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Jan 18 2014

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Assessing Immigrant Integration in Sweden after the May 2013 Riots
Despite Sweden’s robust commitment to the protection of refugees’ human rights and its extensive immigrant integration policies, the country’s growing and diversifying immigrant population faces high rates of unemployment, segregation, and discrimination. This article explores the roots of some of these outcomes, and assesses Sweden’s new integration policy program.


Policy Beat
US Immigration Reform Didn’t Happen in 2013; Will 2014 Be the Year?
Immigration reform most likely will be on the Washington agenda in 2014, after a roller coaster 2013 that began with significant momentum for legislative action but ended without results. As the prospects for immigration reform darkened in the second half of 2013, the pressure tactics used by pro-reform advocates evolved to include civil disobedience, fasts, and other strategies borrowed from earlier movements.


[Source: Migration Information Source January 17, 2014]  


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