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Nov 21 2014

Read the most viewed articles from Geoscience Letters, SpringerOpen

Geoscience Letters is the official journal of Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, and publishes original innovative and timely research letter articles and concise reviews on studies of the Earth and its environment, planetary and space sciences.

Read the most viewed articles:

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May 13 2013

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

Urban Institute: CHA Families and the Plan for Transformation

The Urban Institute provides high-quality research on economic and social policy, addressing topics such as education, employment, crime, and governance. This clutch of documents looks at the transformation of the Chicago Housing Authority and the provision of public housing in the city. The five briefs “describe key successes and challenges faced by CHA and its residents.” Titles address topics like “How Chicago’s Public Housing Transformation Can Inform Federal Policy?” and “Chronic Violence: Beyond the Developments.” Along with these insightful documents, you can also look over the Previous Briefs area. Here you will find “The Health Crisis for CHA Families,” “CHA After Wells-Where are the Residents Now?” and a dozen other briefs.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 17, April 26, 2013]

OECD Working Papers Series
The mantra of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is “Better Policies for Better Lives.” OECD’s work spans the world and features a team of economists, sociologists, and others working on problems as diverse as higher education, access to clean water, and energy policy. The OECD Working Papers Series spans 19 crucial areas, including agriculture, development, environment, finance, and health care. You should definitely check out the Tourism papers, as they include the compelling work “Green Innovation in Tourism Services.” The Local Economic and Employment (LEED) papers are quite good as well, covering timely topics like urban governance and regional policy decision making. You can sign up to receive updates about new papers as they are released to the site.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 18, May 3, 2013]


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Nov 22 2012

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  • The Internet Archive has created this very ambitious project to bring together over 371,000 news broadcasts of various origins since 2009. Students of communications, media, and related fields will find much to revel in here. Visitors can search all of the captions from each program on the homepage or look at the Recent Extracted Topics word cloud. Not surprisingly, some of the popular words here include “Technology,” “Energy,” “Defense,” and “Environment.” Visitors can fine-tune their search by looking for certain programs on select networks in order to get a better sense of different programming styles and nuances.

  • This site from Harvard University allows visitors to learn about the lives of women during the Qajar era in Iran from 1796 to 1926 via a “wide array of materials from private family holdings and participating institutions.” The site is most remarkable as it allows visitors to access the materials in both Arabic and English. It offers thousands of personal papers, manuscripts, photographs, publications, everyday objects, works of art and audio materials. Visitors to the site will find several thematic sections here, including clutches of documents from storied families in the region, like those from Nuzhat al-Muluk and Amir Ebrahimi. The Karen collection is particularly notable as it features a large collection of historic marriage contracts, settlements, rental contracts, divorce decrees, and other legal documents.

    [Source: Scout Report, Volume 18, Number 43, October 26, 2012]


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Sep 19 2012

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  • The Aspen Institute: Forum on Communications and Society
  • The Aspen Institute has a broad range of thematic programs covering global security, the environment, and American politics. They also are quite interested in the relationship between society and new and innovative forms of communication. Since 2008, they have sponsored the Forum of Communications and Society (FOCAS) to bring together innovative thinkers and policy makers to talk about this subject. This site offers links to these sessions from the past four years, and visitors will find working papers, discussion questions, and presentation videos. Some of the recent topics include “Active Government Service Through Smarter Data Use” and “Beyond Transmedia: Narrative Systems and Population Mobilization.” Visitors can view the archived session schedules for each meeting and they can also view a list of all the participants. Additionally, the site contains information on how to get involved with upcoming FOCAS meetings.

  • Western Americana Collection
  • Over the past few years, Princeton University has continued to improve their diverse set of online collections through a compelling digitization program. One of their largest collections is the Western Americana collection, which will be a rare treat for persons with an interest in the American West and its history, geography, and culture. The collection includes over 6,900 items culled from three unique collections. Perhaps the most intriguing sub-collection here is the “Sheldon Jackson Collection of Indian Photographs.” Here you can view a wide range of photographs of Native Americans in both formal and informal settings, along with a mix of other images that document the material culture of various tribes. Visitors can search all of the collections, and some sample searches that are worthy of consideration include railroads, Dakota, and forts. Even a cursory glance through the collection may inspire a new piece of writing or a bit of mediation on American identity and the foibles of westward expansion in the 19th century.

    [Source: The Scout Report, Volume 18, Number 33, August 17, 2012]


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Nov 21 2011

Third Sector Knowledge Portal

Third Sector Knowledge Portal

The Third Sector Knowledge Portal is a new online database, bringing together research and information on the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors. The portal will help voluntary organisations, government departments, academics and others to access evidence on a broad range of topics related to the sector. A unique ‘third sector’ thesaurus has been designed to help people identify the most appropriate material to inform their work. The portal has been created by TSRC in partnership with the British Library. It is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.


