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Oct 21 2014

HKLII DAY, 29 October 2014

You are cordially invited to the annual HKLII DAY, organized by the Law Library, on Wednesday, 29 October 2014.


HKLII (Hong Kong Legal Information Institute, http://www.hklii.hk is the first comprehensive portal providing free access to public legal information in Hong Kong. It is a project of Law & Technology Centre, a centre jointly established by Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Law, and is based on data obtained from public authorities and other sources in Hong Kong. Databases in HKLII now comprise Judgments from most Hong Kong Courts and Tribunals; Practice Directions; Current Ordinances and Regulations; selected publications of Hong Kong Law Reform Commission; selected domain name arbitration decisions from the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre; Administrative Appeals Board case notes and complaint case notes from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.


HKLII Day events include:


(A) Introduction to HKLII & CLIC

1-2 pm, Computer Room, Lui Che Woo Law Library, 1/F Cheng Yu Tung Tower, presented by Dr Kevin Pun, Associate Professor, Dept of Computer Science & Dept of Law, HKU; Co-Director of HKLII. Demonstration will also be given on CLIC (Community Legal Information Centre http://www.hkclic.org/), a bilingual community legal information website and a quick internet guide for the general public to find legal information in Hong Kong. To register online, visit



(B) HKLII Poster Exhibition (29 Oct to 5 Nov 2014)

This exhibition will highlight the major features of HKLII, its contents and functionalities.


We look forward to your participation. For enquiries, email lawlib@hku.hk or call 3917-2914.



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Feb 21 2013

New publication is available at the Scout Report!

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) is offering this terrific set of interviews and conversations with prominent psychologists to the general public. Currently, there are nine interviews available here, which visitors can read about to determine how to start. One particularly noteworthy conversation is between Nobel Laureate and APS Fellow Daniel Kahneman and Professor Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago. During the conversation, they talk about the relationship between psychology and economics, and offer thoughts on academic controversies and collaborations. The other individuals interviewed here include National Medal of Science winner Gordon Bower, Janet Taylor Spence, and Michael Gazzaniga.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 7, February 15, 2013]


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Aug 09 2010

New social media toolbox

The Development Policy and Analysis Division (DPAD) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) has recently launched a new communication campaign including a ‘new media toolbox’ to disseminate information efficiently.  An example is the World Economic and Social Survey 2010.  Three social networks include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will be part of this effort.


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Feb 25 2010

What’s new @ CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online

Update: February 2010

Working Papers

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Title: Why Tocqueville on China?
Author: James W. Ceaser
Date: January 2010

Title: The United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
Author: Philip I. Levy
Date: October 2009

Austrian National Defence Academy

Title: Coping with Global Change
Author: Anja H. Ebnöther, Ernst M. Felberbauer
Date: November 2009

Title: Strategies Against Human Trafficking: The Role of the Security Sector Vienna and
Author: Cornelius Friesendorf
Date: September 2009

Title: Strategies Against Human Trafficking: The Role of the Security Sector
Author: Cornelius Friesendorf
Date: September 2009

Title: Cutting or Tightening the Gordian Knot? The Future of Kosovo and the Peace Process in the Western Balkans after the Decision on Independence
Author: Ernst M. Felberbauer, Predrag Jureković, Frederic Labarre (Eds.)
Date: October 2008

The Cato Institute

Title: The Massachusetts Health Plan: Much Pain, Little Gain
Author: Michael F. Cannon, Aaron Yelowitz
Date: January 2010

Title: The Libertarian Vote in the Age of Obama
Author: David Boaz, David Kirby
Date: January 2010

Title: Obama’s Prescription for Low-Wage Workers: High Implicit Taxes, Higher Premiums
Author: Michael F. Cannon
Date: January 2010

Center for Contemporary Arab Studies

Title: Obama’s First 150 Days: Perspectives from an Arab American Writer
Author: Gregory Orfalea
Date: December 2009

Centre for European Security Studies

Title: SSR in the Republic of Moldova: Strengthening Oversight of the Security Sector
Author: Sami Faltas, editor, Erik Sportel, editor
Date: January 2010

Title: Perceptions and misperceptions in the EU and Turkey: Stumbling blocks on the road to accession
Author: Peter M.E. Volten, editor
Date: October 2009

Title: Peace support operations: The past and the future. Papers of the Ankara Seminar
Author: Ritske Bloemendaal, editor, Kars de Bruijne, editor
Date: July 2008

