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Dec 09 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers
  2. The Stories You Missed in 2011
  3. The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd
  4. What’s Up, Ai Weiwei?
  5. The FP Interview: Bill and Melinda Gates


[Source: Foreign Policy, November – December 2011]


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Nov 24 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. 2012 Election Coverage
  2. The End of Italy
  3. Burning for the Cause
  4. Once Upon a Time in Mogadishu
  5. Herman Cain’s Foreign Policy
  6. The Sisters of the Brotherhood
  7. Under the Big Tent

[Source: Foreign Policy, 15th Р18th November 2011]


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Apr 26 2011

Egyptian Museum Newsletter

The Egyptian Museum is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. It houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, and many treasures of King Tutankhamen. The newsletter covers the museum’s activities in discovery, preservation and exhibition.

Content freely accessible online. Please click here to access.


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Apr 04 2011

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Revolution U [An FP Special Report]
  2. Spinning the Revolution
  3. Think Again: Egypt
  4. Crackdown
  5. The 4 Wacky Things North Koreans Are Doing to Celebrate Dear Leader’s Birthday
  6. Kosovo’s Leaders Are Accused of Being Organ-Smuggling, Drug-Dealing Goons. The U.S. Doesn’t Care
  7. Does Diplomatic Immunity Really Mean You Can Kill Someone?
  8. Egypt Tells Us Nothing About Barack Obama
  9. How Much Has the U.S. Sucked Up to Bahrainis?
  10. In Tahrir Square and the Pentagon Sexual Assault Exposed
  11. Why Are Arabs So Angry at Their First Ladies?
  12. 10 Reasons Americans Should Care About the Egyptian Revolution
  13. Winners and Losers of the Revolution
  14. Who’s Next?
  15. 18 Days That Shook the World
  16. No More Heartbreak in Tahrir

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Feb 01 2011

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Egypt Burning [An FP Slide Show]
  2. The latest scenes from the angry Arab Street.
    Plus: Are the Arab Revolutions Spreading? – By Marc Lynch

  3. The Arab World’s Youth Army – By Ellen Knickmeyer
  4. A dispatch from the epicenter of Middle East rage.

  5. Can Governments Really ‘Block’ Twitter? – By Joshua E. Keating [An FP Explainer]
  6. Not really. The domain name is inaccessible, but it’s not that hard to get around.

  7. Get Real, Obama – By David J. Rothkopf
  8. America can’t invent its way out of this mess.

    Plus: What Kind of President Is Barack Obama Anyway? – By Joshua E. Keating

  9. Whispering at Autocrats – By Tom Malinowski
  10. In one fell swoop, the candor of the cables released by WikiLeaks did more for Arab democracy than decades of backstage U.S. diplomacy.

  11. NastyLeaks – By Robert M. Danin
  12. Why the Palestine Papers are bad for everyone.

  13. Berlusconi’s Worst Nightmare – By Philip Willan
  14. The decades-long battle between Silvio Berlusconi and Italy’s most famous prosecutor is entering its final round. The prime minister’s career and Italy’s democracy hang in the balance.

  15. More Sudans, More Problems? – By Maggie Fick [An FP Dispatch]
  16. If and when Southern Sudan becomes independent, it may mean two troubled Sudans instead of just one.


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Jan 11 2011

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Think Again: American Decline – By Gideon Rachman
  2. This time it’s real.

    Plus: Why 10% unemployment is here to stay – By Tyler Cowen and Jayme Lemke

  3. Grand Old Party – By Richard McGregor
  4. 5 myths about China’s Communists.

    Plus: People’s Army is still liberating.

  5. Where Do Bad Ideas Come From? – By Stephen M. Walt
  6. And why don’t they go away?

  7. Gucci in the Land of Genghis Khan – By Ron Gluckman
  8. Plus: The inside story of how Mongolia struck it rich.

  9. Making Fun of Pharaoh [An FP Slide Show]
  10. Why Egypt’s long-standing dictator makes for a great punch line.

    Plus: Three decades of a joke that just won’t die – By Issandr El Amrani

  11. Homeland Security Hasn’t Made Us Safer [An FP Special Report]
  12. And 11 more of the world’s most dangerous conventional wisdoms.

    Plus: Scenes from the most paradoxical places on earth.

  13. Killer Sharks, Captain Underpants, and Facebook? [An FP List]
  14. The craziest conspiracy theories about Mossad.

  15. Frenemies Forever – By Steve LeVine
  16. How the U.S. stopped worrying and learned to love Saudi Arabia, all over again.

  17. Wanted: Adult Supervision – By Aaron David Miller
  18. There’s hope for Barack Obama’s plan for Mideast peace in 2011. He just needs to let Hillary Clinton lead the way.

  19. Forget the Aftershocks – By Charles Kenny, The Optimist
  20. Plenty of factors are holding back Haiti’s development, but last year’s earthquake isn’t one of them.

  21. Eight out of 10 Experts Agree: Pakistan Is Terror Threat No. 1
  22. FP’s Exclusive Terrorism Survey
    Plus: The Pakistani assassin was no Lee Harvey Oswald – By Mosharraf Zaidi


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Mar 30 2010

The Secrets of Tomb10A: Egypt 2000 BC

Who needs Brendan Fraser and CGI effects to see Egyptian tombs and mummies? Instead, let the Museum of Fine Arts Boston take you on a tour of Tomb10A in Deir-el-Bersha, the final resting place of Djehutynakht, a provincial governor in Middle Kingdom Egypt, the period from 2010 – 1961 B.C. In 1915, archaeologists associated with the Museum spent a summer excavating the tomb and discovered possibly the largest assemblage of burial artifacts from the Middle Kingdom period. The find included jewelry, walking sticks, a huge collection of model boats, architectural miniatures, Djehutynakht’s coffin, and a mummified head, that might be Djehutynakht’s. Beginning in 2009, a Belgian team began retracing the original expedition’s path. This web exhibition includes contemporary and historic photographs of the tomb site and the results of CT scans of the head. There is also a section of zoom-able images of the coffin and the boats. A storage jar from the tomb will be opened during the exhibition, and visitors can sign up to get curators’
podcasts about its contents.

Please click here to access.


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