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Feb 21 2013

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Westward Ho!
  2. The End of the Latin American Left
  3. Love Is a Battlefield
  4. What Richard III Can Teach Us Today
  5. What to Expect from a North Korean Nuclear Test
  6. Don’t Fear the Migrants
  7. Hate Obama’s Drone War?
  8. What George W. Bush Did Right
  9. Inside the Islamic Emirate of Timbuktu
  10. Liplomacy
  11. How does the U.S. minimum wage compare to those around the world?
  12. Military Brain Drain

[Source: Foreign Policy, 4th – 14th February 2013]


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Nov 22 2012

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Tell Us the One About the Robots, Mr. President
  2. Running Toward Danger
  3. Who Said It: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?
  4. The All-Powerful President
  5. The March to Mecca
  6. Jerks vs. Waterboarders: The Best Reason to Pick Obama over Romney
  7. Blue Planet
  8. ‘Troubling’ Surveillance Before Benghazi Attack
  9. Was a North Korean General Really Executed by Mortar Fire?

[Source: Foreign Policy, 23rd October – 1st November 2012]


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Oct 24 2012

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. The True Spy Story Behind Argo
  2. 100% Right 0% of the Time
  3. What the Frack?!
  4. Afghanistan’s Fiscal Cliff
  5. Vanishing Shanghai
  6. 8 crazy things Americans believe about foreign policy
  7. What Happens After You Label a Country a Currency Manipulator?

[Source: Foreign Policy, 15th – 18th October 2012]


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Oct 05 2012

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Capital Flight
  2. How Not to Lead the World
  3. No Army for Young Men
  4. Eight Ways to Deal With Iran
  5. An Aircraft Carrier of One’s Own
  6. The Top 10 Craziest Things Ever Said During a U.N. Speech


[Source: Foreign Policy, 25th to 27th September 2012]


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May 17 2012

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Why Do They Hate Us?
  2. The Most Powerful Women You’ve Never Heard Of
  3. Think Again: Al Qaeda
  4. 5 Reasons Obama Will Win in November
  5. The Worst Places to Be a Woman
  6. 5 Reasons a Sarkozy Loss Will Be a Disaster
  7. The New al Qaeda Franchises
  8. Citizen Chen
  9. Hi, I Killed Osama bin Laden and I Approve This Message
  10. The Dumb Idea Hall of Fame
  11. 9 Ways of Looking at Chen
  12. May Day Madness
[Source: Foreign Policy,  23th April- 2nd May , 2012]

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Apr 25 2012

Latest resources from Urban Institute

  2. Tax expenditures are getting increased scrutiny from budget hawks and tax reformers. New Treasury estimates, released as part of President Obama’s recent budget, indicate that these tax preferences will reduce individual and corporate income tax revenues by almost $1.1 trillion in 2012. Those provisions will also increase spending on refundable tax credits by $91 billion and will reduce payroll and excise tax receipts by $113 billion. Together, tax expenditures will total almost $1.3 trillion this year.
  3.  Institute’s Health Policy Center is tracking implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 10 states: Alabama, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Each case study chronicles successes and hurdles, with a special look at exchange establishment, private-market reforms, and preparations for Medicaid expansion.
  4. At a conference cosponsored by the Urban Institute, the Pension Rights Center, and Covington & Burling, Institute fellow Eugene Steuerle presented options for allowing workers to purchase annuities within Social Security, as well as granting partial benefits to accommodate phased retirement. While such options technically exist today, they are buried deep within the maze of Social Security’s complex provisions. Simplifying and clarifying these options would enable workers to provide themselves with a greater degree of inflation-protected longevity insurance in retirement.
  6.  “On health care, what’s ‘proper’?” – By Stan Dorn
    The most worrisome part of the Supreme Court’s three-day hearing on the Affordable Care Act completely escaped mention in all the oceans of real and virtual ink that were spilled to cover the case. Stan Dorn explains in his “proper” commentary for the McClatchy-Tribune News Service.
  8. Watch a spirited debate on such pressing issues as whether there should be a “Buffett Rule” to ensure that high-income taxpayers pay a minimum tax rate.
  10. Unemployment Statistics on Older Americans: Updated April 6, 2012” – By Richard Johnson and Janice Park
    Retirement Account Balances (Updated 4/12)” – By Barbara Butrica and Philip Issa


    [Source: Urban Institute]


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Apr 17 2012

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Latin Leaders Behaving Badly
  2. Save the Cato Institute, Save the World?
  3. Bush Was Right
  4. After Chávez, the Narcostate
  5. Our favorite Rick Santorum moments

[Source: Foreign Policy, 9th – 12th April, 2012]


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Jan 16 2012

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. ¿El Presidente?
  2. The 20 Percent Solution
  3. The Problem Prisoners
  4. Dances with Thieves
  5. Behind Bars in the Deep State
  6. How Romney Will Attack Obama
[Source: Foreign Policy, 10th – 12th January 2012]

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Dec 09 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers
  2. The Stories You Missed in 2011
  3. The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd
  4. What’s Up, Ai Weiwei?
  5. The FP Interview: Bill and Melinda Gates


[Source: Foreign Policy, November – December 2011]


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Nov 24 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Experts advise on managing climate change aid
  2. Refugees of Climate Change Rising Steadily
  3. India for extension of Kyoto at Durban
  4. EU urges roadmap this year on climate action
  5. South Africa takes climate change seriously
  6. Retired Republicans Quietly Try to Shift GOP Climate-Change Focus


[Source: UNFCCC, 30th September – 19th November 2011]


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