Title: Common Norms and Good Practices of Civil-Military Relations in the EU
Author: Anne Aldis, editor, Margriet Drent, editor
Date: July 2008

Title: UKRAINE AND NATO: The Policy and Practice of Co-operating with the Euro-Atlantic Security Community
Author: Nienke de Deugd
Date: June 2007

Title: Governance and the Military: Perspectives for Change in Turkey
Author: Sami Faltas, editor, Sander Jansen, editor
Date: May 2006

Title: The Western Balkan Candidates for NATO Membership and Partnership
Author: David Greenwood
Date: December 2005

Council on Foreign Relations

Title: State of the Union Address, 2010
Author: Barack Obama
Date: January 2010

Danish Institute for International Studies

Title: The Legacies of the Holocaust and European Identity after 1989
Author: Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke
Date: January 2010

German Institute of Global and Area Studies

Title: Contested Leadership in International Relations: Power Politics in South America, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa
Author: Daniel Flemes, Thorsten Wojczewski
Date: February 2010

Title: Oil and the Eruption of the Algerian Civil War: A Context-sensitive Analysis of the Ambivalent Impact of Resource Abundance
Author: Miriam Shabafrouz
Date: January 2010

Title: Nigeria: A Prime Example of the Resource Curse? Revisiting the Oil-Violence Link in the Niger Delta
Author: Annegret Mähler
Date: January 2010

Title: “Dreams Don’t Come True in Eritrea”: Anomie and Family Disintegration due to the Structural Militarization of Society
Author: Nicole Hirt
Date: January 2010

Human Rights & Human Welfare (University of Denver)

Title: The Principled Case for Employing Private Military and Security Companies in Humanitarian Interventions and Peacekeeping
Author: Deane-Peter Baker, James Pattison
Date: February 2010

Institute for Development and Peace

Title: Development Cooperation after War and Violent Conflict: Debates and Challenges
Author: Sabine Kurtenbach, Matthias Seifert
Date: January 2010

Title: Korruption und Demokratisierung. Rekonstruktion des Forschungsstandes an den Schnittstellen zu Institutionenökonomik und politischer Transformationsforschung
Author: Birgit Pech
Date: September 2009

Title: The Role of Regional Oganisations in Conflict Prevention and Resolution,
Author: Herbert Wulf (ed.)
Date: July 2009

International Crisis Group

Title: Nepal: Peace and Justice
Date: January 2010

International Peace Institute

Title: Underdevelopment, Resource Scarcity, and Environmental Degradation
Date: December 2009

Title: From Uganda to the Congo and Beyond: Pursuing the Lord’s Resistance Army
Author: Ronald R. Atkinson
Date: November 2009

Title: Mediation and Peace Processes: IPI Blue Paper no. 8
Author: Christoph Mikulaschek
Date: October 2009

Lowy Institute for International Policy

Title: The global financial crisis: causes and consequences
Author: Warwick McKibbin McKibbin
Date: November 2009

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies

Title: Of Knowledge and Work
Author: Ben Dankbaar, Geert Vissers
Date: December 2009

Title: The Double Asymmetry of European Integration – Or: Why the EU Cannot Be a Social Market Economy
Author: Fritz W. Scharpf
Date: November 2009

Title: Flexible Employment, Flexible Families, and the Socialization of Reproduction
Author: Wolfgang Streeck
Date: November 2009

Title: Man weiß es nicht genau: Vom Nutzen der Sozialwissenschaften für die Politik
Author: Wolfgang Streeck
Date: October 2009

Title: Representative versus Responsible Government
Author: Peter Mair
Date: September 2009

Title: Empirische Deliberationsforschung
Author: Claudia Ritzi, Gary S. Schaal
Date: September 2009

Title: Die Anspruchsinflation des Wirtschaftssystems
Author: Jens Beckert
Date: September 2009

Title: Market Constitution Analysis: A New Framework Applied to Solar Power Technology Markets
Author: Guido Möllering
Date: July 2009

Title: Parteigänger und Landschaftspfleger: Eine Analyse der Parteispenden großer deutscher Unternehmen, 1984–2005
Author: Martin Höpner
Date: June 2009

National Endowment for Democracy

Title: Libel Tourism: Silencing the Press Through Transnational Legal Threats
Author: Drew Sullivan
Date: January 2010

Title: Under Attack: Practicing Journalism in a Dangerous World
Author: Bill Ristow
Date: December 2009

