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Dec 21 2010

An Open Access Scholarly Press

AU Press is the centre of scholarly publishing expertise for Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University. It is the first scholarly press established by a Canadian university in the twenty-first century dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and research through open access digital journals and monographs, as well as through new electronic media.  [Source: Association of Canadian University Presses / Association Des Presses Universitaires Canadiennes]


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Dec 20 2010

Open Humanities Press

A grassroots response to the crisis in scholarly publishing in the humanities, Open Humanities Press is an international open access publishing collective whose mission is to make leading works of contemporary critical thought freely available worldwide.  [Source: Principles and Goals: Open Humanities Press]


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Dec 20 2010

Read Free & Buy

Digitalculturebooks is a joint imprint of the University of Michigan Press and the Scholarly Publishing Office of the University of Michigan Library. All of its books are available for free online and for sale in print.  It seeks to explore all aspects of new media and its impact on society, culture, and scholarly communication and will present work that exhibits and advances the understanding of the relationship between humanities and digital technologies. The imprint aspires to both investigate and demonstrate new forms of scholarly practice in the humanities.


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Dec 15 2010


Published by under Dentistry

1– 15 December 2010



1. 美國新技術 整牙拉面皮二合一  [蘋果日報] 2010-12-14 A22 環球Pop-up

2. 月入逾4 3成人定期看牙醫  [香港經濟日報] 2010-12-11 A22 港聞 胡幗欣

3. 牙醫箍牙失當恢復判罰  [新報] 2010-12-10 A06 港聞 新聞快訊

4. Apple health:戴舌環致牙縫擴大  [蘋果日報] 2010-12-10 A17 健康與醫療

5. 潔齒護齒好開始  [都市日報] 2010-12-09 P44 愛牙日專

6. 牙齒健康知多少?  [am730] 2010-12-09 M30 牙齒健康特輯

7. 無牙變有牙  [香港經濟日報] 2010-12-09 C11 醫健營 笑口常開 吳子傑 牙科醫

8. 敏感牙齒要注意 懶理可引致牙周病  [am730] 2010-12-09 M29 牙齒健康特輯

9. 九成人患牙周病 16%現牙齒鬆脫  [頭條日報] 2010-12-07 P26 港聞

10. 15區市民明起免費驗牙 逾萬牙醫2012來港賀聯盟百周年  [星島日報] 2010-12-07 A26 港聞

11.  唔識刷牙 九成港人牙周病  [東方日報] 2010-12-03 A12 港聞

12.  吸煙者患牙周病機會高四倍  [頭條日報] 2010-12-03 P48 港聞

13.  吸煙及口問題  [都市日報] 2010-12-02 P34 健康 健康口


 [Source: Wisenews]


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Dec 15 2010

Stay up-to-date on GeoJournal

GeoJournal is an international journal devoted to all branches of spatially integrated social sciences and humanities. This long standing journal is committed to publishing cutting-edge, innovative, original and timely research from around the world and across the whole spectrum of social sciences and humanities that have an explicit geographical/spatial component.

For your convenience you have access to the latest issue for free until December 30th, 2010. Read and download the latest issue, enjoy reading. Click here.

HKU Library users can continue to access the journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b2057950


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Dec 15 2010

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  1. A small slice of justice
  2. Black farmers: justice delayed
  3. Postcard from the first annual Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference
  4. National Black Farmers Association

[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 16, Number 48, December 3, 2010]


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Dec 15 2010

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. WikiLeaked [FP’s New Blog]
  2. FP’s editors uncover the best of the State Department’s secret cables.

  3. Turns Out U.S. Diplomats Aren’t Chumps… – By Joshua Kucera
  4. They’re just B.S. artists.

  5. A Who’s Who of WikiLeaks [An FP List]
  6. The world leaders embarrassed by Cablegate.

  7. The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd [The FP Survey]
  8. Want to know what Nobel winners and emerging power brokers think about the world’s most pressing problems? So did we.

  9. Exclusive: Video Message from Aung San Suu Kyi
  10. The newly released Burmese democracy advocate speaks about her selection as an FP Top Global Thinker of 2010.


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Dec 14 2010

Use library mobile apps for research

On the go but need to know? Use your smart phone to find journal articles, save citations to your bibliography, and more. These library resources are only a thumb-click away (just please don’t do research and drive).  [Source: University of Arkansas Libraries]


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Dec 14 2010

IEEE Xplore Mobile Comes out of Beta, New Features Added

IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional association for the advancement of technology,  announced the launch of IEEE Xplore Mobile, which incorporates enhancements based on user feedback collected from a beta test period that began last June. IEEE Xplore Mobile gives users the ability to conveniently perform searches of over two million technical documents with any mobile device connected to the Internet.


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Dec 13 2010

Now Published at Springer: International Journal of Early Childhood

International Journal of Early Childhood places considerable emphasis on the child’s right to education and care. The journal is an important voice about research on children, childhood and early childhood education across various social and cultural contexts and highly contributes to the international debate on early education. The coverage spans a range of topics such as multicultural issues, children’s learning and sustainable development, recent issues in early childhood education and care and curriculum questions.

HKU Library users have continued access to the journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b2061590

Read the latest articles:
You can read Volume 42, Number 2 for FREE until January 15th, 2011.
Submit you paper online: Fast and easy submission via:


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