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Archive for July 5th, 2013

Jul 05 2013

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  1. Demos: A/V
  2. The Demos group in Britain conducts high-quality public policy research on a wide range of topics, including urban design, social assistance policies, and the housing market. Like many other think tanks, the group also produces a wide range of presentations on its work. This section of the site presents full-length programs like “Multi-Dimensional Poverty,” “The Future of Open Data,” and “How Labour Wins Again.” One of the programs that should not be missed is the conversation on “It’s Who You Know: The Power of Social Networks.” It’s a response by Richard Horton of The Lancet to another speech on social networks and it’s quite insightful. All told, there are about three dozen programs in the Video section, while the Audio area contains podcasts and speeches dating back to 2006. Two recommended programs are “The Power Gap” (on power in contemporary societies) and a conversation with Evgeny Morozov on the relationship between politics and the Internet.

  3. International Development in Practice: What Works in Development?
  4. The very title of this OpenCourseWare site asks a question that has bedeviled non-governmental organizations for decades: what works in development? Created by Professor Steve Relfenberg of the University of Notre Dame, this course explores diverse approaches to thinking about international development and processes that bring about individual and societal change. As with many OpenCourseWare offerings, your can ramble through the syllabus, readings, course schedule, lectures, discussions, and essay assignments. The Lectures area is worth a look, as it contains PowerPoint slides for discussions on Studying Haiti, Taking Ideas to Scale, and The Complex Worlds of Foreign Aid. The Discussion area contains video resources that complement each lecture. Courses cover various Areas of study such as Sociology, Political Sciences, Poverty Studies, Architecture, Physics, Civil Engineering, English etc. Finally, you can look over the Essay Assignments area and the very helpful Additional Resources section, which features links to the Poverty Action Lab at MIT and the United Nations Development Project

    [Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 25, June 21, 2013]

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Jul 05 2013

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

Resources for Teaching Social Psychology

This website was created by Professor Jon Mueller of North Central College in order to help fellow professors teach a range of social psychology topics to their students. The resources here are divided into 10 areas, including Online Lectures, Examples of Concepts, and Class Assignments. The site is updated frequently, and visitors can click through each of these sections to get a sense of the offerings. The Topics Resources area contains helpful links and activities related to conformity, aggression, and group influence. Moving on, the site also includes links to other teaching psychology sites, including Science of Relationships and the GoCognitive project, which offers an online center for teaching in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 26, June 28, 2013]


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