The New School Graduate Program in International Affairs

Title: The Political Economy of Oil in the U.S.-Iran Crisis: U.S. globalized oil interests vs. Iranian regional interests
Author: Thomas W. O’Donnell
Date: October 2009

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Title: Gendering the Security Sector: Protecting Civilians Against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Author: Randi Solhjell
Date: January 2010

Title: How Does Competition Affect the Relationship Between Innovation and Productivity? Estimation of a CDM Model for Norway
Author: Fulvio Castellacci
Date: November 2009

Title: Implications of a Comprehensive or Integrated Approach for Training in United Nations and African Union Peace Operations
Author: Cedric De Coning
Date: October 2009

Title: Theoretical Models of Heterogeneity, Growth and Competitiveness
Date: September 2009

Oxfam Publishing

Title: The Missing Middle in Agricultural Finance: Relieving the capital constraint on smallholder groups and other agricultural SMEs
Author: Alan Doran, Ntongi McFadyen, Robert C Vogel
Date: December 2009

Title: Failing Gaza: No rebuilding, no recovery, no more excuses
Date: December 2009

Title: A Copper-Bottomed Crisis? The Impact of the Global Economic Meltdown on Zambia
Author: Duncan Green
Date: December 2009

Peterson Institute for International Economics

Title: Estimation of De Facto Flexibility Parameter and Basket Weights in Evolving Exchange Rate Regimes
Author: Jeffrey A. Frankel, Daniel Xie
Date: January 2010

Title: The International Monetary Fund and Regulatory Challenges
Author: Edwin M. Truman
Date: December 2009

Title: Reconciling Climate Change and Trade Policy
Author: Jianwu He, Aaditya Mattoo, Arvind Subramanian, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
Date: December 2009

Title: It Should Be a Breeze: Harnessing the Potential of Open Trade and Investment Flows in the Wind Energy Industry
Author: Thilo Hanemann, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Lutz Weischer
Date: December 2009

Small Arms Survey

Title: No Other Life: Gangs, Guns, and Governance in Trinidad and Tobago
Author: Dorn Townsend
Date: December 2009

Title: Surplus Arms in South America
Author: Aaron Karp
Date: August 2009

United States Institute of Peace

Title: In Pursuit of Democracy and Security in the Greater Middle East: A USIP Study Group Report
Author: Daniel Brumberg
Date: January 2010

Title: Post-Conflict Health Reconstruction: New Foundations for U.S. Policy
Author: Leonard S. Rubenstein
Date: September 2009

Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment

Title: Investment Opportuntities in Mekelle, Tigray State, Ethiopia
Author: Bryant Cannon
Date: December 2009

Title: Bamboo Bikes in Kisumu, Kenya
Author: Katherine Athanasiades, Michelle Eames, Riham Hussein, Young Rhee
Date: December 2009


Columbia University Press

Title: My Life with the Taliban
Author: Abdul Salam Zaeef
Date: January 2010

Title: The Insurgent Archipelago: From Mao to bin Laden
Author: John Mackinlay
Date: December 2009

Policy Briefs

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Title: Climategate and Climate Science
Author: Kenneth P. Green, Steven F. Hayward
Date: December 2009

Title: Building Up to Tearing Down the Wall
Author: Ronald W. Reagan
Date: November 2009

Title: Addicted to the Physician Payment “Fix”
Author: Bryan E. Dowd
Date: November 2009

Title: In Memoriam–Irving Kristol
Author: Christopher DeMuth
Date: October 2009

Title: Getting the Story Right: The True Origin of the Financial Crisis
Author: John H. Makin, Vincent R. Reinhart, Peter J. Wallison
Date: September 2009

Austrian National Defence Academy

Title: Supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Challenge of Reaching Self-Sustainability in a Post-War Environment
Author: Predrag Jureković
Date: January 2010

Title: Serbia – Stepping into Calmer or Rougher Waters?
Author: Djordje Popović
Date: November 2009

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

Title: U.S. Public Energy Innovation Institutions and Mechanisms: Status & Deficiencies
Author: Laura Anadon, Matthew Bunn, Charles Jones, Venkatesh Narayanamurti
Date: January 2010

Title: Pakistan’s Nuclear Posture: Implications for South Asian Stability
Author: Vipin Narang
Date: January 2010

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Title: (Re)Engaging Russia in an Era of Uncertainty
Author: Sam Greene, Dmitri Trenin
Date: January 2010

Institute of International Education

Title: The Value of International Education to U.S. Business and Industry Leaders: Key Findings from a Survey of CEOs
Date: October 2009

