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Mar 17 2010

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Darkness Increases Dishonest Behavior, Study Shows
  2. French target ‘psychological violence’
  3. Others May Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves, Study Finds
  4. Socioeconomic Stresses Could Lower Life Expectancy
  5. Focus On Fun Gets Teens Active – British Psychological Society
  6. Volunteering – Good For You, And Good For The Day Job – British Psychological Society
  7. Bright, clean rooms promote good behaviour
  8. Kindness May Be The Key To Dating Success – British Psychological Society
  9. High Sensitivity To Stress Isn’t Always Bad For Children
  10. Got a decision to make? Get some sugar in your system
  11. Female teachers may pass on math anxiety to girls, study finds

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Jan 27 2010

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Fear of Flying Takes a Deadly Toll
  2. 6 Steps Toward Freedom From Depression
  3. Everybody Laughs, Everybody Cries: Researchers Identify Universal Emotions
  4. Men Feel Less Guilt, Study Suggests
  5. Treating Panic Disorder on the Web
  6. Haiti: After the Devastation, the Emotional Wreckage
  7. Music Education Results in New Knowledge of Brain Workings
  8. Mail-Order Improves Medication Compliance
  9. Kids Lower Parents’ Blood Pressure
  10. Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Program Uses Art to Engage at-Risk Kids and Identify Needs
  11. Disclosing Sexual Abuse Is Critical
  12. You’ve got mail…
  13. Journal Special Edition Reveals How Psychological Research Can Aid Criminal Investigation – The British Psychological Society
  14. Social Workers Need Training In Resilience To Reduce Stress Levels – British Psychological Society

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