Annual Report 2014

The University of Hong Kong Libraries Annual Report 2014

Bringing People Together

Our Vision

As a central player in the intellectual environment at The University of Hong Kong, the Libraries will be recognized on campus, regionally and internationally for its outstanding collections, client- centred services and innovative approaches that contribute to the teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange pursuits of the University.


University Librarian's Review 2013-2014

In line with our mission to “build, preserve and facilitate access to resources … complement these resources with services that enable their discovery and application, and provide diverse physical and virtual environments that support the teaching, learning, research, and knowledge exchange needs of our University” the Libraries have enjoyed a busy and successful year.

Firstly, in terms of resources, the year has seen, in addition to our regular collection building exercises, the receipt of several notable and unique collections. Most noted among these are the Deacons Archives, the Harold Thomas Matches Collection, the Scholarly and Art works of the Family of Zhuangyuan Wu Lu Collection (彩墨琳瑯: 吳魯狀元家學) and court dresses donated by The Hon. Mr Andrew Li, Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal (1997-2010) and placed on display in the Lui Chi Woo Law Library. These resources will serve to facilitate teaching and research at the University and beyond by connecting researchers and scholars with a wealth of material that was previously unavailable to them in our libraries, and in most cases never before publicly accessible. To each of these donors I extend my sincere appreciation for the trust placed in our Libraries to preserve and facilitate access to these collections.

Shortly after the year’s commencement, we launched a new search tool called Find@HKUL. This search tool helps our users to discover the Libraries’ collections through a single search box. This includes searching the collection of books, journals, audio visual materials, microforms and so on, as well as the countless electronic journal articles, conference papers, overseas theses and book chapters to which we subscribe or own or which are available from other sources. The search interface is simple and intuitive making information retrieval efficient and painless. Searching across a multitude of resources in a single search was previously unheard of, and retrieving similar results would only be possible after searching multiple sources utilising different search platforms, wasting time and causing frustration. Find@HKUL has helped our users to more fully discover and exploit our collections in both print and digital formats, which has led to significant growth in the use of our electronic resources in particular.

Space continues to plague the Libraries and with the delay in the Joint Universities Research Archive (JURA) this problem is felt across all eight of the JULAC libraries. As an interim measure we have attempted to free up shelving space for new purchases by means of relegation, weeding, consolidation and temporary storage. In addition to this we are once again utilising our RFID enabled collection to undertake a major stocktake of all of our collections with the Education library being the first involved. The use of RFID in this project: (i) helps to provide reliable statistics on the status/ volume of library collections; (ii) enhances shelving and shelf reading of library materials which speeds up retrieval from the shelf; (iii) speeds up the stocktaking process; and, (iv) facilitates traceability and the follow up of missing items. We further enhanced our RFID service with the introduction of an RFID enabled book drop service in the Lui Chi Woo Law Library. The new book drop allows library users’ accounts to be instantly updated when returning books 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With the completion of the Centennial Campus and the forthcoming MTR station opening, it has been a long held view that the Main Library should better connect with what is rapidly becoming the major artery of the campus, University Street. As such, we will be creating a new entrance to facilitate this connection. The new entrance will be located at the west side of the New Wing on the 2nd floor. When completed, the entrance will connect the Main Library to the University Street via the 2nd Floor Green Roof and will serve as the main entrance to the Main Library. The existing main entrance on the ground floor will continue as a point of access but all services currently on that floor will be relocated to the 2nd floor. This will be a major physical development for the Main Library which will provide not only a new entrance but a revitalized 2nd floor with a dedicated exhibition area, more streamlined movement of human traffic and an enhanced approach to service delivery. It is anticipated that the new entrance will be completed before the beginning of the 2015 academic year.

Along with our many book talks and exhibitions, the Libraries also hosted a number of seminars and similar events throughout the year. Most significant of these was the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD 2013), the first time the event has been held in Asia. The symposium was co-organized with the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) and in association with the Hong Kong Public Libraries from 23 to 26 September, 2013, drawing some 150 participants from all over the world. Despite the challenges from looming Typhoon Usagi, which struck Hong Kong on 22 September and which led to flight and speaker cancellations, the conference was a resounding success. Programme changes became a daily challenge for the HKU Libraries’ staff, but it was a testament to their flexibility, resilience and dedication that a successful conference was realised.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank all of the Libraries’ staff for their continued commitment to the University community and all of their efforts throughout the year. They should be justifiably proud of their achievements. I also thank all of our collaborators across the Faculties as well as other units, centres and offices that have supported us throughout the year. And of course to our donors whose continued trust in our endeavours and whose desires to facilitate learning and research across the spectrum of the University community is sincerely appreciated. I know you will enjoy reading this report and I hope you will continue to take as much pride in your Libraries as do I and the Libraries’ staff.


Excellence & Innovation In Learning & Research

Communications with faculty and students on collections and services

Maintaining open channels of communication with faculty and students has been a long-standing priority for the Libraries. A variety of channels are utilized, including the HKUL website, email, text messages, and face-to-face interaction. As technology evolves, various social media platforms continue to increase in popularity amongst library patrons. For example, our Facebook “Likes” increased by 75% during the year, with several posts exceeding 1,700 reached.