Title: Three-Year Bologna-Compliant Degrees: Responses from U.S. Graduate Schools
Date: April 2009

International Crisis Group

Title: Sri Lanka: A Bitter Peace
Date: January 2010

Title: Central African Republic: Keeping the Dialogue Alive
Date: January 2010

International Peace Institute

Title: Perspectives on the Peacebuilding Commission’s Coordination Role
Author: Jenna Slotin
Date: November 2009

Title: Perspectives on the Peacebuilding Commission and Mutual Accountability
Date: November 2009

Lowy Institute for International Policy

Title: Obama’s surge
Author: Anthony Bubalo
Date: December 2009

Title: Problems to partnership: a plan for Australia-India strategic ties
Author: Rory Medcalf
Date: November 2009

Title: Rebuilding Zimbabwe: Australia’s role in supporting the transition
Author: Jolyon Ford, Joel Negin
Date: October 2009

Title: Caught in the crossfire: the Pashtun tribes of Southeast Afghanistan
Author: Tom Gregg
Date: October 2009

Title: A G-20 caucus for East Asia
Author: Stephen Grenville, Mark Thirlwell
Date: October 2009

Oxfam Publishing

Title: Rescuing the Peace in Southern Sudan
Date: January 2010

Title: How reform of the Fast Track Initiative should lead to a Global Fund for Education
Date: January 2010

Title: Getting Women into Local Strategic Partnerships
Author: Antonia Bance, Louie Fooks, Sue Smith
Date: December 2009

Title: Climate Shame: Get back to the table Initial analysis of the Copenhagen climate talks
Author: Kate Raworth
Date: December 2009

Project on Defense Alternatives

Title: The President’s Dilemma: Deficits, Debt, and US Defense Spending
Date: January 2010

United Nations University

Title: Sexed Pistols: The Gendered Impacts of Prolific Small Arms
Author: Vanessa Farr, Henri Myrttinen, Albrecht Schnabel
Date: January 2010

United States Institute of Peace

Title: Prospects for Haiti’s New Government
Author: Robert Maguire
Date: January 2010

Title: Iraqi Voices Entering 2010
Author: Rusty Barber, William B. Taylor
Date: January 2010

Title: International Engagement with Somalia
Author: Stephanie Schwartz
Date: January 2010

Title: Congress and Parliaments in Security Sector Reform
Author: Robert M. Perito
Date: January 2010

Title: What Next for the Democratic Republic of Congo?
Author: Dorina Bekoe, Michelle Swearingen
Date: December 2009

Title: Online Discourse in the Arab World
Author: Anand Varghese, Joel Whitaker
Date: December 2009

Title: Establishing Leadership on Civilian Assistance to Afghanistan
Author: William B. Taylor, J Alexander Thier
Date: December 2009

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Title: The Iranian Opposition, the Nuclear Issue, and the West
Author: Patrick Clawson, Ray Takeyh
Date: January 2010

Title: Strengthening Yemeni Counterterrorism Forces: Challenges and Political Considerations
Author: Michael Knights
Date: January 2010

Title: Saudi Public Backs Iran Sanctions but Split on Military Action
Author: David Pollock
Date: January 2010

Title: Renewed Violence against Egypt’s Coptic Christians
Author: David Schenker
Date: January 2010

Title: Prospects for the Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Author: David Makovsky
Date: January 2010

Title: Fighting al-Qaeda: The Role of Yemen’s President Saleh
Author: Simon Henderson
Date: January 2010

Title: Dangerous Alliance: Escalating Ties between Terrorist Groups and Criminal Activity
Author: David Johnson
Date: January 2010

Title: Al-Qaeda in the West Bank and Gaza
Author: Matthew Levitt, Bruce Riedel
Date: January 2010

Title: Sulaiman Meets Obama as Washington’s Lebanese Allies Face Crisis at Home
Author: David Schenker
Date: December 2009

Title: Saudi Royals Reunited? Crown Prince Sultan Returns Home
Author: Simon Henderson
Date: December 2009

Title: Reforming the Rogue: Lessons from the U.S.-Libyan Rapprochement
Author: Ronald Bruce St. John, Dana Moss
Date: December 2009

Title: Polling Saudis and Egyptians: Iran, Jihad, and the Economy
Author: David Pollock
Date: December 2009

Title: Mr. Erdogan Visits Washington: The AKP’s Foreign Policy and United States Interests
Author: Soner Cagaptay
Date: December 2009

