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Apr 17 2015

Chinese Haze: Enjoy reading 40+ articles with impact!

Go to the Chinese Haze homepage to explore the latest research into haze pollution and reduction from 19 key journals in the field. Springer articles are freely accessible until May 24; BioMed Central articles are open access and therefore freely available permanently online, immediately upon publication.

Read the latest Research Highlights in Haze Studies:

Please click here to read more essential publications in haze research!


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Mar 28 2015

Latest Resources from Migration Information Source


All Eyes on U.S. Federal Courts as Deferred Action Programs Halted

Attention is now squarely focused on the U.S. federal courts where the legal battle over President Obama’s executive actions on immigration continues. While congressional efforts to roll back the directives appear to have been put aside, at least temporarily, implementation of the signature deferred action programs announced in November 2014 remains blocked. The administration, however, is moving forward with other aspects of the executive order, as this article explores.


Destination China: The Country Adjusts to its New Migration Reality

Faced with rising numbers of foreign entries (long- and short-term), China in 2012 adopted new legislation to manage its migration flows—the first reform to the country’s immigration law since 1985. With an underlying tension in the legal framework between restricting immigrants deemed unwanted and welcoming those viewed as desirable, this feature examines the exit-entry law’s key points.

[Source: Migration Information Source March 16, 2015]


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Dec 12 2014

Thomson Reuters Exchange: Opening The Gates

Thomson Reuters Exchange is a free online magazine available at: http://exchangemagazine.financial.thomsonreuters.com/

Or you may get FREE copy on iOS and Android tablet devices in the

Apple AppstoreGoogle Play and Amazon Appstore.

In the latest issue, they focus on Open, such as open up China market:

New developments are opening up China’s capital markets to growth-hungry global investors.

China became the world’s largest economy this year, a position held by the United States since the 1870s. See how China’s financial reform process is cleaning up the Asian giant’s banking system, gradually opening its capital markets and internationalizing the use of the country’s currency  in Thomson Reuters Exchange Magazine. For more, please refer to Thomson Reuters Exchange Website.


Also in this issue

Enjoy reading!


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Apr 18 2013

New publication is available at the Scout Report!

Top Five Reasons Why Africa Should Be a Priority for the United States

Released in March 2013, this report from the Brookings Institution’s African Growth Initiative provides compelling information on why the African continent should be a public policy priority for the United States. The report is divided into five short sections, including “China in Africa: Implications for U.S. Competition and Diplomacy,” “Transforming the U.S.-African Commercial Relationship,” and “Advancing Peace and Security in Africa.” It’s a timely work that sets out a cogent argument and will be of particular interest to public policy scholars, journalists, and others interested in global politics.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 15, April 12, 2013]


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Apr 03 2013

The latest news from Routledge Social Work

1.Free Articles on Global Social Work on Our Health & Social Care Arena

2.Free Online Access to Highly-Cited Articles
To celebrate the high-quality content featured in our Social Sciences Citation Index® ranked Social Work journals we are giving you free online access to a selection of highly-cited and top downloaded content. To read the articles simply click here for a full list and enjoy!

3. China Journal of Social Work 2012 Keswick Foundation Best Article Award Winner
Congratulations to Weihe Guo whose article ‘A preliminary exploration on transformative social work model in China: a case study on social work with migrant construction workers’ has won the 2012 Keswick Foundation Best Article Award. Read the article for free online here.

4. The Latest Special Issues
Visit our Health & Social Care Arena for the latest special issues from our Social Work journals. Recent issues include Social Work Education in China, Young People’s Transitions from State Care, and Social Development and Social Work: Learning from Africa. View the recent special issues.


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Apr 02 2013

Read top cited papers from Food Security

Food Security contains a mixture of original refereed papers taking a synthetic view of the science, sociology and economics of food production, agricultural development, access to food, and nutrition, together with review articles, case studies and letters to the editor. The journal covers the principles and practice of food security per se, taking an overview of the subject or analysing it with a broad perspective over its many component disciplines. The journal does not seek to duplicate the coverage of the many publications that focus specifically on those component disciplines.

2011 Impact Factor: 1.970

Top cited papers from Food Security:

You may click here to view the most downloaded articles which are downloaded live and in real-time Food Security.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b4288426

[Source: SpringerLink]


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Apr 02 2013

Read top cited papers from Demography

Demography presents the highest quality original research of scholars in a broad range of disciplines, including anthropology, biology, economics, geography, history, psychology, public health, sociology, and statistics. The journal encompasses a wide variety of methodological approaches to population research. Its geographic focus is global, with articles addressing demographic matters from around the planet. Its temporal scope is broad, as represented by research that explores demographic phenomena spanning the ages from the past to the present, and reaching toward the future.

2011 Impact Factor: 1.931

Top cited papers from Demography:

You may click here to view the most downloaded articles which are downloaded live and in real-time Demography.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b1391568

[Source: SpringerLink]


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Feb 21 2013

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Westward Ho!
  2. The End of the Latin American Left
  3. Love Is a Battlefield
  4. What Richard III Can Teach Us Today
  5. What to Expect from a North Korean Nuclear Test
  6. Don’t Fear the Migrants
  7. Hate Obama’s Drone War?
  8. What George W. Bush Did Right
  9. Inside the Islamic Emirate of Timbuktu
  10. Liplomacy
  11. How does the U.S. minimum wage compare to those around the world?
  12. Military Brain Drain

[Source: Foreign Policy, 4th – 14th February 2013]


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Feb 07 2013

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Live, from Beirut…
  2. Mali Is Not a Stan
  3. A Maritime Balkans of the 21st Century?
  4. The Contagion Effect
  5. Secretary of Schlep
  6. On the Warpath with France’s Avant-Garde
  7. Think Again: Immigration

[Source: Foreign Policy, 29th – 31st January 2013]


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Jan 30 2013

New publication is available at the Scout Report!

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace created this initiative as a way to offer the public access to pieces written in China by Chinese scholars and experts. The hope is that these works will provide “the international community better insight into and understanding of the debates taking place in China on important foreign policy issues.” Visitors to the site can look four main sections, which include Commentary & Analysis, Policy Research, and Testimony & Speeches. Some of the recent trenchant pieces include “Can Chinese Culture Take the Moral High Ground?” and “China’s Traditional Values and Modern Foreign Policy.” Also, visitors will want to read the profiles of the scholars featured under the Experts area.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 3, January 18, 2013]


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