Our Faculty and Branch Librarians, in addition to engaging with the broader university community, consulted with faculty on textbook procurement, including preference for electronic over print, for specific courses. The Education Library, with technical support from the AV & Reserve Collection, produced a promotional video titled “New Premises for a Renewed Collaborative Experience”, which highlights the Library’s key facilities, collections and services. The video is available on the Library’s homepage or via YouTube.

While this is the “off” year for our biennial user survey, we continued to solicit user feedback through our well utilized “Comments and Suggestions” web form. The Online Book Recommendation system, in particular, was revamped for appropriate funding approval and better follow-up of material purchase requests. Our Special Collections also developed a new webpage, which includes descriptions of manuscripts and archival materials to enhance accessibility and visibility of the libraries’ treasures.

In March, we conducted a survey on Turnitin and GradeMark. One hundred and thirteen completed online questionnaires were received, with a majority of them being generated from teaching staff. Most respondents indicated that the originality reports generated by Turnitin were useful and that they would continue using the service.

Collection development

Providing convenient access to critical and current scholarly resources within a limited financial framework remains an ongoing challenge. In line with our transformative strategy towards a digital library, continued emphasis was placed on digital resources, including media materials. After several years of stagnant library materials budget, since the 5% reduction in 2010/11, an injection of $2,875,000 into the 2013/14 Library Resources Fund (LRF) has allowed the libraries to fulfil additional e-content needs.

New e-content, including e-book collections, licensed in 2013/14 totalled $4,267,991. The total electronic resources expenditure increased by 5% over the previous year to $76,206,237, or 81% of the 2013/14 total library resources fund ($94,347,799). Of this 81%, e-books, e-journals and electronic databases expenditure constituted 4%, 60% and 17% respectively.

Our print collection continued to grow, though at a pace that was much slower than in previous years. Thirty thousand physical volumes were added to the collection. By June 2014, our print collection totalled 2.99 million. Shortage of shelving space remained an issue. We removed 45,000 lesser-used items from the Fung Ping Shan and Education Libraries to storage.

We also worked with the University’s Korean Studies programme to develop resources to support their courses, and the Libraries became a Hub Library Member of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. Under the book donation programme, we received two shipments of Korean books translated into English or Chinese. A Korean studies webpage also was compiled to provide a single convenient source for accessing electronic resources.

Our collection of rare and special materials continued to benefit from donations from a number of friends and patrons. We are particularly grateful to Deacons for permanently depositing the firm’s archival records at HKU. Named the Deacons Archives, the collection contains the bulk of the early surviving records of Deacons and its predecessors, including client deeds and papers, wills and probate, business contracts and agreements as well as accounting records from 1846 to 2007. The 160 boxes of archival records will provide invaluable information on the social and economic conditions of Hong Kong, particularly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

A collection of documents, photographs and artifacts, which belonged to Harold Thomas Matches, was returned to Hong Kong and presented to the Libraries by members of his family in March. The late Mr Matches joined the Hong Kong Police in 1935 and was interned during the Japanese occupation. The Harold Thomas Matches Collection consists of original reports, police IDs, murder case files, personnel records and other items of historical interest.

In the Branches:

  • The Fung Ping Shan Library received from Mr Ng Tsz Tung (吳紫棟) a donation of his family treasures, which include manuscripts of his great grandfather, the late Zhuangyuan (狀元) Wu Lu (吳魯) and a number of calligraphy and books written by four generations of the Wu family.
  • The Medical Library subscribed to Elsevier’s ClinicalKey, LWW Health Library e-textbooks, Anatomy & Physiology Online (APO), Amirsys Imaging Reference centre, Ovid Zhong wen (e-books for Traditional Chinese medicine), Springer e-books (medical collection).
  • The Law Library received from the Hon Andrew Li, Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal (1997–2010), his judicial robe (Court of Final Appeal).
  • The Music Library received a music parchment donated by Professor Daniel Chua, Professor of Music. It is a folio of Graduale Romanum, a collection of chants for Proper Parts of Mass (Proprium missae) of the Roman Liturgy in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century.

Improving access to information

We launched the new discovery tool Find@HKUL in September 2013. It provides a simple tool to discover the vast collection of print and electronic materials in the library. Since its launch, there have been over 2.67 million searches, which represents one search every nine seconds. We also introduced an on-campus authentication mechanism to ensure access to licensed electronic resources. As part of this initiative, we identified 128 distinct patrons who were simultaneously accessing electronic resources from three different cities, and a further six patrons who were taking part in excessive downloading.

More than 136,500 titles were catalogued during the year, with 69% of these titles being electronic resources. A great deal of our effort has been focused on the cataloguing of Chinese e-books, which amounted to 55,644 titles, or more than 40% of the total cataloguing output.

Chinese law books and music books in the Fung Ping Shan Library were relocated to the Law and Music Libraries last summer. The transfer of 2,000 volumes of Chinese law books, in particular, has enabled Law Library patrons to enjoy access to an integrated Chinese law collection. With the relocation of the Faculty of Education’s Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences to the Main Campus, some 4,200 speech and hearing sciences books, journals and audiovisual materials were also transferred from the Dental Library to the Main and Education Libraries.

We also updated existing electronic databases with new content, including the following:

  • 51,228 table of contents entries to the Hong Kong Table of Contents Database;
  • 2,180 full-text articles to Hong Kong Journals Online; and
  • 81 records to the Hong Kong Tourism Board Collection.