Title: Islam vs. Iran’s ‘Islamic Republic’
Author: Mehdi Khalaji
Date: December 2009

Title: Icon or Omen? Dubai’s Debt Problem and the Gulf
Author: Simon Henderson
Date: December 2009

Title: Contending with the PKK’s Narco-Terrorism
Author: Benjamin Freedman, Matthew Levitt
Date: December 2009


CTC Sentinel

Volume: 3, Issue: 1 (January 2010)


Foreign Affairs

Volume: 89, Issue: 1 (January/February 2010)

Volume: 88, Issue: 6 (November/December 2009)

Insight Turkey †

Volume: 11, Issue: 4 (October – December 2009)

Uluslararasi Iliskiler

Volume: 6, Issue: 23 (Winter 2009)

Volume: 6, Issue: 22 (Fall 2009)


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Jan 25 2010

Satellite-linked PDAs promise to speed Haitian relief effort

“As Haitians dig furiously through the rubble to find survivors and the dead,  Global Relief Technologies (GRT) is planning to map and record the destruction on the ground to give relief workers critical realtime information as they race against the clock. With the earthquake disaster and heartbreaking search for survivors dominating the news, local media outlets here in Boston with its sizable Haitian community have rushed to cover GRT.” (by John Dodge, smartplanet).

Please click here for more details.


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Dec 03 2009

New ISI – Featured industry reports in EMIS database

You may wish to know that the following new reports are now avaiable @ ISI Emerging Makets (http://library.hku.hk/record=b2114510):

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

林业行业:林权交易所成立,利好自有林地企业东方证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 4 Pages

Furniture Floor Coverings in China Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 20 Pages

Global Furniture Floor Coverings Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: Global | 20 Pages

宜华木业业绩有望快速成长华泰证券 Source: 证券研究所公司研究  |  Country: China | 6 Pages

晨鸣纸业借助行业转暖业绩稳定增长国泰君安Source: 证券研究所公司研究  |  Country: China | 4 Pages

中经网行业季度报告农业200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告农业  |  Country: China | 36 Pages


Automotive and Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

汽车行业:行业维持景气高位,寻找确定性和估值弹性中金公司 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 61 Pages

2009年电动汽车市场分析与预测报告第四章 Source: 中国机电数据交通运输设备行业研究  |  Country: China | 8 Pages

华通汽车行业季度分析报告2009Q3 Source: ACMR-中国热点行业成长性分析季报  |  Country: China | 43 Pages

2009年前三季度汽车进出口分析及预测Source: CATARC-汽车季度研究报告  |  Country: China | 11 Pages

盈利状况改善预期明朗,标配汽车行业_——基金三季报重仓股分析Source: 天相行业动态分析  |  Country: China | 10 Pages

China Auto Sector – Keep An Eye On The Proper Policies – Yuanta Research Source: Thomson Reuters – Investext  |  Country: China | 17 Pages


Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing

Functional Drinks in Hong Kong Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: Hong Kong | 27 Page

Soft Drinks in Hong Kong Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: Hong Kong | 21 Pages

中国葡萄酒行业月度研究报告(0910Source: 葡果酒类市场分析月度报告  |  Country: China | 21 Pages

中国白酒行业研究月度报告(0910Source: 白酒类市场分析月度报告  |  Country: China | 21 Pages

中国啤酒行业研究月度报告(0910Source: 啤酒行业市场分析月度报告  |  Country: China | 19 Pages

Wine in Hong Kong Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  | Country: Hong Kong | 26 Pages


Cleantech or energy efficiency or waste management

新能源与节能减排行业:周报长江证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 17 Pages

行业深度研究业绩高增四季后继续,节能新能源带来机会玻璃行业09年三季报综述 Source: TX天相深度行业研究  |  Country: China | 23 Pages


Clothing & Garments

Menswear in China Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 18 Pages

Womenswear in China Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 21 Page

服装纺织行业:时钟旋转,龙头企业、品牌服企受宠联合证券Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 21 Pages

中经网行业季度报告纺织 Source: 中经网行业季度报告纺织  |  Country: China | 64 Pages

Footwear in China Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 24 Pages

行业深度研究整体业绩降幅收窄,看好品牌服装――纺织服装行业2009年三季报综述 Source: TX天相深度行业研究  |  Country: | 10 Pages


Construction and material / Cement

中经网行业季度报告水泥200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告水泥  |  Country: China | 42 Pages

水泥行业:风雨中前进,仍有机会国泰君安 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 16 Pages

