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Sep 16 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. EU proposes U.N. war chest for climate funds
  2. Climate change mitigation offers growth chances: UN report
  3. Expert warns on cost of failure in Copenhagen
  4. Fighting climate change good for industry: UN body
  5. ASEAN environment ministers meet in Hua Hin
  6. Forestry funding-key point in UN talk
  7. POLITICS: Developing Nations Sceptical of Climate Summit
  8. India to take measures on climate change before reaching Copenhagen
  9. Study: 1.6 billion face water, food threat in Asia
  10. India Says Per-Capita Emissions to Stay Below World Average
  11. India emissions ‘triple by 2030’
  12. India to make fuel efficiency mandatory from 2011

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May 27 2009

A Guide to U.S.-China Climate Cooperation

Thanks to the hard work of leaders and specialists in both countries, a U.S.-China climate deal is now within reach. William Chandler, the director of Carnegie’s Energy and Climate Program and the lead U.S. facilitator of the U.S.-China Track II climate dialogue, attempted to answer the following questions:

  1. Is a U.S.-China climate deal feasible?
  2. Why is a U.S.–China agreement important?
  3. What has prevented U.S.-China climate cooperation thus far?
  4. What would a potential U.S.-China agreement address?
  5. What were the major goals and outcomes of the U.S.-China Track II Climate Dialogue?
  6. How might a U.S.-China deal improve the prospects of a successful global agreement?
  7. What policy steps should China take?
  8. What can the United States do to help the Chinese meet these ambitious targets?
  9. What should the United States’ top priority be in the run-up to Copenhagen?
  10. What will happen if the United States and China do not cooperate to mitigate climate change?

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