Serving our users

An automated book drop, the first of its kind in HKU, was officially launched in the Law Library on 28 November 2013. This new facility has been well received, especially among students and faculty located on the Centennial Campus, as books returned through the book drop will be automatically checked in and updated in the user’s library account in real time. The system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We continued to provide information services through various forms of media. The number of in-depth enquiries and research consultations amounted to 84,504, representing a 3% decrease over 2012/13. Library instruction training remained a key focus, with training sessions offered in conjunction with differing research needs. This year, we held some 550 sessions, from orientations to intensive postgraduate workshops.

The year 2014 marks our 10th year of Turnitin subscription. We continued to take an active role in coordinating with CETL, ITS and HKU SPACE providing the plagiarism detection software to the University community, by way of ensuring academic integrity. Turnitin usage continued to rise during the year, with 1,707 active instructors and 108,845 originality reports generated, averaging 12.4 reports per hour.

The Education Library collaborated with the Faculty of Education on a series of tailor-made plagiarism workshops. The workshop was compulsory for all Education freshmen, embedded in the Education undergraduate curriculum. As mutually agreed with the Faculty, the workshop discussed plagiarism in higher education, strategies for preventing plagiarism, as well as an introduction to Turnitin and Endnote. Eight sessions were conducted between October 2013 and January 2014.

In addition to helping faculty members select teaching materials from our Western Rare Book and Hong Kong collections, we also set aside our Supervised Reading Room for teaching on the following occasions:

  • Dr Cole Roskam, Department of Architecture, 70 students in 3 sessions;
  • Dr Simon Alderson, School of English, 30 students in 2 sessions; and
  • Professor Opher Mansour, Department of Fine Arts, 40 students in 4 sessions.

We had a busy year in terms of book requests from library patrons. More than 100,000 items were processed, including recalling books from storage, the delivery of “available” books between the Main, Medical and Dental Libraries and requests for borrowed books. Inter-branch returns were also popular. The total number of returns between the Main Library and the branches amounted to more than 37,000.

Improving the physical infrastructure

After securing project approval and funding from the Accommodation Committee and University Grants Committee, planning of the new entrance on 2/F Main Library entered the final stage. Construction work was expected to begin in late 2014, and finish within the 2014/15 academic year (see FOCUS April 2014 issue for details). Located at the west side of the Main Library New Wing on the 2nd floor, the new entrance will provide ready access to University Street, the Centennial Campus and the MTR station.

Planning of the cyclical maintenance project for the Old Library Building (i.e., Old Wing of the Main Library) was kicked off in late 2013. A project consultant has been commissioned to carry out the building surveying work with a tentative completion date of August 2015. The office of the Lending Services Division also has been scheduled for relocation from the G/F to 2/F of the Old Wing of the Main Library in order to provide counter and other logistical services for the new entrance.

Temporary storage on the 20/F of the Hing Wai Centre, vacated by the former Technology Support Centre, has been allocated to the Libraries to accommodate the growth of print collections before the inception of the Joint University Research Archive (JURA), which is being pursued jointly by the eight local universities. Lesser-used journals and books will be relocated to the temporary storage after the completion of the alterations in late 2014.

During the year we devoted a considerable amount of effort on improving computing and networking facilities across the libraries. This included the replacement of two core switches, and firewall and server farm switches to increase the speed of the Main Library network backbone from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, the migration and consolidation of five Windows servers to the virtualization platform, and setting up additional Wi-Fi access points. In response to the end of service support from Microsoft for Windows XP operating system in April 2014, we also upgraded some 300 PCs by adding more RAM or installing SSD hard disks to enable their migration to the Windows 7 operating system.


Knowledge Exchange

Local Knowledge Exchange

Sharing expertise with others in the local community

Beenk, J. Part-time tutor for Advanced Diploma and Bachelor degree course on Preservation of Information, HKU SPACE; Chair, JULAC Committee on Conservation and Preservation.

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Wan, Y.C. Part-time tutor for Certificate Course for Library Assistants, HKU SPACE; Member, Church Historical Archives Management Committee, Hong Kong Chinese Christian Union.

Wong, R. Adjunct lecturer, HKU SPACE and Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong.

As in past years, we offered many placement and internship opportunities to students of library and information science programmes. Nine students from HKU SPACE, the University’s Faculty of Education and Charles Sturt University gained valuable work experience in the different aspects of library work.

Sharing information with local libraries and other organizations

We continued sharing the library collection with other local libraries through interlibrary loans and making our resources available to faculty and students of the other UGC institutions. Our rich collections of Hong Kong materials are often called upon by students, media, museums, cultural institutions and other organizations. Some examples are listed below:

  • Chinese Foundation Secondary School (中華基金中學) for their project on promoting Hong Kong sustainable economic development by increasing ladies market’s competitiveness;
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary College (聖母 無玷聖心書院) for their research on the Kadoorie family;
  • NextMedia for interviewing Mr Chong Yiu Kwong on social democracy movements stories behind t-shirts;
  • School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong and Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Hong Kong, for The World, Europe and Hong Kong in the Age of Extremes exhibition, 1–11 April 2014;
  • Hong Kong Central Library for The Hong Kong Musicians Series: the Music Warrior – Daniel Lai exhibition (音樂戰士 – 黎草田音樂文獻展覽), 1 March–30 June 2014;
  • Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited for display at the Exchange Exhibition Hall till December 2014.

