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Jun 28 2011

Sustainable Development Headlines From Global Issues

  1. Ban Proposed On Export Restrictions That Undermine Food Security
  2. South Sudan: Fuel Shortages Grip Country
  3. Burkina Faso Losing Thousands Of Hectares Of Forests Each Year
  4. D.R. Congo: Publish All Mining, Oil and Forest Contracts
  5. Kenya: Empowering Women through Micro-Finance Credit
  6. Africa Faces Explosive Population Growth
  7. Pollution Rising Fast In China’s Seas
  8. Postponing Emissions Cuts Carries Steep Price-Tag
  9. Climate Change: African Agriculture and Food Supply at Risk
  10. Developing Countries Pledging More Emissions Cuts Than Industrial North
  11. Climate Change: Putting Children in Harms Way
  12. Environment: Congo Basin Slow to Adopt REDD
  13. Icc Urged To Accept ‘ecocide’ As An International Crime
  14. Climate Regulatory Gap Could Result After 2012 Kyoto Expiration
  15. Reducing Soot And Smog Would Help Stabilise Climate
  16. Biodiverse Venezuela Flunking Basic Conservation
  17. Op-Ed: Global CO2 Emissions Reach a New Record High
  18. Malawi: Village Hands Join to Save Forest for Juice
  19. Millions May Soon Be Fleeing The Floodwaters
  20. Africa: Eco-Labels ‘Greenwashing’ Forest Exploitation
  21. Need To Protect Millions Displaced By Environmental Disasters
  22. Europe: Trapped Between Droughts and Floods

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Jun 03 2011

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Rediscovering Congo
  2. The Myth of 9 Billion
  3. The Age of the Manhunt
  4. Thou Shalt (Sometimes) Kill
  5. War Dog II
  6. Afghanistan’s Army: The Few, the Proud, the Unready
  7. Shock Art: Ai Weiwei Isn’t the Only Artist Making Beijing Paranoid
  8. From Gingrich to Palin: The GOP’s Foreign-Policy Punch Lines
  9. On Palestinian Unity
  10. Will Pakistan Give Downed Helicopter to China?
  11. Tom’s Pakistan Recommendations
  12. Obama and Syria: Courting Disaster
  13. Freeing Israel From Its Iran Bluff
  14. Targeted Killings and Two Worlds: The Takhar Attack
  15. The Worst Places to Be a Mother
  16. The Few, the Proud, the Unready
  17. Chinas America Obsession
  18. What Else Happened This Week?
  19. Dear China: Help Us Fix Pakistan
  20. The Ultimate Ally

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Dec 01 2009

Forthcoming Events at LSE IDEAS

IDEAS Middle East International Affairs Programme Seminar

What Next for Afghanistan?
1 December 2009, 6.30pm, B212
Speaker: Antonio Giustozzi
Commentator: Artemy Kalinovsky
Chair: Nigel Ashton


Was Yugoslavia a Doomed State? A Theoretical Approach to Yugoslavia’s Evolution From 1946 to 1989
2 December 2009, 6:30pm, B212
Speaker: Antonio Moneo
Chair: Dr. Svetozar Rajak

Africa International Affairs Programme Seminar

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Arms and Conflict
3 December 2009, 12:30-2pm, Connaught House, H216
Speaker: Dino Mahtani 
Commentator: Dr. Sue Onslow

Latin American Programme Roundtable

Latin American Elections and Democracy 2009
9 December 2009, 6.30pm, B212
Speaker: Dr Francisco Panizza, Dr Guy Burton, Felipe Heusser and Victor Figueroa Clark
Chair: Professor George Philip

Click here for details.


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