水泥行业月报 Source: CITICS-行业报告  |  Country: China | 12 Pages

水泥玻璃产品销售量: 季度

中经网行业季度报告玻璃200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告玻璃  |  Country: China | 44 Pages


Coal Manufacturing

煤炭行业:2010焦煤合同价格上调值得期待东方证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 10 Pages

金属行业:宏观背景支持整体走势,供需关系利好铜及焦煤中金公司Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 46 Pages

行业深度研究2012年以前_“以运定产仍是主题——内蒙古煤炭行业产运销专题研究Source: TX天相深度行业研究  |  Country: China | 24 Pages

中经网行业季度报告煤炭200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告煤炭  |  Country: China | 35 Pages



20093季度全国教育行业Source: 联创季度行业报告教育  |  Country: China | 46 Pages

20082009中国培训教育业特许经营发展报告Source: 中国连锁行业研究报告  |  Country: China | 10 Pages



Electricity in China Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 26 Pages

中经网行业季度报告电力200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告电力  |  Country: China | 34 Pages

电力行业:火电盈利将回落,制造业用电趋势值得关注中金公司 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 12 Pages

行业深度研究盈利基本恢复,关注火电——2009电力行业三季报综述 Source: TX天相深度行业研究  |  Country: China | 18 Pages


Financial & Insurance

China/banks – On The Mark For Capital Raising – Mirae Asset Securities Korean Language Source: Thomson Reuters – Investext  |  Country: China | 7 Pages

China Banks Sector – Raising Car To 13% Raises Dilution Risk – Credit Suisse – North America Source: Thomson Reuters – Investext  |  Country: China | 7 Pages

保险行业:基本面乐观,估值处于周期中值,看好平安(摘要)高华证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 15 Pages

保险行业:承保投资双轮驱动,行业步入上行周期渤海证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 23 Pages

银行行业:房贷优惠政策收紧哪家银行受益最大?国泰君安 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 8 Pages

银行行业:关注资本充足和业绩弹性大的银行中信证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 21 Pages

中经网行业季度报告银行200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告银行  |  Country: China | 31 Pages

The large number of catalysts provide support to industry performance4Q09 Insurance Sector Investment Strategy Source: SYWG A-Share Industry Research  |  Country: China | 16 Page


Food Manufacturing & Food Services

Ready Meals in China 2009 Source: Access Asia -Mkt Research  |  Country: China | 164 Pages

AP F&B Oct 09 Source: Mergent – Asia Pacific Indu Reports  |  Country: China | 32 Pages

Global Food Retail Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: Global | 16 Pages

Food Retail in China Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 24 Pages

Food Retail in Asia-Pacific Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 22 Pages

2009年上半年中国休闲食品市场研究报告 Source: 其他食品、酒类市场分析报告  |  Country: China | 114 Pages

中国乳品行业研究月度报告(0910Source: 乳品行业市场分析月度报告  |  Country: China | 20 Pages


Information technology & Telecommunications

China Telecoms Sector – The High Road Or The Low Road? – Credit Suisse – North America Source: Thomson Reuters – Investext  |  Country: China | 35 Pages

Telecommunication Industry Source: ISI Analytics  |  Country: China | 35 Pages

Global System and Network Management Software Market in Telecom Industry 2008-2012 Source: Technavio – Technology Market Assessment Report  |  Country: Global | 1 Pages

Global Storage Software Market in Telecom Industry 2008-2012 Source: Technavio – Technology Market Assessment Report  |  Country: Global | 1 Pages

电信行业:聚焦WCDMA,最新观点是:看好中联通,其次依次看好中移动、中电信高华证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  | 27 Page

华通IT通讯行业季度分析报告2009Q3 Source: ACMR-中国热点行业成长性分析季报  |  Country: China | 47 Pages

中经网行业季度报告电信运营200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告通信运营  |  Country: China | 26 Pages

通信行业:手机移动支付,大市场、大机遇东方证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 9 Pages


New Energy

2009年风电风机市场分析与预测报告第五章 Source: 中国机电数据专用设备行业研究  |  Country: China | 6 Pages

新能源行业:汽车行情可能将波澜壮阔联合证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 8 Pages

光伏产业:需求成长,门槛降低,利率减薄,贡献有限东北证券Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 11 Pages

太阳能行业:需求上升的影响将盖过季节性因素瑞银证券Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 35 Pages

