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Nov 01 2012

Free access to highly cited journals in Psychology

You can read a selection of highly cited Springer journals about Psychology free of charge now through November 30 2012:

[Source: SpringerLink]


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May 24 2010

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Cognitive Therapy for Depression
  2. Postpartum Depression for New Fathers
  3. Depressed Children Earn Less Money Later in Life
  4. How the sex bias prevails
  5. Mother’s phone call as comforting as a hug, says oxytocin study
  6. Physical Contact Increases Financial Risk Taking – But Only When It’s A Woman’s Touch
  7. The Art of Mindreading: Empathy or Rational Inference?
  8. Blinking Eyes Indicate Mind Wandering
  9. Little-Known Disorder: People Can’t Recognize Faces
  10. An Underlying Cause For Psychopathic Behaviour?
  11. How Not to Raise a Bully: The Early Roots of Empathy
  12. Why Humans Believe That Better Things Come to Those Who Wait
  13. Report: Doctors Give Psychedelics Second Look

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Jul 02 2009

Psychology Headlines Around the World From Socialpsychology.org

  1. Gene Predicts How Brain Responds To Fatigue, Human Study Shows
  2. Neurological Differences Support Dyslexia Subtypes
  3. Cognitive Therapy Is Of No Value In Schizophrenia, Analysis Of Studies Suggests
  4. Laos tackles transgender taboos
  5. Ability To Literally Imagine Oneself In Another’s Shoes May Be Tied To Empathy
  6. Would You Know What To Do In A Mental Health Emergency?
  7. How celebrities stay famous regardless of talent
  8. In Old Age, Friends Can Keep You Young. Really
  9. How Positive Psychology Can Increase Your Happiness
  10. Beating The Bullies: Changing Real-world Behavior Through Virtual Experience

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