We gained media attention immediately after the handover ceremony of the Deacons Archives on 3 April. Media coverage included:

  • Press coverage by the 12 media groups which attended the handover ceremony and exhibition
  • Interview by TVB Jade News Roundup “Friday Searching”「周五搜記」
  • Interview by Apple Daily
  • Sharing of photographs of exhibits and press release on TVB iNews “Around Town This Weekend” (TVB互動新聞台「周末闖蕩」)
  • Interview by RTHK Radio 3 “Hong Kong Heritage Programme”
  • Interview by RTHK English TV public and current affairs programme “The Pulse”

The Preservation & Conservation Division, along with the Project on the Sustainability of Memory and Artifact (SOMA), City University of Hong Kong, and the Asian Academy for Heritage Management, co-sponsored two sessions of an intensive workshop led by the photograph conservator Gawain Weaver on the “Care and Identification of Photographs from Daguerreotypes to Digital Prints”. The workshop was attended by 30 people, including ten participants from the University (Archives, Museum, Libraries, and Faculty). Other local participants included representatives from the Jockey Club Archives, Swire Archives, HSBC Archives, M+, LCSD, City University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, Hong Kong Baptist University, The Asia Society, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Po Leung Kuk Museum and other private individuals. International participants represented the Myanmar UNESCO Office, Penang, and the Macau Archives.

Library tours conducted for members of the local community

We continued organizing library tours to introduce and publicize library services and facilities to members of the local community. Included among those were the following:

  • 200 local visitors toured the Main Library
  • 30 HKU SPACE students and administrators toured our Preservation Centre to learn about a range of conservation issues and practices on 24 September 2013
  • 66 library professionals and support staff from the Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) visited the Education Library on 25 February 2014
  • 4 librarians visited the Music Library to observe the Multimedia Collection, including the shelf arrangement and RFID tagging, on 12 December 2013


In association with the handing over ceremony of the Deacons Archives, an exhibition was held in the Special Collections on 4-28 April 2014, showcasing a variety of the early surviving records of Deacons which have been deposited at the Libraries. On display were also the tools and materials used in the conservation of the collection, as well as examples of documents before and after treatment.

We also held the following exhibitions during the year to enrich the cultural life of patrons:

  • Dong Guan Art Painting, 11 September–4 October 2013
  • Edward S T Ho’s Watercolour Journey, 9–29 October 2013
  • Szeto Wah Collection, 2 January–2 March 2014
  • Life and Work of Zhang Xiaofeng, 17–28 February 2014
  • Victor Hugo, the Ocean-Man, 5–14 March 2014
  • Harold Thomas Matches Collection, 10–23 March 2014
  • Morrison Hall Centenary, 15–28 March 2014

Book Talks

In collaboration with the Faculty of Law and Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters, the Law Library organized its first book talk on 13 February 2014. The lunch-time sharing session by Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary on the life of a lawyer in Hong Kong, and book signing session for his new book, The Law is a Crocodile, drew interested staff and students to hear what Mr Justice Bokhary had to share about his career path from lawyering to sitting on the bench.

We also held the following book talks at the Main Library during the year:

Regional Knowledge Exchange

Sharing expertise with others in the regional community

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Sharing information resources with libraries in the region

During the past year, the Libraries signed collaborative agreements with Kansai University Library, Peking University School of Transnational Law, National Chengchi University Library, Southern Medical University Library and Shih Hsin University Library. We also worked together with Fudan University Library to jointly organize the 12th Annual Library Leadership Institute in Shanghai.

At the request of the National Central Library, we helped source Hong Kong journal issues, which cannot be found in the collections of the National Central Library or even in Taiwan, for the compilation of the Taiwan Citation Index.

Some 6,100 reference books, all of which are outdated and weeded from the collection, were donated to the Xiamen University Library.

Library tours conducted for visitors from the region

We hosted a study tour for the Japan Association of Private University Libraries (JASPUL) on 25-30 November. It was the first time we worked together with JASPUL to cultivate a better understanding of Hong Kong academic libraries amongst their members. During the 5-day visit, our visitors from Kansai University Library, Meiji University Library and Nakamura University Library attended briefing sessions and paid visits to libraries in Hong Kong. We will be hosting another JASPUL visit this November.

The Libraries continued to be very popular amongst visitors from the region. Our Information Services Division arranged 36 tours for 683 visitors from the region. Other divisions were also involved, including the following:

  • A delegation from the University of the Philippines College of Law Library visited the Education, Law, and Music Libraries on 3 September 2013
  • A delegation of seven librarians from Peking University, Tsinghua University and Xiamen University visited the Law Library on 26 September 2013
  • The Medical Library conducted 30 tours for guests referred by the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Global Knowledge Exchange

Sharing expertise with others in the global community

Beenk, J. Editorial Board Member, Heritage Science.

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Sidorko, P.E. Report: Asia Pacific Regional Council, OCLC Global Council, OCLC Campus, Dublin, Ohio, U.S.A., November 2013.

Sidorko, P.E. & Lee, L. JURA: a collaborative solution to Hong Kong academic libraries storage challenge, Library Management 2014, 35 (1/2): 46–68.

