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Apr 05 2013

Latest Resources from Migration Informatio​n Source

Health Outcomes of Mexican Immigrant Women in the United States
According to the National Population Council of Mexico, only 15 percent of Mexican immigrant women in the United States were enrolled in public health programs in 2012. Much of what is known about the Mexican immigrant population’s access to health care in the United States is based on combined data for both sexes. However, in terms of health, women have different experiences and needs, and it is therefore important to deepen knowledge of health determinants, access to and use of health services, and health status of this group in particular. This article provides a comparative analysis of health outcomes of Mexican immigrant women in the United States, assessing the results against what is known as the immigrant paradox — the idea that these women enjoy a better state of health overall than might be expected, given their socioeconomic status and very limited health insurance coverage.

Country Profile
Guatemalan Migration in Times of Civil War and Post-War Challenges
Since 1990, the number of Central American immigrants in the United States has nearly tripled. This immigrant population grew faster than any other region-of-origin population from Latin America between 2000 and 2010. This article focuses on a wide range of characteristics of Central American immigrants residing in the United States, including the population’s size, geographic distribution, admission categories, and demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.

Going to the Back of the Line: A Primer on Lines, Visa Categories, and Wait Times – By Claire Bergeron
Contrary to popular belief, there is not one “line” that leads to lawful permanent residence; current immigration law provides multiple paths to permanent residency. This brief, the first in a new series of issue briefs related to the ongoing comprehensive immigration reform debate, examines who is in the “line,” what are the various visa categories involved in family- and employment-based immigration, wait times, countries most affected by the backlogs, and more. The brief, and MPI’s extensive research and data offerings that are directly on point to the current debate, can be found at a new online resource.

[Source: Migration Information Source]


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Apr 05 2013

Access to Free Journal Articles about Public Health

Get Free Online Access to Selected Content from the Highly-Cited Public Health Journals
A number of our Public Health journals are listed in the Thomson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index®. To celebrate the high-quality content featured in these journals we are giving you free* online access to a selection of highly-cited and top downloaded content. Register for 20 free articles here.

Free Articles from the Gerontology Collection
Routledge is currently offering free online access to about 20 articles from our diverse journals collection in Gerontology. For access, go to: www.tandf.co.uk/journals/access/GSA2012.pdf


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Apr 05 2013


Published by under Dentistry

16– 31 March 2013



1. 刷牙後口腔仍滿布細菌  [成報] 2013-03-31 A10 醫健

2. 口腔保健 解熱毒忌食  [頭條日報] 2013-03-25 P40

3. 牙科先導計劃5.7萬長者受惠  [成報] 2013-03-21 A10 醫健

4. 自行美齒後遺 美白變敏感?!  [香港經濟日報] 2013-03-20 C08 醫健營 醫健營 梁慧珍

5. 港大設平台推介口腔護理  [東方日報] 2013-03-19 A10 港聞 醫

6. 專家教揀牙膏 美白小心刷蝕牙  [明報] 2013-03-18 D07 副刊健康 城市熱問 鄭寶華



 [Source: Wisenews]



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Apr 05 2013

Safari Books Downtime for Maintenance on Saturday April 6th and Saturday April 13th

Safari Books Online will be down for maintenance for approximately two to three hours on Saturday April 6th and Saturday April 13th at the time below:

Saturday, April 6th:
Malaysia/China Standard Time at 14:00 for up to three hours

Saturday, April 13th:
Malaysia/China Standard Time at 14:00 for up to three hours


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