20093季度全国新能源 Source: 联创区域行业季度报告新能源  |  Country: China | 17 Pages

行业周报歌会临近_新能源投资火热Source: 天相行业动态分析  |  Country: China | 10 Pages

行业周报核电将是最好的新能源Source: 天相行业动态分析  |  Country: China | 9 Pages



运输设备行业:行业维持景气高位,寻找确定性和估值弹性中金公司 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 44 Pages

Report on Large Medium-sized Tractor in ChinaUpdated Source: SF-Other Special Reports  |  Country: China | 7 Pages

20093季度全国机械Source: 联创区域行业季度报告机械  |  Country: China |

机械行业:2010机械行业投资策略,投资早周期行业、选择性投资晚周期企业中金公司Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: | 49 Pages

机械行业:行业盈利强劲回升,看好工程机械与机床复苏第一创业Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 26 Pages

中经网行业季度报告工程机械200903Source: 中经网行业季度报告工程机械  |  Country: China | 27 Pages

电气设备行业:替代传统电网、传输未来能源兴业证券Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 28 Pages


Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing

Discussion on Current Model of Production and Circulation of Chinese Traditional Herbs Source: SF-Other Special Reports  |  Country: China | 10 Pages

Report on Antihypertensive Drug Market in China Source: SF-Pharm Anlys  |  Country: China | 26 Pages

Research Report of Cold Medicine Market Source: SF-Pharm Anlys  |  Country: China | 17 Pages

医药行业:基本药物扩展版将使医药行业持续表现国泰君安 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 11 Pages

医药生物行业:十月再次超越大盘,未来重点关注绩优股华泰证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 12 Page

医药生物行业:十月再次超越大盘,未来重点关注绩优股华泰证券 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 12 Page

医药行业:政策逐步明朗,行业发展加速中金公司 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 10 Pages

行业周报寻找季报中的估值洼地医药行业双周报第22 Source: 天相行业动态分析  |  Country: China | 17 Pages


Media & Internet & Games

AP Media Nov 09 Source: Mergent – Asia Pacific Indu Reports  |  Country: China | 32 Pages

2008-2009中国农村互联网发展状况调查报告 Source: 互联网络热点调查  |  Country: China | 36 Pages

中国移动电视市场研究专题报告2009 Source: 易观年度综合报告  |  Country: China | 88 Pages

奥飞动漫中国动漫第一股中金公司 Source: 证券研究所公司研究  |  Country: China | 20 Page

中国有线电视运营市场专题报告2009 Source: 易观年度综合报告  |  Country: China | 65 Pages

传媒行业:文化复兴下的行业变革大机会第一创业 Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 25 Pages

Games Software in China Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 17 Pages

Games Software in Asia-Pacific Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 16 Pages




Retail & Supermarket

2008-2009中国特许经营发展综述Source: 中国连锁行业研究报告  |  Country: China | 6 Pages

零售行业:关注现金回报,买入王府井强力买入名单和百联,卖出家润多摘要高华证券Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: | 41 Pages

零售行业:迎接消费复苏的到来长江证券Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 36 Pages

零售行业:数据持续向好,板块行情才刚开始中金公司Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 9 Pages

百货零售行业:4Q行业大幅增长,1Q10年行业增速创新高东方证券Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 13 Pages

China/consumer – Prefer Staples To Discretionary – Mirae Asset Securities Source: Thomson Reuters – Investext  |  Country: China | 56 Pages

China/consumer Discretionary – 25 November 2009 – Bnp Paribas Securities (asia) Source: Thomson Reuters – Investext  |  Country: China | 52 Pages


Real Estate

房地产行业:中国房地产未来四十年—-2010-2050年新建商品住房交易量及价格预测中金公司Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  | 16 Pages

20093季度全国房地产业 (6 chapters) Source: 联创季度行业报告房地产  |  Country: China | 110 Pages

房地产行业:现拐点,北京城区房价将加速上扬中金公司Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 34 Pages

中经网行业季度报告房地产200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告房地产  |  Country: China | 33 Page

房地产行业:数据周报安信证券Source: 证券研究所行业研究  |  Country: China | 15 Pages

More real estate reports



2008-2009中国经济型酒店特许经营发展报告 Source: 中国连锁行业研究报告  |  Country: China | 15 Pages

行业深度研究业绩好于预期_酒店业入住率反弹在即——2009酒店旅游三季报综述 Source: TX天相深度行业研究  |  Country: China | 21 Pages

中经网行业季度报告旅游200903 Source: 中经网行业季度报告旅游  |  Country: China | 24 Pages


White goods

Consumer Electronics in China Source: Datamonitor Indu Profiles  |  Country: China | 26 Page

