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Sep 30 2013


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16–30 September 2013



1. 奶瓶性蛀牙  [信報財經新聞] 2013-09-26 C02 健康生活 有齒人生 邵致勉醫

2. 納米鑽石鑲牙可治口腔病  [am730] 2013-09-25 A18

3. 朝到晚 9大傷牙陷阱逐個捉 [明報]   2013-09-23 D01  副刊 健康 廖偉明

4. 我牙齒夠硬嗎?  [信報財經新聞] 2013-09-19 C09 健康生活 有齒人生 邵致勉醫生

5. 世界愛牙日 醒你5打理護齒要點  [都市日報] 2013-09-19 P44-P50 世界愛牙日專輯

6. 牙橋牙套清潔要做好  [東方日報] 2013-09-18 E05

7. 防患未然牙痛Bye Bye  [東方日報] 2013-09-18 E05

8. 注重清潔 呵護假牙冠  [太陽報] 2013-09-18 E25 副刊

9. 牙痛慘過大病  [太陽報] 2013-09-18 E27

10. 做足保護措施 告別敏感牙齒  [am730] 2013-09-18 A38 愛牙日特輯

11. 假牙托護理的重要性  [都市日報] 2013-09-16 P30 健康 杏林小百科 梅軒

12. 美研究指蛀牙減患口喉癌風險  [東方日報] 2013-09-16 A12


 [Source: Wisenews]




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Sep 02 2013

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

Source: http://www.legacy.socialpsychology.org//


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Jun 20 2013

What is the New Normal for Natural Resources?


The world’s supply of natural resources is depleting, but the global population is growing. Consumer demand for green products is higher than ever before, but creating sustainable products can be expensive. Is your company at the forefront of this new normal for natural resources?

Understanding patterns of supply and demand is crucial for the future of every business. Our white paper Sustainability and The New Normal for Natural Resources outlines ways your organization can cut costs, build your reputation and decrease long-term dependency on natural resources, leading to a more efficient business model.

  • Review our checklist of questions to see how your organization can improve its sustainability model
  • Understand risks impacting the supply of natural resources and why sustainability is important for your organization and customers
  • Read about new opportunities and business models available to ensure security of natural resources, build reputation and lower costs

Download Now >>



Sarah Boumphrey
Head of Countries and Consumers         

Sarah heads up the Countries & Consumers team, managing a team of economic and consumer trends analysts around the world. In her role, Sarah focuses on translating economic and consumer trends information into useful insight; and advises client companies on how these trends have a real-life impact on their business.


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Jun 20 2013

MSCI ESG News: Barclays MSCI ESG Fixed Income Indices Launch

On June 11, 2013, Barclays and MSCI Inc. launched a global family of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Fixed Income Indices, the first fixed income benchmark indices based primarily on ESG factors. The indices are co-branded ‘Barclays MSCI’ and are independently marketed by both firms.
The Barclays MSCI ESG Fixed Income Indices comprise more than 500 standard and bespoke indices representing the most widely used ESG strategies and investment objectives across three categories:

  • Barclays MSCI Socially Responsible (SRI) Indices exclude issuers that engaged in particular businesses activities that may be restricted for certain investors and are intended for those whose investment selections are governed by values-based policies.


  • Barclays MSCI Sustainability Indices apply a best-in-class methodology to select issuers (sovereign, corporate, and quasi-sovereign) with high ESG ratings relative to their peers. These indices are intended for investors who place a premium on companies’ sustainability strategies and believe ESG criteria can be applied to identify companies that are more effective in managing the ESG risks unique to their industry.


  • Barclays MSCI Weighted Indices use ESG ratings to systematically over- and under-weight issuers within a bond index using an objective rules-based approach. These indices are targeted toward universal owners whose investment strategies express a view on the financial impact that ESG factors will have on their investments.

The indices fill a critical gap in the market by providing asset owners and managers with ESG commitments, such as UN PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing) signatories, with a comprehensive series of performance benchmarks. Additionally, institutional investors are able to leverage the indices to create index-linked investment products, such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), separately managed accounts, and structured products, based on ESG investment themes. Read more…





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Jul 11 2012

OpenStreetMap – The Free Wiki World Map

OpenStreetMap is a free worldwide map, created by people like you.”


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Nov 16 2011

Commemorating 10 Years of Research Since 911

To commemorate the 10th years since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Journal of Structural Engineering, v.137, issue 9,  has published the special issue Commemorating 10 Years of Research Since 9/11, focusing on research that was motivated by the impacts of events of that day. The articles are free to access.


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Oct 11 2011

Next Gen 2011 ‘Service model’ project

We are inviting you to participate in a Survey on Mobile Library Services in Hong Kong and Singapore Academic Libraries. The survey is co-organized by libraries of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The City University of Hong Kong, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and The University of Hong Kong.


