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Jan 18 2014

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Antislavery Collection

The digital collections at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst are top-flight and this collection continues that grand tradition. The Antislavery Collection contains several hundred pamphlets and books pertaining to slavery and antislavery in New England from 1725-1911. These items include speeches, sermons, proceedings, and other publications from organizations such as the American Anti-Slavery Society, the American Colonization Society, and a small number of pro-slavery tracts. Visitors can browse the selected titles alphabetically or perform a more detailed search across all of the items. Several documents should not be missed, including speeches by Horace Mann and Ezra Gannett’s “Relation of the North to Slavery” delivered in Boston in 1854.

Digital Curation Centre

The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) states as its motto: “because good research needs good data.” Based in the United Kingdom, the DCC provides expert advice and helps those in the UK higher education and research communities store, manage, protect, and share digital research data. As such, the site is a great resource for information specialists, particularly librarians and academics. Visitors should make sure to check out the Digital Curation area which provides a bit of background on the field, along with information for newcomers to the field. The homepage also contains a neat feature entitled Editor’s Choice, which brings together reports on digital preservation, information on new books, and much more. Also, visitors can sign up for the DCC’s newsletter and take a look at its tag cloud. The Resources area should also not be missed as it features how-to guides, data management plans, case studies, and white papers.

NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

The Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) works with a range of public sector and industry partners to “conduct innovative research on the dynamic environments and ecosystems of the Great Lakes” in order to produce information for resource use and management decisions. From its homepage, visitors can explore the CoastWatch program which includes large data sets about the Great Lakes, sophisticated images, and contour maps. Moving on, the Publications area contains annual reports, fact sheets, poster presentations, and more. The site is rounded out by a host of photo galleries and web cams placed in various locations, including Muskegon, Alpena, and Michigan City.

Moment of Indiana History

If you’ve ever wondered about Indiana history, wonder no more. This rather engaging website created by the diligent staff at Indiana Public Media brings together compelling moments from the Hoosier State’s rich past. On the site, visitors can wander through the About area and then dig through some of the more recent moments. These short and eminently listenable audio features include “A Sunday School Spectacular” and “Pulpit or Politics: An Indiana Minister in Congress.” The diversity of topics covered here is impressive, as visitors can listen to heartland tales of public health initiatives, architecture, and of course, small town basketball.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 20, Number 2, January 17, 2014]


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