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Sep 16 2013

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Integrating Immigrant Youth: Transatlantic Perspectives
Having entered a country before or during a global economic crisis that remains acute in many areas, millions of young immigrants around the world face long-lasting setbacks in launching their careers and reaching their potential. Discrimination in the job market remains a major obstacle in many parts of Europe and the United States, affecting both immigrant youth and young people with an immigrant background. This article examines common challenges and factors influencing the development of local labor-market integration initiatives targeting immigrant youth, based on four city case studies conducted in the United States and the European Union.


Country Profile
The Gambia: Migration in Africa’s “Smiling Coast”
Economic turmoil has been a primary driver of emigration from The Gambia, located in West Africa and the smallest country on the African continent. Despite having a decades-old, extensive diaspora mainly in Spain, the United States, Nigeria, Senegal, and the United Kingdom, the Gambian government has only very recently begun to reach out to its citizens abroad. This article explores The Gambia’s migration history, emigration and immigration trends, remittances, economic impacts of skilled emigration, and recent efforts by the government to reach out to the Gambian diaspora.


[Source: Migration Information Source 9/4/2013]


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Sep 16 2013


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1– 15 September 2013



1. 精挑牙膏 對號護齒  [星島日報] 2013-09-13 E08 健康港 Kimmy

2. 長者牙科資助範圍擬放寬  [東方日報] 2013-09-13 A31 港聞

3. 拔牙後疼痛因由  [信報財經新聞] 2013-09-12 C02 健康生活 有齒人生 邵致勉醫

4. 太用力刷牙 損琺瑯質  [蘋果日報] 2013-09-10 A17 健康與醫療

5. 礦物再生 填補象牙質微細管道  「青口黏液」治牙敏感  [蘋果日報] 2013-09-10 A17 健康與醫療

6. 牙齒脫落不是年老的必然現象  [都市日報] 2013-09-09 P32 健康 杏林小百科 李清文

7. 口腔專家:全效護齒 需氟化亞錫  [都市日報] 2013-09-06 W20 Beauty Marty

8. 七成長者嫌貴不醫牙政黨倡設牙科醫療券  [新報] 2013-09-05 A06 港聞

9. 牙科唔夠人 10年未解決  [太陽報] 2013-09-05 A02


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