Sidorko, P.E. Report: Asia Pacific Regional Council, OCLC Global Council, OCLC Campus, Dublin, Ohio, U.S.A., April 2014.

Sidorko, P.E. Evolving collection practices: Implications for libraries and librarians, Online Information and Education Conference, Khon Kaen, Thailand, May 2014.

Sidorko, P.E. Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Library Management, ISSN: 0143-5124, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2009–.

Sidorko, P.E. Member (Re-elected), Executive Committee, OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC), 1 July 2012–30 June 2015.

Sidorko, P.E. Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, Executive Committee, OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC), 1 July 2012–30 June 2014.

Sidorko, P.E. Member, OCLC Global Council Executive Committee, 1 July 2012–30 June 2014.

Sidorko, P.E. Delegate, OCLC Global Council, 1 July 2012–30 June 2015.

Sidorko, P.E. Director, Board of Directors, CLOCKSS, January 2011–.

Sidorko, P.E. Director, Board of Directors, Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), September 2011–.

Wan, Y.C. BYOD@HKUL: success, failure and lessons learned, 5th International m-libraries Conference 2014, Hong Kong, 28 May 2014.

Yang, T. Level 3, a Student-Centred Learning Commons at The University of Hong Kong Libraries, Annual Conference on Social Studies, Communication and Education, Okinawa, Japan, November 2013.

Sharing information with libraries globally

We organized the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD 2013) on 23-26 September 2013. With the theme “Asian Values, Western Thought, World Treasure!”, the Conference had provided, despite the imminent threat of Typhoon Usagi, a platform for some 140 delegates to exchange experiences and knowledge on topics related to institutional repositories, digital preservation, ETD policies and programmes and more.

The Libraries’ Special Collections donated 82 boxes of duplicate Hong Kong & related materials to the Canada-Hong Kong Library, University of Toronto & York University under the exchange programme between the two Libraries.

The Libraries continued to be ranked as the largest contributor of original cataloguing records to the Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC) WorldCat database. A total of 66,137 original cataloguing records were uploaded to the databases during the year.

Library tours conducted for visitors from abroad

Our Information Services Division hosted tours for over 250 visitors, in 22 groups, from different parts of the world. The Preservation & Conservation Division also conducted tours for conservation and library professionals and university faculty from the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Taiwan and China. Other divisions were hosts to visitors, including:

  • Vickie Doll, Chinese and Korean Studies Librarian, University of Kansas Libraries visited Fung Ping Shan Library on 16 June 2013
  • Professor S. Warnakulsuriya of the Dental Institute, King’s College, London, UK visited the Dental Library on 11 November 2013
  • Ms Lo Yue, daughter of the late Professor Lo Hsiang-lin, toured the Rare Books Room in Special Collections
  • A two-member delegation from the Department of Prosthodontics, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, led by Professor Markus Greven visited the Dental Library on 9 December 2013

The HKU Scholars Hub

A database of visible research for Knowledge Exchange

With further support from the HKU Knowledge Exchange Office, the HUB team enhanced The HKU Scholars Hub by:

  1. Creating Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) accounts for all of the HKU professoriate staff. These accounts will uniquely identify our scholars to publishers, funders, collaborators, and those that search for our scholars’ work. We created 1,312 ORCID accounts and populated them with information on publications and employment harvested from the HKU Scholars Hub.
  2. Making agreements with two publishers for paid or discounted Article Processing Charges (APC). The first agreement with Sage Open will allow 100 HKU-authored articles to appear in their journal, in open access. The second agreement is with the open access Public Library of Science (PLoS); giving HKU authors a 10% discount on articles published in any PLoS journal. The mission of HKU Knowledge Exchange is to share HKU research and expertise widely and beyond HKU. Open Access journals facilitate this mission.

Staff Matters

Professional Recognition

Sidorko, P.E., University Librarian, was conferred the title of Fellow of the Hong Kong Library Association.

Professional Development

Marine Yip Mei-ling, Bachelor of Arts (Business Enterprise), University of Birmingham, 2014.

Promotions and Service Awards

Long Service Awards

40 years

  • Chu Tsun-wing (Senior Library Assistant)
  • Yip Wai-sum (Library Assistant III)

35 years

  • Belinda Chu Sui-lin (Library Assistant I)
  • Peter Wong Hung-chiu (Senior Library Assistant)

25 years

  • Kwong Kam-fai (Library Assistant)
  • Polly Leung Po-yiu (Library Assistant)
  • Lucinda Wong Kit-ping (Assistant Librarian I)

15-24 years

  • Iris Chan Kwai-ying (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Edith Chan Kwok-lan (Assistant Librarian II)
  • Nancy Chan Lai-sze (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Chan Wai-ming (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Mag Chan Yin-mak (Library Assistant I)
  • Grace Chan Yuk-mui (Library Assistant I)
  • Irene Fung Suk-han (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Thomas Hung Wai-pui (Associate Librarian)
  • Angela Ko Yuk-wa (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Ku Kam-ming (Associate Librarian)
  • Eric Kwong Ming-tak (Library Assistant)
  • Janny Lai Kei (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Goretti Lam Chat-wai (Library Assistant I)
  • Connie Lam Sau-lai (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Ada Lee Ka-man (Library Assistant)
  • Sam Lee Yuk-chuen (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Kitty Mo Tsz-pui (Library Assistant II)
  • Jacky Ng Kwok-yan (Library Assistant)
  • David Townsend Palmer (Associate Librarian)
  • Annabelle Pau Kwok-po (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Irene Shieh Lin-ying (Sub-Librarian)
  • Jimmy Sung Chi-chiu (Senior IT Manager)
  • Peony Tai (Assistant Librarian II)
  • Carmen Tsang Yuen-yau (Assistant Librarian I)
  • Diana Tsui Po-ling (Assistant Librarian II)
  • Wong Ka-wing (IT Officer)
  • Ruth Wong Shuk-ching (Associate Librarian)
  • Esther Woo Mei-wa (Associate Librarian)
  • Echo Yeung Man-chun (Library Assistant)
  • Antonia Yiu Ching-han (Associate Librarian)

