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Aug 22 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Social Class As Culture
  2. Stanford prison experiment continues to shock
  3. Coke Addicts Prefer Money In Hand To Snowy Future
  4. Narcissists Look Like Good Leaders, but They Aren’t
  5. Social Acceptance and Rejection: The Sweet and the Bitter
  6. Jailhouse Phone Calls Reveal Why Domestic Violence Victims Recant
  7. Consumer Self-Esteem: Should Good-Looking Clerks Wear Store Brands?
  8. Narcissism May Benefit The Young, Researchers Report; But Older Adults? Not So Much
  9. Study Reveals That Risk-Taking Behavior Of Women And Men, Adolescents And Adults, Departs From Assumptions Related To Gender And Age
  10. Male Acts of Bravery Increase Accidental Death: Effects of Male Aggression in Response to Insult Most Felt in States With ‘Culture of Honor’, Study Suggests

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Jun 27 2011

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Psychometric schooling snark
  2. Learning How to Die: The Handbook for Mortals
  3. Learning to count not as easy as 1, 2, 3: Working with larger numbers matters
  4. Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions for Introverts
  5. The good life: Good sleepers have better quality of life and less depression
  6. Sleep loss in early childhood may contribute to the development of ADHD symptoms
  7. The psychiatrist delusion
  8. Routine Autism Screening Not Necessary, Say Canadian Researchers
  9. Is the ADHD Brain More Creative?
  10. Federal welfare programs can have negative effects on children’s cognitive scores
  11. Income Disparity Makes People Unhappy
  12. 34% Of British People With Diabetes Keep It A Secret, Which Raises The Risk Of Complications
  13. When My Mother Died, She Told Me To Try to Enjoy Life More
  14. Preteens surrounded by smokers get hooked on nicotine, study suggests
  15. Why Have Married People’s Yearnings Run Amok?
  16. Group therapy helps multiple sclerosis patients cope with depression, study finds
  17. Adolescence and expectations about college graduation
  18. Money Problems: 6 Steps to Transform Your Money Life
  19. 2 factor theories of personality
  20. Can a Negative Emotion, Like Regret, Actually Make You Happier?

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Jul 13 2010

Free Read: Psychology of Education

Sensitive to the diversity and complementary character of the work in different countries, especially across Europe, the European Journal of Psychology of Education (EJPE) serves as a tool for integration of diversities in the main fields of research and offers an opportunity for exchange and discussion.

Read, download and save these articles online until August 15, 2010. The journal is also available via HKU Libraries at http://library.hku.hk/record=b3655043

The following are the frequently used keywords in this journal:

Learning | Development | Children | Metacognition | Academic achievement | Adolescence | Gender | Motivation | Conceptual change | Self-regulation | Assessment | Cognitive development | Evaluation | Self-esteem | Collaborative learning


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Jun 29 2010

Popular articles from Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Most Downloaded Articles 

The following were among the 10 most downloaded articles during 2009, published in the highly cited Journal of Youth and Adolescence:


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Aug 13 2009

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. The Fancier The Cortex, The Smarter The Brain?
  2. Therapy Targets Emotional Eating
  3. Foster Care May Boost Brain Activity Of Institutionalized Children
  4. During Adolescence, Girls React Differently Than Boys To Peers’ Judgments
  5. Greater Academic Disengagement In US Teens
  6. By Age 6 Parts Of Brain Involved In Social Cognition May Be In Place

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