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Jun 19 2015

Routledge free white paper: Building Effective Home and Family Care-Giving

Anyone can become physically, emotionally or mentally unwell, suddenly or over a space of time, and the person or people they live with then become home care-givers. There is rarely any time for preparation and reorganisation of a home situation, let alone any training. Home carers are simply expected to cope with the new circumstances, sometimes long-term. Read the expert tips and strategies to help you build the best 24/7 care possible.


Building Effective Home and Family Care-Giving: Communication, Collaboration, Coordination is a free white paper by Gráinne Smith, author of Surviving Family Care Giving.


  • Introduction
  • Who Is a Carer?
  • Finding Relevant Information and Resources
  • Building Good Home Communication and Teamwork
  • Carer Survival
  • Conclusion

Please click here to get a free copy.



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Jun 14 2013

Best of the Scout Report for 2013

  • Better Data, Better Health
  • There has been extended discussion about the ways in which better data can improve public health problems such as obesity, rising health care costs, and other areas of concern. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is intimately concerned with the possible applications of “big data”, and this site offers some fine commentary and reporting on this situation. A good place to start is the Q&A with RWJF Chief Technology and Information Officer Steve Downs. “Better Data = Better Health: Stories from the Field” looks at the applications of mobile health applications, GPS sensors in the service of tracking asthma symptoms, and much more. The footer of the site includes sections analyzing how data is transforming the overall health of communities. There are data sets, reports, rankings and access to publicly available reports that include information on the quality of care delivery, patient outcomes, and patient feedback on physicians, hospitals, and cost.

  • Frontline: Digital Nation
  • How is technology changing our lives? It’s a very difficult question to answer, but this engaging program from Frontline takes first steps into this brave new digital world. This website covers various topics such as Family/Children, Foreign Affairs/Defense, Government/Elections/Politics, Race/Multicultural and so on. On a note that appears on the site’s homepage, Rachel Dretzin (the producer) remarks that “Digital Nation is an effort to define this new space and to put some walls around it.” On the homepage, visitors can watch the entire 90-minute program and also view special segments such as Living Faster, Relationships, Waging War, and Virtual Worlds. The Virtual Worlds area is particularly compelling, as it looks at how virtual reality is being used to treat the post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by soldiers.

    [Source: Scout Report]


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Apr 03 2013

Free topical journal articles from Policy Press

Free journal articles of March:

  1. Representing the family: how does the state ‘think family’? – Policy & Politics
  2. HKUL users can continue to access Policy & Politics.

  3. Rapid evidence assessments of research to inform social policy: taking stock and moving forward – Evidence & Policy
  4. HKUL users can continue to access Evidence & Policy.

  5. Subjective wellbeing: a primer for poverty analysts – Journal of Poverty & Social Justice
  6. HKUL users can continue to access Journal of Poverty & Social Justice.

  7. Micro-mapping: what lies beneath the third sector radar? – Voluntary Sector Review
  8. From traditional to companionate marriages: women’s changing experience of marriage and divorce in Ireland – Families, Relationships & Societies

[Source: The Policy Press]


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Sep 28 2012

Free Highly Cited Papers from Demography

Demography presents the highest quality original research of scholars in a broad range of disciplines, including anthropology, biology, economics, geography, history, psychology, public health, sociology, and statistics. The journal encompasses a wide variety of methodological approaches to population research. Its geographic focus is global, with articles addressing demographic matters from around the planet. Its temporal scope is broad, as represented by research that explores demographic phenomena spanning the ages from past to present, and reaching toward the future.

2011 Impact Factor: 1.931

These recent articles have been highly cited and are available to read for free until September 30th, 2012:

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b1391568


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Jul 22 2011

Free Reads from Administration in Social Work

Administration in Social Work gives free articles to access and download until December 31, 2011:


Administration in Social Work and the National Network for Social Work Managers also offer the Slavin-Patti Award for Scholarly Excellence for the best article published in each volume:

HKU library users can continue to access the journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b2529066


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Nov 27 2008

CYFREnet, a resource for Educational Social Workers in Children, Youth and Families

Created and maintained by a national network of Land Grant university faculty and county extension educators in the U.S., the CYFERnet can:

  • Provide tools and information for working with youth, parents, families, and communities
  • Share practical research-based tools, curricula and activities with a national audience
  • Provide access to the latest research, statistical, and demographic information
  • Provide resources and instruments for program evaluation
  • Provide information on 3000 community-based State Strengthening programs targeting at-risk audiences

Click here for access.


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