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New Acquisitions List for Medical Science/Nursing

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Call NumberTitle
M 576.5 P61 C54 Solutions and problem-solving manual for Genetics: a conceptual approach / Jung H. Choi, Mark E. McCallum.
Book by Choi, Jung H., & McCallum, Mark E., & Pierce, Benjamin A., (New York, NY : W.H. Freeman and Company, [2017])
M 576.5 P61 g Genetics essentials : concepts and connections / Benjamin A. Pierce, Southwestern University.
Book by Pierce, Benjamin A., (New York : W.H. Freeman and Company, [2018])
M 610 M177 t35 McWhinney's textbook of family medicine / revised by Thomas R. Freeman.
Book by Freeman, Thomas, & McWhinney, Ian R., (Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2016])
M 610.153 C394 i61 Introduction to health physics / Thomas E. Johnson.
Book by Johnson, Thomas E. & Cember, Herman., (New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2017])
M 610.28 B327 Biomaterials science and tissue engineering : principles and methods / Bikramjit Basu.
Book by Basu, Bikramjit, (Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
M 610.28 E57 Engineering health : how biotechnology changed medicine / edited by Lara V. Marks.
Book by Marks, Lara, (London : The Royal Society of Chemistry, [2018])
610.28 I611 m48 p.2-58 ac Medical electrical equipment. Part 2-58, Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of lens removal devices and vitrectomy devices for ophthalmic surgery / International Electrotechnical Commission = Appareils électromédicaux. Partie 2-58, Exigences particulières pour la sécurité de base et les performances essentielles des dispositifs de retrait du cristallin et des dispositifs de vitrectomie pour la chirurgie ophtalmique / Commission Electrotechnique Internationale.
Book by International Electrotechnical Commission, (Geneva : International Electrotectnical Commission, 2016.)
P 610.280285 I612 a65 p.2-9 Application of risk management for IT-networks incorporating medical devices. Part 2-9, Application guidance : guidance for use of security assurance cases to demostrate confidence in IEC TR 80001-2-2 security capabilities / International Electrotechnical Commission.
Book by International Electrotechnical Commission, (Geneva, Switzerland : International Electrotectnical Commission, 2017.)
P 610.285 I612 h43 p.1 l Health software. Part 1, General requirements for product safety / International Electrotechnical Commission = Logiciels de santé. Part 1, Exigences générales pour la sécurité des produits / Commission Electrotechnique Internationale.
Book by International Electrotechnical Commission, (Geneva, Switzerland : International Electrotechnical Commission, 2017.)
M 610.285 T675 The patient will see you now : the future of medicine is in your hands / Eric Topol.
Book by Topol, Eric J., (New York : Basic Books, [2015])
M 610.721 M922 i61 Intuitive biostatistics : a nonmathematical guide to statistical thinking / Harvey Motulsky, M.D, GraphPad Software, Inc.
Book by Motulsky, Harvey, (New York : Oxford University Press, [2018])
M 610.73 L5 t Leininger's transcultural nursing : concepts, theories, research & practice / Marilyn R. McFarland, Hiba B. Wehbe-Alamah.
Book by McFarland, Marilyn R., & Wehbe-Alamah, Hiba B., & Leininger, Madeleine M., (New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2018])
M 610.76 D671 Fast facts for the family medicine board review / Frank J. Domino.
Book by Domino, Frank J., (Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2017])
M 610.951 L478 The philosophical foundations of classical Chinese medicine : philosophy, methodology, science / Keekok Lee.
Book by Lee, Keekok, (Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2017])
D 610.95125 C53 130 years of medicine in Hong Kong : from the College of Medicine for Chinese to the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine / Frank Ching.
Book by Ching, Frank, (Singapore : Springer, [2018])
P 612.014480287 I612 r12 a32 Radiation protection instrumentation : alarming personal radiation devices (PRDs) for the detection of illicit trafficking of radioactive material / International Electrotechnical Commission.
Book by International Electrotechnical Commission, (Geneva, Switzerland : International Electrotechnical Commission, 2017.)
M 612.76 F645 m29 Manual of structural kinesiology / R.T. Floyd, EdD, ATC, CSCS, Director of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, Distinguished Professor of Physical Education and Athletic Training, Chair, Department of Physical Education and Athletic Training, The University of West Alabama, Livingston, Alabama.
Book by Floyd, R. T., (New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, [2018])
M 613.2024796 D91 Nutrition for sport and exercise / Marie Dunford (Former Professor and Chair, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, California State University, Fresno), J. Andrew Doyle (Associate Professor and Former Chair, Department of Kinesiology and Health, Georgia State University).
Book by Dunford, Marie, & Doyle, J. Andrew., (Boston, MA : Cengage, [2019])
M 613.7 M984 Foundations of kinesiology : a modern integrated approach / Tinker D. Murray, James A. Eldridge, Harold W. Kohl III.
