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Mar 23 2010

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. EU environment ministers look back at Copenhagen
  2. China, Not UN, Controls Carbon Offsets, Stanford Says
  3. EU backs UN climate report despite scepticism
  4. Britain’s Miliband Visits China Amid Rancor
  5. Energy secretary: ‘U.S. lagging in clean-tech race’
  6. India needs to find right model for managing climate change
  7. Help poor countries cope with climate change
  8. India proposes coal tax to pay for clean energy push
  9. China envoy says deep divides threaten climate talks
  10. Kerry insists US to move on climate
  11. Climate politics hots up
  12. Two resignations, many fallouts in climate geopolitics
  13. U.K. Lawmakers Call for Intervention in Carbon Market

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Feb 10 2010

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Malta limits EU action on climate change
  2. Canada files emissions target with UN
  3. Hot air in rich nations’ pledge
  4. India sends emission cut plan to UN, leaves out farm sector
  5. States renew vows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  6. Poor response to climate deadline
  7. BASIC Group countries underscore support to Copenhagen Accord on climate change
  8. China, India, Brazil, S Africa Agree To Disclose Mitigation Actions
  9. Act fast before it is too late, leaders warn at Energy Summit
  10. India shouldn’t be in haste to submit climate targets: Experts
  11. EU pushes for deeper carbon emissions cuts

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Dec 21 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Climate change: India shows flexibility in stand
  2. U.S. unveils plan to rev up clean technology in poor nations
  3. UN chief sounds a cautious note on talks
  4. Asia needs continuing source of climate funds: Philippines
  5. Malaysia PM to offer CO2 reductions in Copenhagen
  6. Deadlock over EU stand on climate pact; India defers draft release
  7. Bangladesh demands allocation of funds for population at risk
  8. China announces carbon target for Copenhagen
  9. China sets ambitious target on emissions
  10. Poland to sell Ireland 15 million euro carbon credits
  11. China harnesses mountain wind power
  12. Denmark: 65 world leaders for UN climate summit

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Sep 25 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. China vows climate change action
  2. Japan’s new climate initiative raises hopes
  3. UN climate chief says China poised to take lead
  4. U.N. seeks momentum in climate talks as Obama, Hu speak
  5. Small island nations urge rich to limit warming
  6. Population growth driving climate change, poverty: experts
  7. Norway to consider increasing 2020 CO2 cuts
  8. Obama Administration Pushes Climate Talks Into 2010
  9. U.S. climate bill could cut GDP 3.5 percent by 2050
  10. Britain At Risk Of Massive Tsunami If Global Warming Not Curtailed
  11. EU urges G20 to hand billions to poor nations for climate fight
  12. ANALYSIS-Poor nations CO2 curbs strengthen hand in UN talks
  13. West Africa group adopts common position on climate change
  14. Copenhagen begins in Beijing. The world waits

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Sep 18 2009

Kennedy and US Immigration Policy, Mobility Partnerships

  1. With Kennedy’s Death, Loss of Major Figure in US Immigration Policy
  2. MPI’s Muzaffar Chishti and Claire Bergeron report on Senator Edward Kennedy’s contributions to US immigration policy …

  3. EU Mobility Partnerships: Expression of a New Compromise
  4. In recent years, the European Union has come to recognize that it cannot prevent migration and that it needs a different approach to managing flows from its poorer neighbors …

  5. Immigrants in the United States and the Current Economic Crisis
  6. Immigration flows to the United States have noticeably slowed in the last year, raising fundamental questions for policymakers and analysts about the effect the economic crisis is having on inflows and return migration …

  7. Rethinking the Last 200 Years of US Immigration Policy
  8. Contrary to popular belief, the United States actively devised policies and laws that shaped the country’s population from the colonial period onward…

[Source: Migration Policy Institute]


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Sep 16 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. EU proposes U.N. war chest for climate funds
  2. Climate change mitigation offers growth chances: UN report
  3. Expert warns on cost of failure in Copenhagen
  4. Fighting climate change good for industry: UN body
  5. ASEAN environment ministers meet in Hua Hin
  6. Forestry funding-key point in UN talk
  7. POLITICS: Developing Nations Sceptical of Climate Summit
  8. India to take measures on climate change before reaching Copenhagen
  9. Study: 1.6 billion face water, food threat in Asia
  10. India Says Per-Capita Emissions to Stay Below World Average
  11. India emissions ‘triple by 2030’
  12. India to make fuel efficiency mandatory from 2011

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Jul 09 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. UN chief says climate pact must be finalized
  2. India won’t accept emission reduction target period, says Jairam Ramesh
  3. Sweden takes over EU helm with economy and climate in focus
  4. UN’s Ban urges Japan business on climate change
  5. PNG’s climate change head ‘suspended’

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Jun 30 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. Major polluters meet in Mexico on climate challenge
  2. Russia offers climate goal with no real bite
  3. Europe to offer China help in burying CO2 emissions
  4. Australian Emissions Trading Plan in Trouble
  5. EU avoids climate funds decision for poor nations
  6. Denmark confident on climate change conference
  7. British Climate Change Act doomed to failure
  8. EU leaders agree climate funding principles
  9. Cutting Brazil’s Amazon Leads to Boom and Bust Economy
  10. U.S. faces security threat from climate change: Kerry
  11. U.S. report to press case for quick moves on climate
  12. U.S. Energy Secretary wants to cut carbon in the Americas
  13. Asia grows, climate change up

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Jun 18 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. State Department Says China to Get U.S. Aid under New Climate Deal
  2. EU, US criticised for low profile in Bonn climate talks
  3. Bonn climate talks leave big divide
  4. India, China unite against West bid to pass buck
  5. Japan accused of obstructing progress
  6. Japan Sets Emissions Targets, and No One Seems Pleased
  7. Japan’s dream of ‘low-carbon revolution’ lacks vision, commitment
  8. Canada to establish carbon trading market
  9. China, India Must Share Climate Burden, Japan Industry Says

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May 26 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. America’s new green guru sparks anger over climate change U-turns
  2. Testing the Resolve of Obama on Energy
  3. Japan pledges $528m climate aid to Pacific Islands
  4. China Looks for Big Cuts in Emissions
  5. U.S. Climate Plan Threatens Goals for Global Accord
  6. India gears up for battle on climate change funds
  7. Chinese, EU officials see Prague summit milestone

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