Staff Recognition Award

Michael Wong Kwok-hung, Administrative Services


  • Kate Chan Kwok-wai (Assistant Librarian II), Preservation and Conservation
  • Joan Ho Ching-yan (IT Officer), Technology Support Services
  • Fanny Ip Kit-yu (Library Assistant I), Western and Electronic Resources Cataloguing
  • Mak Ka-lai (Library Assistant I), Medical Library
  • Wong Ka-wing (IT Officer), Technology Support Services
  • Henry Wu Hung-hing (Library Assistant), Preservation and Conservation

New Appointments

  • Fred Chan Hing-fong (Library Assistant I), Education Library
  • Shadow Chan Ka-yi (Library Assistant), Special Collections
  • Maggie Chan Ka-yin (Junior Library Assistant), Lending Services
  • Chan Kit-man (Assistant Librarian I), Information Services
  • Eunice Chan Sin-yi (Senior IT Manager), Technology Support Services
  • Jovi Chan Wing-in (IT Technician), Technology Support Services
  • Ally Cheung Oi-lee (Library Assistant), Special Collections
  • Stella Chow Shuen (Library Assistant), Scholars Hub
  • Bernice Kiu Hei-ting (Junior Library Assistant), Lending Services
  • Simon Lau Chung-ming (Junior Library Assistant), Lending Services
  • Gigi Lau Yat-chee (Library Assistant), Western and Electronic Resources Cataloguing
  • Lesley Liu Yu-yang (Library Assistant), Preservation and Conservation
  • Gary Lee Chung-leuk (Library Assistant), Audio-Visual and Reserve
  • Ella Ma Yim-hing (Library Assistant), Information Services
  • Kenelm Ng Sui-sum (IT Officer), Technology Support Services
  • Grace Siu Mei-lam (Library Assistant), Western and Electronic Resources Cataloguing
  • Swallow Wan Yin-ching (Library Assistant), Acquisitions
  • Wang Xiao-li (Library Assistant I), Education Library
  • Wendy Wong Nga-man (Library Assistant), Education Library
  • May Wong Nga-ying (Library Assistant), Public Relations and Development
  • Spear Wong Wing-sze (Junior Library Assistant), Lending Services
  • May Yeung Mei-yung (Library Assistant), Special Collections
  • Andy Yu Ming-yuen (Executive Officer), Preservation and Conservation


  • Fung Wai-chee (Library Assistant), Acquisitions
  • Annie Kwok Choi-ling (Junior Library Assistant), Lending Services
  • Eric Kwong Ming-tak (Library Assistant), Education Library
  • Roberta Lau Sim-ngor (Library Assistant I), Medical Library
  • Leung Hung-kwong (Library Assistant I), Western and Electronic Resources Cataloguing
  • Lo Wai-chun (Library Assistant), Preservation and Conservation
  • Dave Low Tsz-kin (Senior IT Manager), Technology Support Services
  • Peony Tai (Assistant Librarian II), Lending Services
  • Wan Ah-fung (Cleaner), Administrative Services
  • Swallow Wan Yin-ching (Library Assistant), Acquisitions
  • Wang Xiao-li (Library Assistant I), Education Library
  • Phoebe Wong Ka-wing (Library Assistant), Special Collections
  • Alice Wong Mei-yin (Assistant Librarian I), Information Services
  • Steve Wong Pak-hei (Library Assistant), Special Collections
  • Yip Wai-sum (Library Assistant III), Medical Library
  • Kevin Yiu Chung-kong (Senior IT Assistant), Technology Support Services

Did Yon Konw?

No. 1

The HKU Scholars Hub was ranked No. 1 in Hong Kong and Asia and moved up from no. 169 worldwide to no. 57 in 2013/2014, according to Webometrics Repositories, February 2014.


The Libraries launched the HKU Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) repository initiative to create ORCID accounts for HKU researchers. ORCID is an open, non- profit, community-driven initiative to resolve authorship confusion in scholarly work.

Roof Garden

The Education Library has an open-air roof garden promoting informal exchanges, impromptu meetings, meditation, and relaxation. Education Library 8/F, Meng Wah Complex, open Monday–Saturday 9am–5pm.

Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian with the existing channels: Visit-In-Person, Call Us, Email, and Research Consultation.


The Medical Library provides access to the 2013 Nobel Prize Laureates most cited articles on ScienceDirect.


Our discovery tool, Find@HKUL, was searched 2.67 million times since it was launched in September 2013, representing a search every 9 seconds.


