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Mar 22 2012

Humanities: an Open Access Journal from MDPI

Published by MDPI AG, Humanities is an international, peer-reviewed, quick-refereeing open access
journal, which publishes works from extensive fields including history, law, literature, philosophy, religion, arts, linguistics and so on. There is no restriction on the length of the papers as they encourage researchers to publish their innovative ideas and results in as much detail as possible. To guarantee a rapid refereeing and editorial process, Humanities follows standard publication practices in the natural sciences.

Articles freely accessible in PDF format.  Please click here to access.


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Feb 13 2012

Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory

What exactly is a “Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory” (HASTAC)? It is a “consortium of humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists, and engineers committed to new forms of collaboration across communities and disciplines fostered by creative uses of technology.” Anyone is welcome to join HASTAC after registering on the website, and then they will be able to share their work and ideas with others in the community. There is a wide range of topics floating through the virtual ether here, and a good way to get started is by looking at the “Conversations” area. Here visitors will find featured blog posts, recent content updates (like a piece titled “How to Distract Your Kid Into Paying Attention), and information about job opportunities. New visitors should also look over Cathy Davidson’s blog, as she has some great observations on a wide range of subjects, including the digital divide, humanities scholarship, and other matters.

Please click here to access.


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Feb 06 2012


The focus of this unique site is on “teaching and learning at the intersection of the ARTS, humanities, and the STEM disciplines.” The ARTStem partnership was designed to bring together faculty from the University of North Carolina and public school educators to explore the relationship between learning and teaching in the arts and the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Over the past several years, the ARTStem group has had an annual conference and their website provides some great videos from these proceedings, such as “Using Improv Theater To Help Scientists Learn to Communicate” and “Science as Story”. Visitors can also explore one of the ten topical areas near the top of the homepage. They include “Creativity”, “Dance”, “Design”, and “Math”. On the right-hand side of the page, visitors will find the appropriately titled “Good Related Readin'” section and a clutch of related websites which explore the intersection of art and science.

Please click here to access.


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Sep 06 2011

Agathos: An International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Agathos: An International Review of the Humanities and Social Sciences intends to be an interdisciplinary forum for debates on real, fundamental, and living problems of the human condition and human society.

The journal aims to stimulate reflection and dialogue among researchers from different places in the world, and to offer their hermeneutical approaches in the fields of philosophy, literature, linguistics, arts, history, education, religion, psychology, sociology, political science, and law. Articles accepted in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

It is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet. Please click here to access.


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Feb 07 2011

Guggenheim: Interact

Interacting with the Guggenheim museums’ collections is a great experience, and if you can’t make it to one of their physical locations, this is the next best thing. The site is replete with creative assemblages of video (“YouTube Play”), blogs (“The Take”), and electronic newsletter options. Visitors shouldn’t miss the “Voices from the Archives” area. Here they can listen to recent podcasts and as well as events from the past, including a conversation with Kandinsky scholar Rose-Carol Washton Long from 1964. Perhaps the most interesting part of the site is the “Declarations” section. Here, the Guggenheim has invited a “wide range of artists, scholars, activists, businesspeople, and government leaders to contribute concise remarks on related topical themes.” One of the recent queries was “How is the idea of progress part of your practice?”, and the responses are quite revealing. Finally, visitors can also make their way through their scrolling Twitter feed, and they are also encouraged to use the social media connections on the site to stay up-to-date.

Please click here to access.


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Jan 28 2011

Journal of Surrealism and the Americas (JSA)

The Journal of Surrealism and the Americas (JSA) focuses on the subject of modern European and American intellectuals’ obsession with the “New World.”  This obsession-the very heart of Surrealism-extended not only to North American sites, but also to Latin America, the Caribbean, and to the numerous indigenous cultures located there.

The journal invites essays that examine aspects of the actual and fantasized travel of these European and American intellectuals throughout the Americas, and their creative response to indigenous art and culture, including their anthropological and collecting activities, and their interpretations of the various geographic, political, and cultural landscapes of the Americas.

They furthermore intend to investigate the interventions / negotiations / repudiations of European/American or other surrealisms, by indigenous as well as other artists, writers and filmmakers.

After registration, it is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet. Please click here to access.


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Jan 28 2011


Excursions is an invitation to journey into the unfamiliar, a space in which to reflect upon the travels of concepts, beyond the boundaries of one’s discipline.

An on-line peer-reviewed journal, Excursions is designed to showcase high-quality, innovative and inventive postgraduate research. Run by postgraduates in the School of English at the University of Sussex, the journal aims to encourage work that plays with the permeable nature of academic disciplines.

Each issue of the journal has a theme which contributors can interpret as they see fit. They welcome critical papers or creative pieces and seek to place cultural, political, artistic and scientific discourses together in
surprising combinations and illuminating moments of collision.

It is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet. Please click here to access.


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Jun 21 2010

Arts and Social Sciences Journal (ASSJ)

Arts and Social Sciences Journal (ASSJ) publishes freely accessible peer-reviewed research papers, reviews and short reports in all areas of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Content freely accessible online. Please click here to access.


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Feb 22 2010

The Guild of Book Workers

A book worker is one engaged in the hand book arts, which includes “bookbinding, conservation, printing, papermaking, calligraphy, marbling and artist’s books.”  The Guild of Book Workers is a century-plus-old American organization that sponsors workshops, lectures, and exhibitions.  Their website is a great resource for book workers, or for those interested in viewing and learning about the hand book arts.  Visitors unfamiliar with book art should definitely take a look at the “Galleries” link under the “News & Events” section of the site.  Some of the themes of the exhibits in the gallery are “Marking Time” and “AbeCeDarium”, which is the alphabet, and a classic theme for the book arts.  Visitors will find it enjoyable to see how the same theme can be expressed or interpreted in so many beautiful, moving, or disturbing ways by book artists.  The multitude of online galleries on this site is a real treat for those who enjoy the creativity of the book arts.

Please click here to access.


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Feb 01 2010


artonview is Australia’s premier gallery magazine. It previews exhibitions, provides in-depth focus on the national collection and includes a wealth of information on leading museum practices and current
art news. It includes social pages featuring artists, members and international guests at National Gallery of Australia exhibition openings and special events.

Content freely accessible in PDF format. Please click here to access.


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