Survey on Mobile Library Services (English version)


Survey on Mobile Library Services (Chinese version)


The primary objectives of the survey are:


1. To identify the needs and preferences of students with regard to mobile library services; and


2. To recommend a suite of pertinent mobile library services for students.


In this survey, the mobile library services are the library online contents and resources, which can be delivered and accommodated for display in mobile devices. Your responses to this questionnaire will definitely be useful to the Libraries to plan and deliver pertinent mobile library services.


The questionnaire would take about 10 minutes to complete.


Should you have questions or enquiries, please write to kmku@hku.hk


Thank you for your help with this important survey.


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Jun 30 2011

New Acquisitions Highlights

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Mar 14 2011

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  1. The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy
  2. The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy’s aim is to increase government effectiveness by using evidence of what works based on rigorous policy analysis. On the “Mission & Activities” tab near the top of any page, visitors can read of the ineffective policies the Coalition targets. For example, the site details government-funded social programs that have failed to make progress in the areas they are supposed to help, such as “poverty reduction”, “K-12 education”, and “economic mobility.” Further down the page is a list of programs that have been deemed effective by the Coalition – “Nurse-Family Partnership,” “Career Academies,” and “Success for All in Grades K-2.” The “Publications” tab lists the five types of publications of the Coalition, including “Rigorous Evidence,” their monthly e-newsletter that can be subscribed to for free for anyone interested in evidence-based policy. Some of the other publications include “Published Op-Eds/Letters to the Editor” and “Coalition Policy Proposals,” which have covered, among other things, “Technology Development,” “Crime/Substance Abuse,” and “Health Care.”

  3. Child Trends
  4. Child Trends is a non-profit, non-partisan research center, and is the “nation’s only independent research and policy center focused exclusively on improving outcomes for children.” Child Trends has twelve areas of research, listed across the top of any page. Some of the topics include “Child Poverty,” “Fatherhood & Parenting,” “Youth Development,” and “Health.” In each section, the research focus on that topic is explained in a brief introduction, followed by resources that include research briefs, executive summaries and full reports, fact sheets, and a publications archive of materials over three years old. A feature that visitors shouldn’t miss is “What Works/LINKS,” which can be accessed via the left side menu. The data in this section is about “programs that work -or don’t- to enhance children’s development”. There are effectiveness charts, “Lifecourse Interventions that Work,” and a continually updated database on programs that work (or don’t). Visitors who are “Program Providers” in policy, education, or the media will find the “Information for…” heading on the left side of the homepage useful for fulfilling their specific needs.

  5. El Paso City Directories
  6. Urbanologists and other students of the urban condition can walk through the world of 1888 El Paso via this website. It is certainly a rather unusual “walk,” as the digitized city directories offer just a taste of the cultural and social milieu at the time, but they remain remarkable documents. These early city directories date from 1885 to 1905, and their digitization was made possible by a grant to the El Paso County Historical Society from the Robert E. and Evelyn McKee Foundation. The project is housed at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) Libraries, and visitors can browse through the documents at their leisure. The directories (in most cases) include business and personal entries, and one can only imagine the historical or literary potential of such material.

[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 17, Number 7, February 18, 2011]


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Mar 14 2011

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

  1. Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project: Trend Data [pdf]
  2. The Pew Internet & American Life Project has created this terrific site which brings together many of their data sets, charts, and graphs in one convenient location. Here visitors can look over ten different data sets, including “Who’s Online”, “Online Activities”, and “Daily Internet Activities”. Some of these data sets are available as Excel files, and they will be of tremendous benefit to journalists, educators, and public policy scholars. Visitors are encouraged to use this data for a variety of reporting purposes and other needs, and they may also wish to click on the “Research Toolkit” as well. Here they will find experts, additional data sets, and survey questions from previous surveys…

  3. Alcohol Studies Database
  4. Since 1987, staff members at the Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies have been collecting citations of documents related to alcohol. Today, they have over 80,000 citations and much of the material is related to research and professional materials that deal with the subject. Additionally, the database contains a small collection of educational and prevention materials designed for use by educators, parents, and public health workers. The site is maintained by the Scholarly Communication Center, the Center of Alcohol Studies, and the Rutgers University Libraries. Visitors to the site can search by subject, or perform a more advanced search as well. The site also includes a “Help” area, which includes information on limiting searches, links to full text, and suggestions on using Boolean techniques…

  5. The American Colony in Jerusalem, 1870-2006
  6. This tremendous collection from the Library of Congress brings together over 10,000 manuscripts, maps, and visual materials from about a hundred years of the American Colony in Jerusalem. These materials were gifted to the Library of Congress in 2004, and the collection consists of photographs, pamphlets, telegrams, letters, book manuscripts, diaries, and ephemera that talk about the colony, along with addressing the broader history of Palestine and the Middle East in the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the highlights of the site is a special feature on the Bertha Vester diaries. Vester was the principal leader of the American Colony from 1923 to 1968, and her 48 diaries make for fascinating reading. The site also includes a timeline of events, and essays like “The Vester Diaries” and “A Community in Jerusalem”…

[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 17, Number 6, February 11, 2011]


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