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Jul 15 2013

Latest report from Migration Policy Institute

MPI Report Examines Efforts to Reduce International Barriers to Recognition of Engineering Qualifications

A new Migration Policy Institute report, Skills, Professional Regulation, and International Mobility in the Engineering Workforce, examines the hurdles that engineers face in translating their credentials and work experience to other countries.

This report, one in a series examining credential recognition issues, reviews the skills and structure of the engineering workforce, the industry’s professional regulation, and international efforts to forge common standards. It concludes with an assessment of the barriers to international mobility.
An earlier report in this series, Credential Recognition in the United States for Foreign Professionals, examines the US credential recognition process. And within the next few weeks, MPI will publish a report by Lesleyanne Hawthorne of the University of Melbourne profiling emerging global trends in credential recognition.






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Jul 15 2013

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Data and Indicators

Each of the Federal Reserve Banks has its own outreach efforts, which include public lectures, discussion groups, and a panoply of materials related to financial reports, manufacturing trends, and topics both far-ranging and quite focused. This section of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s website brings together key reports and data sets divided into areas such as Dynamic Data and Maps from the New York Fed, Tools and Indicators from the New York Fed, and Key Data from the New York Fed. The reports here include quarterly trends for consolidated U.S. banking organizations, the indexes of coincident economic indicators, and the Empire Manufacturing Survey. This last one is quite important, as it includes a money survey of manufacturers across the state. Policy makers and other folks will appreciate the regional economic indicators charts and the very important real-time data set for macroeconomists created by the Philadelphia Fed as it includes time series snapshots of major microeconomic variables.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 28, July 12, 2013]






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