20093季度全国家电 Source: 联创区域行业季度报告家电  |  Country: China | 8 Pages

行业深度研究关注销量增长带来的投资机会――家电行业2009年三季报综述 Source: TX天相深度行业研究  |  Country: China | 11 Pages

华通家电行业季度分析报告2009Q3 Source: ACMR-中国热点行业成长性分析季报  |  Country: China | 50 Page

家电行业分析200909 Source: 家电行业分析  |  Country: China | 13 Pages


Venture Capital / Private equity

Quarterly Statistics Analysis of Chinas VC Investments Q3 2009 Source: ChinaVenture Report  |  Country: China | 24 Pages

Quarterly Statistics Analysis of Chinas VC,PE Exits Q3 2009 Source: ChinaVenture Report  |  Country: China | 30 Pages

Quarterly Statistics Analysis of Chinas PE Investments Q3 2009 Source: ChinaVenture Report  |  Country: China | 27 Pages




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Dec 12 2008

eHRAF World Cultures on Trial

Produced by the Human Relations Area Files, Inc. (HRAF) at Yale University, the eHRAF World Cultures is a cross-cultural database that contains information on all aspects of cultural and social life. The annually-growing eHRAF database is unique in that the information is organized by cultures and ethnic groups and the full-text documents are subject-indexed at the paragraph level. It can be used to find information on particular cultures, ethnic groups, or immigrant groups, information on beliefs, superstitions, or subjects such as political structure, architecture, kinship units, or settlement patterns. 

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Sep 10 2008

WHO, partners launch health response for Pakistan’s flood, conflict displaced

9 SEPTEMBER 2008 | GENEVA — Some 423,000 people in Pakistan need urgent health care after being affected by recent conflict and flooding. The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners are requesting US$9.76 million to undertake life-saving health responses to this humanitarian crisis.

Outbreaks of communicable diseases, including acute watery diarrhoea, respiratory infections, and various water- and vector-borne diseases, are of high risk due to large numbers of people forced into cramped, temporary housing where concerns exist over the safety of drinking water and sanitation. With malaria season starting, risks for a large-scale spread of malaria are high. Outbreaks of measles, one of the major killers of children, are also possible due to low immunization coverage in some areas.

“Thousands of lives are at risk in Pakistan if we do not act now to provide urgent health care to those  affected by these terrible floods or forced from their homes by violence,” said Dr Eric Laroche, Assistant Director-General for WHO’s Health Action in Crises Cluster.

Pakistan’s worst-hit areas by August’s heavy monsoon rains were Peshawar, in the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP), and Rajanpur, in Punjab province. Mud houses were washed away and clinics, bridges and other infrastructure destroyed. Some 200 000 people were affected in NWFP and 100,000 in Punjab. Many urgently need aid, particularly the elderly, sick and disabled.

Violence in NWFP and the neighboring FATA has forced 123,000 people to flee in recent months. While a considerable number of displaced people have returned due to the Ramadan cease-fire, it is estimated that 400,000 more could be displaced if hostilities resume at the end of Ramadan (late September) or earlier. UN agencies cannot reach a further 200 000 displaced inside FATA.

WHO and the Ministry of Health are coordinating the activities of health players as part of the “Health Cluster” response to address the health needs of people in camps and areas of return, as well as support health services in the seven districts hosting the displaced.

“Local authorities, with federal support, have provided help, including healthcare support and food,” said Dr Khalif Bile, WHO’s representative to Pakistan. “But the extent of the crisis means more aid is needed, including medicines, water and sanitation materials for 150 000 people. Restoring key services, like health, is vital.”

WHO announced a US$5.5 million package as part of the Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan to:
*     coordinate health interventions;
*     offer primary health care: treat illnesses, mother and child care, psychosocial support;
*     monitor disease outbreaks and nutrition statuses;
*     assess local health services, identify damages, provide equipment and fix facilities;
*     improve water quality and provide water and sanitation to health facilities.

WHO’s Health Cluster partners need a combined US$4.26 million for crucial health activities, including UNICEF (maternal and child health care, such as immunizations), UNFPA (reproductive health services), Merlin NGO (primary health care), Islamic Relief Pakistan and International Medical Corps (mobile services), and Johanniter (mother and child health services).

For more information on this and on floods situations in Africa and Asia, please contact:
Paul Garwood
Communications Officer
Health Action in Crises
WHO, Geneva
Tel.: +41 791 3462
Mobile: +41 794 755546
E-mail garwoodp@who.int


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