Book by Murray, Tinker Dan, & Eldridge, James A., & Kohl, Harold W., (Boston, MA : Cengage, [2019])
M 613.7 R869 Routledge handbook of strength and conditioning : sport-specific programming for high performance / edited by Anthony Turner.
Book by Turner, Anthony, (Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.)
M 613.71 A18 L ACSM's resources for the personal trainer / senior editor, Rebecca A. Battista ; associate editors, Mindy Mayol, Trent Hargens, Kenneth Lee Everett.
Book by Battista, Rebecca, & Mayol, Mindy, & Hargens, Trent, & Everett, Kenneth Lee, (Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer / American College of Sports Medicine, [2018])
HKP 613.71 E96 Exercise is medicine month : May 2017 : a month of free exercise activities on campus / Institute of Human Performance, the University of Hong Kong.
([Hong Kong] : [Institute of Human Performance, the University of Hong Kong], [2017])
M 613.71 S796 Becoming a supple leopard : the ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance / Dr. Kelly Starrett ; with Glen Cordoza.
Book by Starrett, Kelly, & Cordoza, Glen, (Las Vegas : Victory Belt Publishing Inc., 2015.)
M 615.19 N576 d79 Drugs : from discovery to approval / Rick Ng.
Book by Ng, Rick, (Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2015])
M 615.533 M621 Osteopathic and chiropractic techniques for manual therapists : a comprehensive guide to spinal and peripheral manipulations / Jimmy Michael, Giles Gyer, and Ricky Davis ; foreword by Ulrik Sandstrom.
Book by Michael, Jimmy, & Gyer, Giles, & Davis, Ricky, (London, UK ; Philadelphia, PA : Singing Dragon, an imprint of Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017.)
M 615.58 T97 2018 Nurse's drug handbook.
(Burlington, MA : Jones & Bartlett Learning, [2018])
M 615.82 A187 T46 ACSM's guidelines for exercise testing and prescription / senior editor, Deborah Riebe ; associate editors, Jonathan K. Ehrman, Gary Liguori, Meir Magal.
Book by American College of Sports Medicine, & Riebe, Deborah, & Ehrman, Jonathan K., & Liguori, Gary, & Magal, Meir, (Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2018])
M 615.82 K617 t39 Therapeutic exercise : foundations and techniques / Carolyn Kisner, Lynn Allen Colby, John Borstad.
Book by Kisner, Carolyn, & Colby, Lynn Allen, & Borstad, John, (Philadelphia : F.A. Davis Company, [2018])
M 615.9 E55 m More molecules of murder / John Emsley.
Book by Emsley, John, (London : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2017])
M 616 E93 H7 Evidence-based practice across the health professions / Tammy Hoffmann, Sally Bennett, Chris Del Mar.
Book by Hoffmann, Tammy, & Bennett, Sally, & Del Mar, Chris, (Chatswood, NSW : Elsevier Australia (a division of Reed International Books Australia Pty Ltd), [2017])
M 616.028 C797 A4 Core curriculum for high acuity, progressive, and critical care nursing / American Association of Critical-Care Nurses ; Tonja M. Hartjes, editor.
Book by Hartjes, Tonja M., (St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, [2018])
M 616.0473 N186 Nanomedicine for inflammatory diseases / edited by Lara Scheherazade Milane, Mansoor M. Amiji.
Book by Milane, Lara Scheherazade, & Amiji, Mansoor M., (Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017])
M 616.075 H17 PACES for the MRCP : with 250 clinical cases / Tim Hall.
Book by Hall, Tim,
M 616.0754 A244 Advances in molecular biophotonics / Yong Deng, Zhenli Huang, Yu Li, Da Xing, Zhihong Zhang ; edited by Qingming Luo.
Book by Deng, Yong, & Luo, Qingming, (Berlin ; Boston : Walter de Gruyter ; [Shanghai] : Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, [2017])
M 616.1207547 A2 ECGs made easy / Barbara Aehlert, MSEd, BSPA, RN.
Book by Aehlert, Barbara, (St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, [2018])
M 616.1207547 A2 p Pocket guide for ECGs made easy / Barbara Aehlert, MSEd, BSPA, RN.
Book by Aehlert, Barbara, & Aehlert, Barbara. & Aehlert, Barbara., (St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, [2018])
M 616.128 W221 b31 Basic arrhythmias / Gail Walraven.
Book by Walraven, Gail, (NY, NY : Pearson, [2017])
HKC 616.8552 K82 m Main concept analysis (MCA) for oral discourse production / Anthony Pak Hin Kong ; edited by Chester Wang.
Book by Kong, Pak-hin, Anthony, & Wang, Chester, (Hong Kong : The Commercial Press (H.K) Ltd., 2016.)
616.8917 A49 Bion in film theory and analysis : the retreat in film / Carla Ambrósio Garcia.
Book by Ambrósio Garcia, Carla, (London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.)
