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Jun 14 2013

Best of the Scout Report for 2013

  • Better Data, Better Health
  • There has been extended discussion about the ways in which better data can improve public health problems such as obesity, rising health care costs, and other areas of concern. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is intimately concerned with the possible applications of “big data”, and this site offers some fine commentary and reporting on this situation. A good place to start is the Q&A with RWJF Chief Technology and Information Officer Steve Downs. “Better Data = Better Health: Stories from the Field” looks at the applications of mobile health applications, GPS sensors in the service of tracking asthma symptoms, and much more. The footer of the site includes sections analyzing how data is transforming the overall health of communities. There are data sets, reports, rankings and access to publicly available reports that include information on the quality of care delivery, patient outcomes, and patient feedback on physicians, hospitals, and cost.

  • Frontline: Digital Nation
  • How is technology changing our lives? It’s a very difficult question to answer, but this engaging program from Frontline takes first steps into this brave new digital world. This website covers various topics such as Family/Children, Foreign Affairs/Defense, Government/Elections/Politics, Race/Multicultural and so on. On a note that appears on the site’s homepage, Rachel Dretzin (the producer) remarks that “Digital Nation is an effort to define this new space and to put some walls around it.” On the homepage, visitors can watch the entire 90-minute program and also view special segments such as Living Faster, Relationships, Waging War, and Virtual Worlds. The Virtual Worlds area is particularly compelling, as it looks at how virtual reality is being used to treat the post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by soldiers.

    [Source: Scout Report]


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Feb 01 2011

Latest reports from IssueLab

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  8. Income, Inequality, and Food Prices: A Critique of Broda, Leibtag, and Weinstein’s “The Role of Prices in Measuring the Poor’s Living Standards”
  9. Chicago Youth Justice Data Project
  10. Status of Girls in Illinois – Full Report
  11. Status of Girls in Illinois Report – Executive Summary
  12. Social Security and the Age of Retirement
  13. Earning Money/Staying Safe: The Links Between Making a Living and Sexual Violence for Refugee Women in Cairo

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