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Apr 11 2013

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Dental anatomy coloring book/ edited by Margaret J. Fehrenbach.

D 617.611 D4

Featuring an array of coloring and labeling activities, Dental Anatomy Coloring Book, 2nd Edition, provides an easy, fun, and effective way to memorize the structures of the head and neck region as well as the basic body systems affecting dentistry. Each chapter includes several images that you are asked to color and connect with corresponding labels. This edition adds more illustrations and NEW review questions with references to specific chapters in core textbooks where more in-depth explanations can be found. Developed by Margaret Fehrenbach, a nationally renowned authority in dental professional education, this coloring book makes it easier to identify anatomical landmarks and understand the complex interrelationships involved in dental anatomy and physiology.



Oral medicine and medically complex patients/ editor, Peter B. Lockhart.

D 617.656 D39

Oral Medicine and Medically Complex Patients, Sixth Edition provides succinct, yet comprehensive information on in-hospital care and outpatient management of the medically complex dental patient, as well as the management of non-surgical problems of the maxillofacial region. Fully revised to include up-to-date information on procedures and medications, the Sixth Edition contains over 15 additional charts and tables for rapid reference and expanded coverage on maxillofacial prosthodontics and increasingly prevalent conditions, such as ONJ.



Orban’s oral histology and embryology / edited by G.S. Kumar.

D 617.612 O64 K96

First published in 1994, Orbans Oral Histology and Embryologyhas become the classic text for successive generations of dentalstudents. This thirteenth edition, while retaining the samefundamentals and lucid writing style, reflects upon the recentadvances and latest curriculum offered in Indian universities.



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