M 616.99477075 C953 b61 Biopsy interpretation of the skin : primary non-lymphoid cutaneous neoplasia / A. Neil Crowson, MD (Clinical Professor, Departments of Dermatology, Pathology, and Surgery, University of Oklahoma, President, Pathology Laboratory Services, Tulsa, Oklahoma), Cynthia M. Magro, MD (Distinguished Professor of Pathology, Division of Dermatopathology, Department of Pathology, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, New York), Martin C. Mihm Jr, MD (Professor of Dermatology, Director of Melanoma Program, Department of Dermatology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts).
Book by Crowson, A. Neil, & Magro, Cynthia M., & Mihm, Martin C., (Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2019])
M 617.1027076 A187 ACSM's certification review / senior editor, James R. Churilla ; associate editors, Andrew Bosak, Brittany Montes, Paul Sorace.
Book by Churilla, James R., & Bosak, Andrew, & Montes, Brittany, & Sorace, Paul, (Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer, [2018])
M 617.51059 P281 o Otolaryngology : head & neck surgery : clinical reference guide / Raza Pasha, Justin S. Golub.
Book by Pasha, R., & Golub, Justin S., (San Diego, CA : Plural Publishing Inc., [2018])
M 618.14 E5 The endometrial factor : a reproductive precision medicine approach / edited by Carlos Simón and Linda C. Giudice.
Book by Simón, Carlos, & Giudice, Linda, (Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017])
M 618.970231 M647 n97 Nursing for wellness in older adults / Carol A. Miller.
Book by Miller, Carol A., (Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2019])
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HK 362.19699449B L18 乳癌路上 / 賴關裕穠著.
Book by 賴關裕穠, (香港 : 百寶代指媒(推廣)文化事業有限公司, 2017.)
[醫R] R123 .Z55 2017 中医基本名词术语中德对照国际标准 / 总编佘靖, 李振吉, 桑滨生 = Übersetzung der internationalen Standartnomenklatur der Chinesischen Medizin in Chinesisch-Deutsch / Hauptherausgeber, She Jing, Li Zhenji, Sang Binsheng.
Book by 佘靖, & 李振吉, & 桑滨生, (北京市 : 人民卫生出版社, 2017.)
[BC] RA644.I6 L536 2018 聯手抗疫防流感 / 香港社區健康學院, 方玉輝, 趙長成, 劉庭亮主編.
Book by 方玉輝, & 趙長成, & 劉庭亮, (香港 : 萬里機構出版有限公司, 二零一八 [2018])
[醫] RA990.C64 C4634 2017 重庆公立医院改革研究 / 张维斌主编.
Book by 张维斌, (重庆市 : 西南師範大學出版社, 2017.)
[醫] RB150.V4 Z45 2017 治眩心悟 : 名老中医马智教授治疗眩晕经验 / 冷辉编.
Book by 冷辉, (北京 : 中国中医药出版社, 2017.)
[中] RC488.5 .W354 2017 代代相愛 : 解開糾結的關係 / 王愛玲著.
Book by 王愛玲, (香港 : 天窗出版社有限公司, 2017.)
[醫] RC66 .Q5594 2017 秦伯未国医临证讲义 / 孟凡红 [and 2 others] 主编.
Book by 秦伯未, & 孟凡红, (北京市 : 中国医药科技出版社, 2017.)
[醫] RC667 .M565 2017 名老中医魏执真心血管病经验发挥 / 主编魏执真 [and 2 others] ; 副主编张大炜 [and 2 others] ; 编委王越 [and 14 others].
Book by 魏执真, (北京 : 中国协和医科大学出版社, 2017.)
[醫] RD99 .W286 2017 外科出院病人中医调养 / 主编蔡元坤, 齐翀 ; 编写人员王会鹏 [and thirteen others].
Book by 王会鹏, & 蔡元坤, & 齐翀, (上海市 : 复旦大学出版社, 2017.)
[醫] RG131 .H867 2017 湖南省中医单方验方精选. 妇科 / 主编朱传湘 [and 1 other] ; 副主编邹万成 [and 1 other] ; 编委马滴滴 [and 8 others].
Book by 朱传湘, (北京市 : 人民卫生出版社, 2017.)
[BC] RJ103.C6 T364 2018 素人父母自然育兒法 / 湯禎兆, 林綸詩著.
Book by 湯禎兆, & 林綸詩, (香港 : 正文社出版有限公司, 2018.)
[醫] RM184 .P828 2017 普仁明堂示扶正 : 贺氏针灸理论精华及临床实录 / 主编贺喜 ; 副主编贺伯阳.
Book by 贺喜 & 贺伯阳, (长沙市 : 湖南科学技术出版社, 2017.)
[醫] RS131.64 .H83263 2017 黄煌经方医话. 临床篇 / 黄煌著.
Book by 黄煌, (北京 : 中国中医药出版社, 2017.)

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