The Portal aims to include material on every aspect of the sector, including areas such as commissioning, social and economic impact, equality, political analysis, social enterprise and much more. Content will be drawn from a broad range of sources, including:

  • Academic research collections
  • Reports and research produced within the sector nationally, locally and internationally
  • Government publications and consultations
  • Abstracts for books and journal articles
  • Guidance and training materials

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Sep 05 2011

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  1. National Institute of Standards and Technology
  2. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a long history in the U.S. Government, funded in 1901 as the first federal physical science research laboratory. One of their emphases is on manufacturing. Users can choose a subject area to check out even more specific topics to investigate. These subject areas such as Environment/Climate and Transportation, are related to Social Sciences.


  3. Discovering African-American History in Rural Ohio

  4. This fine project is part of the Knox County Ohio Black History Digital Archives. The intent of the project is to inform the public about the experiences of African Americans in this portion of rural Ohio. Social Life” allows visitors to learn about some of the early organizations that served the African American community. The timeline also gives an overview of African American life in Knox County and it is a helpful introduction to the history of the community. 


[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 17, Number 35, September 2, 2011]


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Aug 29 2011

Sustainable Development Headlines From Global Issues

  1. sustainable Development Must Start With People
  2. North America: Keystone XL: A Pipeline to Europe?
  3. China May Not Be Long-Term Engine Of Latin American Growth
  4. Brazil Revs Up South-South Cooperation
  5. Economy-Zimbabwe: Good Policies Make for Good Business
  6. Development Ngos Face ‘existential Challenge’
  7. Cuba: Petrochemical Complex Poses Major Environmental Challenge
  8. Nepal: Improved Wood Stoves Save Health, Environment
  9. Water Crisis Offers Chance For Unity Over Strife
  10. Swaziland: Irrigation Waters the Hopes of a New Village


[Source: Global Issues News Headlines, 26th July – 24th August, 2011 ]


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Jun 28 2011

Sustainable Development Headlines From Global Issues

  1. Ban Proposed On Export Restrictions That Undermine Food Security
  2. South Sudan: Fuel Shortages Grip Country
  3. Burkina Faso Losing Thousands Of Hectares Of Forests Each Year
  4. D.R. Congo: Publish All Mining, Oil and Forest Contracts
  5. Kenya: Empowering Women through Micro-Finance Credit
  6. Africa Faces Explosive Population Growth
  7. Pollution Rising Fast In China’s Seas
  8. Postponing Emissions Cuts Carries Steep Price-Tag
  9. Climate Change: African Agriculture and Food Supply at Risk
  10. Developing Countries Pledging More Emissions Cuts Than Industrial North
  11. Climate Change: Putting Children in Harms Way
  12. Environment: Congo Basin Slow to Adopt REDD
  13. Icc Urged To Accept ‘ecocide’ As An International Crime
  14. Climate Regulatory Gap Could Result After 2012 Kyoto Expiration
  15. Reducing Soot And Smog Would Help Stabilise Climate
  16. Biodiverse Venezuela Flunking Basic Conservation
  17. Op-Ed: Global CO2 Emissions Reach a New Record High
  18. Malawi: Village Hands Join to Save Forest for Juice
  19. Millions May Soon Be Fleeing The Floodwaters
  20. Africa: Eco-Labels ‘Greenwashing’ Forest Exploitation
  21. Need To Protect Millions Displaced By Environmental Disasters
  22. Europe: Trapped Between Droughts and Floods

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Jun 09 2011

Moving Upstream: Working Together to Create Healthier Communities

Moving Upstream: Working Together to Create Healthier Communities

Contributing organization(s): Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation. Our work is building on the growing recognition that health is the result not only of genes, lifestyle and medical treatment. It is also determined by the day-to-day circumstances in which we live and work. Through new programs and partnerships in early childhood development, housing and the environment, we are investing in areas that promise long-term impact on the health and vitality of Minnesota communities and…


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Jan 28 2011

European Economic and Social Committee

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is a “consultative body of the European Union.” The EESC is meant to serve as “a bridge between European and organized civil society”, and their work includes networking with other governmental organization, adopting policy resolutions and suggestions, and researching energy issues, among other things. The materials on the site are divided into seven primary sections, including “Documents”, “Themes”, and “Events & Activities”. A good place to get started is the “Themes” area, which features information about their recent activities in areas like civil society, consumers, economics, and agriculture and environment. Along the left-side of this page, visitors can look at the latest events and conferences related to each separate theme. Moving along, the “Documents” area includes opinion pieces and working papers such as “EU-Canada Relations” and “Higher Education and Entrepreneurship”. Lastly, the “Press & Media” area includes videos, interviews, and photo galleries.

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