to Deter Crime
  5. Gender Differences In Anticipation Of Negative Experiences
  6. Only One In Five Medicaid-Covered Kids in Ohio Finish Antidepressant Treatment
  7. Extreme Negative Anti-Smoking Ads Can Backfire, Experts Find
  8. Good ruminations or bad ruminations in the depressed brain?
  9. Is Your Relationship Making You Sick?
  10. Understanding Recovery Avoidance in OCD
  11. Taking Rudeness of Our Co-Workers Home With Us
  12. Did 911 Reveal the Limitations of Psychology?
  13. There’s More to Introversion than You Might Think
  14. Inflexibility May Give Pupils With Autism Problems in Multitasking
  15. Exercise Can Substitute Effectively as Second ‘Medication’ for People With Depression, Study Suggests

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Jul 22 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. The Truth About Cats and Dogs: Pets Are Good for Mental Health of ‘Everyday People’
  2. Dealing With Negative Emotions By Distracting Yourself Or Thinking It Over
  3. Two In Five People Don’t Want To Know About A Loved One’s Depression , Ireland
  4. Researchers Look Around The World For Ingredients Of Happiness
  5. Psych Experts: Violent Videos Distort Kids’ Health, Perceptions
  6. ‘Coming Out’ Makes People Happier, But Mainly In Supportive Settings
  7. Mental Health Disabling Young People
  8. Attention And Awareness Aren’t The Same
  9. Money Can’t Buy Happiness
  10. Pregnancy-Related Depression Linked to Eating Disorders and Abuse Histories
  11. Can Aptitude Tests Really Predict Your Performance?
  12. The Greek Mental-Health Crisis: As Economy Implodes, Depression and Suicide Rates Soar

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Sep 20 2010

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Bad acne linked to suicidal thinking in teens
  2. When Yawning Is Catching And When It Is Not
  3. False Memories of Self-Performance Result from Watching Others’ Actions
  4. Psychologists Unlock The Male Dance Moves That Catch A Woman’s Eye
  5. Learning More Effective When Brain Activity Consistent
  6. Gallup poll: Degree of one’s charity depends on happiness more than wealth
  7. Fathers get postnatal depression too
  8. Empowering Workers: Designing Your Own Workspace Improves Health, Happiness And Productivity
  9. ‘Good Samaritan’ survey shows charitable giving trends
  10. Psychological Violence During Pregnancy Linked To Postnatal Depression Risk
  11. A psychologist inside the mind of suicide bombers

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Aug 06 2010

Highlights in Sociology

The following new books and journals are published by Springer.


1. Book Highlights in Sociology

The following e-books are currently accessible via HKU campus network. If you are trying to access them from home, please connect your home PC to HKU campus network via HKUVPN.

2. Theoretical Principles of Sociology

3. Free access to Race and Social Problems

This journal will offer FREE ONLINE ACCESS to all FULL TEXT articles during 2009 and 2010. HKUL users are also able to access the journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b4288839

4. Journal Highlights

Special Issue: On Advice For A Happy Life (Open access)

Special Issue: Muslims and Media: Perceptions, Participation, and Change  


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Jul 08 2010

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Video Games and TV Linked to Decreased Attention Span
  2. How to Banish Bad Habits and Control Temptations
  3. The Bold and the Beautiful
  4. Gallup Poll Asks “Can Money Buy Happiness?”
  5. It’s Good To Have Friends – You May Live Longer
  6. A contagion of social symptoms
  7. Weird and Wacky Job Interviews: Bad Hiring and Bad Psychology
  8. Age Doesn’t Necessarily Affect Decision-Making, Study Shows
  9. Internet Dependence Does Not Lead to Gambling
  10. Misperception of Weight Ups Teen Depression Risk
  11. How Can You Tell if Someone Is Checking You Out?
  12. Parenting Style Influences Teen Binge Drinking
  13. Relationships Grow, Improve with Age
  14. The Image in the Mirror and the Number on the Scale Both Count
  15. Get Creative: 7 More Psychological Techniques
  16. The Problem With Prevention
  17. Young Children Are Skilled Negotiators, Swedish Research Finds
  18. Close Relationships May Suffer If Cell Phone Used While Driving

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Jun 14 2010

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Treatment of Self-Sabotage: The Prognosis is Good!
  2. Every Dog Has Its Day
  3. Violent Video Games May Increase Aggression in Some but Not Others, Says New Research
  4. Why Does Feeling Low Hurt? Depressed Mood Increases the Perception of Pain
  5. Addiction, Self-responsibility and the Importance of Choice
  6. The ABCD of Psychology and Happiness
  7. A Simple Apology Could Fuel Settlement Of Legal Disputes
  8. Better Approach for Depression?

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Jun 01 2010

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Happiness Question: What’s an obstacle to your happiness?
  2. Do You Think You Smell? Olfactory Reference Syndrome
  3. Modeling Behavior for Children Has Long-Lasting Effects
  4. Personality Profile of a Shoplifter
  5. Psychosocial And National Identity Statuses, Values And Psychological Well-Being In Adolescence
  6. The ABCs of Overcoming Anger in Your Relationship
  7. Preschool Depression: Real or Imagined?
  8. Female Friendships: Birds of a Feather Flock Together (On Looks).
  9. The Power of Forgiveness
  10. Love is a Miracle of Mirrors and Transformation
  11. Money can buy happiness if you spent it right

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