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Mar 18 2013

Dental Research Seminar

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Date: March 26, 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.
Venue: Lecture Theatre II, G/F, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital


Presenter: Mr. Huo Yongbiao, PhD Candidate

Title: Diversity, distributions and virulence factors of established and emerging periodontal pathogens

Abstract: Periodontal disease has a complex and highly variable bacterial etiology. A number of recent studies have noted that complex and diverse communities of oral treponemes, as well as a recently described group of bacteria called Synergistetes, are present within diseased periodontal sites. In this talk, the review of what is currently known about the distributions and etiological roles of Synergistetes and oral treponemes in periodontal disease processes will be given as well as the research plans, which are largely focused on investigating the clinical distributions of these two sets of putative periodontopathogens, with the aim of better-defining their etiological roles in disease processes. Specifically, this study is to investigate the differences in component species, species-levels ‘phylogroups’ and various other taxa, which are present within periodontal-diseased sites, versus disease-free sites. To achieve this, the reliable genetic and other methods that can be used to discriminate different Synergistetes and oral treponeme strains (taxa) will be developed, and to establish their genetic ancestry. In addition, this research is aiming to study on the form and function of one or more bacterial cell surface proteins, which have been suggested to play a role in periodontal pathogenesis and/or virulence.


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