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Jun 07 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. UN says climate talks will miss Kyoto deadline
  2. Bonn climate talks: Developing nations question funding commitment
  3. Kyoto Protocol Faces Gap After Emissions Targets End, UN Says
  4. Climate Talks Intensify As Kyoto Nears Expiration
  5. Figueres accepts Kyoto deadline will be missed
  6. Celebrity Endorsement Ignites Australia Carbon Tax Debate
  7. Large cities including Los Angeles meet in Brazil to talk carbon cutting and climate change
  8. Likely demise of Kyoto Protocol undermines carbon tax argument
  9. Masdar Carbon JV registered under Kyoto Protocol
  10. EU carbon emissions ‘plummeted in 2009’
  11. GOP Presidential Candidates May Be Weighed Down by Their Climate Change Pasts
  12. Good forest governance key for climate change schemes

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Dec 15 2010

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. WikiLeaked [FP’s New Blog]
  2. FP’s editors uncover the best of the State Department’s secret cables.

  3. Turns Out U.S. Diplomats Aren’t Chumps… – By Joshua Kucera
  4. They’re just B.S. artists.

  5. A Who’s Who of WikiLeaks [An FP List]
  6. The world leaders embarrassed by Cablegate.

  7. The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd [The FP Survey]
  8. Want to know what Nobel winners and emerging power brokers think about the world’s most pressing problems? So did we.

  9. Exclusive: Video Message from Aung San Suu Kyi
  10. The newly released Burmese democracy advocate speaks about her selection as an FP Top Global Thinker of 2010.


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Mar 23 2010

Sustainable Development Headlines From Global Issues

  1. Development-Kenya: Rapid Population Growth Threatens Development
  2. Brazil: Ambitious Development Plan to Cut Inequality
  3. Environment-Mexico: Green Areas to the Highest Bidder
  4. Guatemala: Off Track for Millennium Development Goals
  5. Health: Addressing Preterm Births Crucial to Anti-Poverty Goals
  6. Environment: Tsunami of E-Waste Could Swamp Developing Countries
  7. Biodiversity: Companies Push Hard to Halt Tuna Collapse
  8. Yemen: Development Recognised as Crucial for Stability
  9. World Social Forum: Reconciling Social and Environmental Needs

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Feb 10 2010

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Malta limits EU action on climate change
  2. Canada files emissions target with UN
  3. Hot air in rich nations’ pledge
  4. India sends emission cut plan to UN, leaves out farm sector
  5. States renew vows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  6. Poor response to climate deadline
  7. BASIC Group countries underscore support to Copenhagen Accord on climate change
  8. China, India, Brazil, S Africa Agree To Disclose Mitigation Actions
  9. Act fast before it is too late, leaders warn at Energy Summit
  10. India shouldn’t be in haste to submit climate targets: Experts
  11. EU pushes for deeper carbon emissions cuts

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Aug 24 2009

Sustainable Development News From Ecoearth

  1. Low carbon development strategy not about politics
  2. United Kingdom: Ministers accused of backsliding on carbon targets
  3. World Bank to buy carbon credit from Congo project
  4. Population, urbanization and environment
  5. AFRICA: Organic Farming Could be Answer to Food Insecurity
  6. ENVIRONMENT-BRAZIL: Take the Squeaky Clean Hydro Bus

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Aug 18 2009

Headlines From Trade Observatory

  1. NAFTA barriers reduced but still contentious trade disputes, analysis says
  2. Legislators Seek New Fair Trade Model For North America
  3. WTO panel probes US ban on Chinese poultry
  4. Brazil Agrees to Triple Payout to Paraguay for Itaipu
  5. U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement Stumbles
  6. NC ag leader Steve Troxler heads China trade mission with farm representatives next month
  7. The dark side of Canada’s oil boom
  8. Russia Hopes To Join WTO By Next Year
  9. U.S. blocks WTO panel on China poultry dispute

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Jun 02 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. Climate change: ‘Bali Road Map’ seeks compass
  2. UNclimate-change talks in Bonn prepare for post-Kyoto treaty
  3. India can suggest changes in the first climate treaty text: UNFCCC
  4. U.S. says rich nations likely to miss carbon targets, but may come close

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Jun 02 2009

Archived articles From Political Affairs Magazine

  1. Iraq and Afghanistan War Vets Back Climate Change Bill
  2. China Opposes N. Korean Nuke Test
  3. Victory in India to Impact on South Asia
  4. Climate Bill Moves Closer to Passage in the House
  5. Labor Activists Denounce Aung San Suu Kyi’s Detention
  6. Brazil’s President in China for Talks Cementing Partnership
  7. US Defense Budget: Change And Continuity Under Obama

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