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Oct 27 2010

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. A Plan B for Obama
  2. A stagnant economy. Declining American influence. Dictators on the march abroad. And a more Republican Congress coming soon.
    R. James Woolsey, Robert Shrum, Joseph Cirincione, and more on what the president can do now to get off the ropes.

  3. Global Aging
  4. A gray tsunami is sweeping the planet — and the implications are frightening. How did the world get so old, so fast? – By Phillip Longman

  5. Inside Talibanistan
  6. From a distance, you might think the Taliban is a monolithic enemy. Far from it. – By Peter Bergen, Brian Fishman, Katherine Tiedemann

  7. The Tyranny of Metaphor
  8. Three historical myths have been leading American presidents into folly for nearly a century. Is Obama wise enough to avoid the same fate? – By Robert Dallek

  9. Plug and Play
  10. The fast, clean, green automobile is no longer a dream. It’s right around the corner, and coming soon to your driveway.

  11. The Great Battery Race
  12. A 19th-century technology could determine which nation triumphs in the 21st. Who’s winning the global competition to replace the combustion engine? – By Steve LeVine


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