We introduced Turnitin, a plagiarism detection software, to the university community 10 years ago. Turnitin usage has been on the rise – and in 2013/14, an origi
nality report was generated every 5 minutes.


More than 90,000 hold items were processed by our front-line colleagues for self collection.



How we spent our acquisitions dollars

  Electronic Resources Books Journals Others
2013 78.38% 14.72% 4.39% 2.51%
2014 79.68% (+1.18%) 13.3% (-1.42%) 4.06% (-0.33%) 3.07% (+0.56%)


(Subscriptions) 1
(Titles) 2
E-databases E-books Computer files E-video E-audio
2013 55,484 42,176 691 3,502,923 54,005 N/A N/A
2014 112,893 (+103.5%) 85,912 (+103.7%) 869 (+25.8%) 3,532,778 (+0.9%) 3,874 (-92.8%) 5,006 125,601

Remark :

  1. Journals in which all aspects of preparation and distribution are carried out electronically, or are electronic counterparts to conventional printed serials. Includes duplicate subscriptions.
  2. Including active and inactive e-journals as reported by vendors.

Volumes in the Libraries

Fung Ping Shan
2013 1,400,699 1,033,236 226,349 134,711 65,627 62,657 37,135 2,960,414
2014 1,405,900

Staffing (Full time equivalent)

  Professional Staff Support Staff
2013 34 181 (24 part-time FTE is included)
2014 34 182 (+0.6%) (24.35 part-time FTE is included)

Number of Registered Users (including Circle of Friends)

  Alumni HKU Students HKU Staff Others HKU SPACE Students HKU SPACE Staff Total
2013 53,749 33,457 9,503 5,569 22,927 1,284 126,489
2014 54,982

E-resources Use

  Access to library websites (hits) Access to e-resources (times)
2013 101,358,486 6,682,969
2014 155,257,359 (+53.2%) 1 15,122,265 (+126.3%) 2

Remark :

  1. (; Dragon -;;;
  2. (;; HKUL Digital Initiatives)

Library Materials Use

  HKU Staff HKU Students Alumni SPACE Staff SPACE Students Others Manual loans Items read in-house Total
2013 148,117 506,372 159,338 8,737 21,481 34,069 768 166,089 1,044,971
2014 141,295

Interlibrary Loan Transactions with Other Libraries

  Items Loaned Items Borrowed
2013 30,056 28,110
2014 24,993 (-16.8%) 26,851 (-4.5%)

Information Services

  Library instructions (Attendees) Enquiries
2013 16,140 87,737
2014 12,471 (-22.7%) 84,504 (-3.7%)

HKU Scholars Hub

  Number of items Number of downloads
2013 152,309 2,191,050
2014 167,411 (+9.9%) 2,202,044 (+0.5%)

Notable Acquisitions 2013-2014

AA files: Annals of the Architectural Association School of Architecture London, ENG : Architectural Association
Library catalogue :
Full-text access to the backfile of AA files from 1981-2012 covering original and engaging writing on architecture.

Africa : Eye to Eye with the Unknown – 探索非洲 (Tan suo Fei Zhou)
A BBC / Discovery Channel / CCTV9 / France Television co-production ; series producer, James Honeyborne ; executive producer, Michael Gunton ; BBC Productions Bristol.

Library catalogue :
This is a journey through five diverse regions of an amazing continent, taking you seamlessly from the wild terrain of extraordinary landscapes to intimate encounters with its mesmerizing creatures. From the beauty and serenity of the soaring Atlas Mountains to the Cape of Good Hope, from the brooding jungles of the Congo to the raging Atlantic Ocean: experience unexplored rainforests, never-before-filmed mountain ranges and even snow-covered desert.

Archives of Northern Warlords Regime / edited by The Second Historical Archives of China Beijing, CHN : China Archives Publishing House, 2010
北洋政府檔案 / 中國第二歷史檔案館編. 北京 : 中國檔案出版社, 2010.

Library catalogue :
《北洋政府檔案》是一部頗具學術研究價值的民國檔案專題資料大型圖書,共一 百九十六冊,十二萬多頁,集中選編了中國第二歷史檔案館館藏民國北洋政府各 檔案全宗中具有利用和研究價值的史料共兩萬餘件,全面地反映了北洋時期政 治、軍事、文化、外交及社會、經濟等各方面的發展狀況。
Archives of Northern Warlords Regime is a selection of 20,000 archival items from The Second Historical Archives of China. In 120,000 pages (196 volumes), this collection of primary source materials provides valuable information on the political, social, economic, military, and cultural developments during the Northern Warlords Regime period.

Banking : Critical Concepts in Finance / edited by John O.S. Wilson. Abingdon, Oxon, ENG : Routledge, 2012.
Library catalogue :
This 5-volume collection on banking meets the need for an authoritative reference work to map the existing scholarly corpus, and to make sense of the continuing explosion in research output. It brings together the very best foundational and cutting-edge contributions to the field of banking.

Construction Technology / edited by Paul Chinowsky. London, ENG : Routledge, 2014.
Library catalogue :
This reference set provides a comprehensive perspective on the role of information technologies in the construction industry. Beginning with the seminal works on computerizing scheduling operations, these volumes provide both a breadth of representations of construction technologies as well as depth of understanding in each area.

Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volume III Alexandria, VA, USA : Alexander Street Press
Library catalogue :
The Counseling and Therapy in Video is a multi-part online collection consisting of more than 1,000 hours of training videos, reenactments, and footage of actual therapy sessions.
Volume III adds more than 300 hours of new content to the series, with more than 70 percent of titles filmed in 2012 or later. It presents a firm grounding in the theoretical modalities of counseling and psychotherapy while expanding into new and emerging areas (such as social media, veterans, cyberbullying, mindfulness, and neuroscience) as well as work with specific populations (such as veterans, teens, and older populations). Volume III features the “giants” of counseling and psychotherapy such as Viktor Frankl, Albert Bandura, Albert Ellis, Aaron Beck, Virginia Satir, Jay Haley, Carl Rogers, Pat Love, Samuel Gladding, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jon Carlson, Natalie Rogers, and John Arden.

Critical Readings on the History of Tibetan Foreign Relations / edited by Saul Mullard. Leiden, NLD : Brill, 2013.
Library catalogue :
This selection of key texts manages to chart the historical development of Tibet and her position in the politics and history of Central, South, and East Asia. Beginning with the Tibetan Imperial period, and ending with Tibet’s contemporary position in international relations, this collection explores the important linguistic, diplomatic, political, and religious connections that shaped the history and culture of, not only Tibet, but also that of Central Asia, Mongolia, China, and India.

Encyclopedia of Environmetrics / editors-in-chief, Abdel H. El-Shaarawi, Walter W. Piegorsch. 2nd edition. Chichester, West Sussex, ENG : John Wiley & Sons, 2012
Library catalogue :
Encyclopedia of Environmetrics is an invaluable aid to researchers, lecturers, students, consultants, and policymakers engaged in ecological statistics, climate change, geostatistics, natural resources, risk assessment, environmental health, physical processes, chemometrics, stochastic modelling, forestry, acid rain, and pollution.

The Fabric of the Human Body : an Annotated Translation of the 1543 and 1555 Editions / by Daniel H. Garrison, Malcolm H. Hast. Basel, CHE : Karger, 2014
Library catalogue :
This title recreates the masterpiece of science and art for the first time in a way that is understandable to 21st century readers who do not have any knowledge of Latin. The texts of both the 1543 and the 1555 editions have been translated with the utmost care by Northwestern University Professors Emeritus Daniel H. Garrison and Malcolm H. Hast, a task they completed in over 20 years of painstaking and dedicated work.

Imaging Reference Center
Salt Lake City, UT, USA : Amirsys, c2005 –

Library catalogue :
A comprehensive resource with over 4,000 classic imaging diagnoses, over 72,000 x-ray, CT, MR, and ultrasound illustrations and images, plus expert, evidence-based content, including over 4,000 diagnoses, provided by imaging experts as well as over 40,000 journal references.

ISI Emerging Markets
Boston, MA, USA : Internet Securities, 1995 –

Library catalogue :
The database provides full-text news and financial information sources from emerging market countries. News sources, including daily newspapers, journals, newsletters and company reports are in original languages with full English translation. Statistical data includes macroeconomic analyses and market and currency reports.

LWW Health Library
Philadelphia, PA, USA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Wolter Kluwer Health

Library catalogue :
This database contains full-text access to selected biomedical, basic science, and pharmaceutical sciences books.

Women’s Suffrage Literature / edited by Katharine Cockin, Glenda Norquay, and Sowon S. Park. Abingdon, Oxon, ENG : Routledge, 2012.
Library catalogue :
This work makes available in facsimile key texts which represent the wealth of creative writing that emerged around the issue of women’s suffrage in the early twentieth century. The collection includes five significant novels, a wide range of drama and representative short stories.


Our Donors 2013-2014

Diamond Donor

  • Professor Moira Chan Mo Wah

Gold Donors

  • Ms Christina Ng Yick Ling
  • Mr Benjamin Tsui Yiu Ming
  • Ms Somali Yu Siu Wa

Silver Donors

  • Ms Pappy Au Yuk Ying
  • Mr Chang Edward Ching
  • Miss Cheung Sok Yee
  • Mr Chiu Chung Hoi
  • Dr Choi Si Hung
  • Dr Anthony W Ferguson
  • Dr Hu Yiqian
  • Dr Joseph S K Kwan
  • Mr Lai Chung Kin
  • Ms Ellen Lee Wing Yin
  • Mr Peter Yung Leung
  • Miss Ma Yee Ki
  • Mr Chakkin Tony Mok
  • Mr Pang Shu Wing
  • Mr Paul Poon Chi Kwong
  • Ms Allison Siu Man Ying
  • Miss Jessie Wang Xin Yu
  • Dr Wong Fook Yee
  • Ms Miranda Wong Ho Yee
  • Mr Norman Wong Ka Ho
  • Miss Yeung Wai Shan
  • Miss Yu Kwan Mei
  • Miss Yu Po Man
  • Mr Henry Yuen
  • Ms Zhang Qichen
  • 朱穎華博士

Corporate Donors

  • 3M Hong Kong Limited
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  • Cengage Learning Hong Kong Limited
  • China National Knowledge Infrastructure
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  • ProQuest Information & Learning
  • Reed Elsevier Information Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd
  • Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co Ltd (Beijing)
  • Wanfang Data Corporation (HK) Limited
  • Yu Chun Keung Charitable Trust Fund