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510 L266 Power-up : unlocking the hidden mathematics in video games / Matthew Lane.
Book by Lane, Matthew, (Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2017])
511.322 F77 Foundations of mathematics : logic at Harvard : essays in honor of Hugh Woodin's 60th birthday, March 27-29, 2015, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA / Andres Eduardo Caicedo [and three others], editors.
Book by Woodin, W. H. & Caicedo, Andrés Eduardo, (Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017])
511.6 S788 Selected works of Richard P. Stanley / Patricia Hersh, Thomas Lam, Pavlo Pylyavskyy, Victor Reiner, editors.
Book by Stanley, Richard P., & Hersh, Patricia, & Lam, Thomas, & Pylyavskyy, Pavlo, & Reiner, Victor, (Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017])
512.02 W124 Problems in abstract algebra / A.R. Wadsworth.
Book by Wadsworth, Adrian R., (Providence, Rhode Island : AMS, American Mathematical Society, [2017])
512.2 H758 Groups, languages, and automata / Derek F. Holt, Sarah Rees, Claas E. Röver.
Book by Holt, Derek F., & Rees, Sarah, & Röver, Claas E., (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
512.32 S35 Galois representations and (φ, Γ)-modules / Peter Schneider.
Book by Schneider, P., (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
514.74 M139 i Introduction to symplectic topology / Dusa McDuff, Dietmar Salamon.
Book by McDuff, Dusa, & Salamon, D., (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.)
515.63 Q1 Tensor analysis : spectral theory and special tensors / Liqun Qi ; Ziyan Luo.
Book by Qi, Liqun, & Luo, Ziyan, (Philadelphia : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, [2017])
515.7 S252 A friendly approach to functional analysis / Amol Sasane, London School of Economics, UK.
Book by Sasane, A., (London : World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd., [2017])
515.73 T825 PDE models for chemotaxis and hydrodynamics in supercritical function spaces / Hans Triebel.
Book by Triebel, Hans, (Zurich, Switzerland : European Mathematical Society Publishing House, [2017])
519.22 L645 Let us use white noise / editors, T. Hida, Nagoya University, Japan & Meijo University, Japan, L. Streit, University of Bielefeld, Germany & University of Madeira, Portugal.
Book by Hida, Takeyuki, & Streit, Ludwig, (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., [2017])
519.5028553 S792 Reasoning with data : an introduction to traditional and Bayesian statistics using R / Jeffrey M. Stanton.
Book by Stanton, Jeffrey M., (New York : The Guilford Press, [2017])
519.544 C51 Non-standard parametric statistical inference / Russell Cheng.
Book by Cheng, Russell, (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.)
519.6 A244 Advances and trends in optimization with engineering applications / edited by Tamás Terlaky, Miguel F. Anjos, Shabbir Ahmed.
Book by Terlaky, Tamás, & Anjos, Miguel F., & Ahmed, Shabbir, (Philadelphia : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics ; Philadelphia : Mathematical Optimization Society, [2017])
519.6 S291 Asymptotic theory of transaction costs / Walter Schachermayer.
Book by Schachermayer, Walter, (Zürich, Switzerland : European Mathematical Society, [2017])
522.62 S54 Introduction to planetary photometry / Michael K. Shepard.
Book by Shepard, Michael K., (Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
522.67 C45 Spectroscopy and radiative transfer of planetary atmospheres / Kelly Chance, Randall V. Martin.
Book by Chance, Kelly V., & Martin, Randall V., (Oxford, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017.)
523.78 L781 Totality : the great American eclipses of 2017 and 2024 / Mark Littmann and Fred Espenak.
Book by Littmann, Mark, & Espenak, Fred, (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.)
530.1 A244 Advances in the computational sciences : symposium in honor of Dr Berni Alder's 90th birthday, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 20 August 2015 / editors, Eric Schwegler, Brenda M. Rubenstein, Stephen B. Libby.
Book by Schwegler, Eric, & Rubenstein, Brenda M., & Libby, Stephen B., (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., [2017])
530.14 F83 Classical field theory / Joel Franklin.
Book by Franklin, Joel, (Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
530.15 A194 Rays, waves, and scattering : topics in classical mathematical physics / John A. Adam.
Book by Adam, John A., (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2017])
532.05 C758 Analysis of hydrodynamic models / Peter Constantin.
Book by Constantin, P., (Philadelphia : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, [2017])
533.2 C518 Foundations of gas dynamics / Ruey-Hung Chen.
Book by Chen, Ruey-Hung, (New York NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
539.6 S646 The Boltzmann factor / E. Brian Smith.
Book by Smith, E. Brian, (Mill Valley, California : University Science Books, [2017])
539.721 K16 Modern elementary particle physics / Gordon Kane, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Book by Kane, G. L., (Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
539.754 P428 An introduction to covariant quantum gravity and asymptotic safety / Roberto Percacci.
Book by Percacci, Roberto, (New Jersey : World Scientific, [2017])
539.76 H67 H02 The future of high energy physics : some aspects / editors, L.R. Flores Castillo, Chinese University of Hong Kong, K. Prokofiev, Institute for Advanced Study, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Book by Flores Castillo, Luis Roberto, & Prokofiev, K., (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., [2017])
541.37072 B825 X-ray studies on electrochemical systems : synchrotron methods for energy materials / Artur Braun.
Book by Braun, Artur, (Berlin : De Gruyter, [2017])
547.7 M63 Miktoarm star polymers : from basics of branched architecture to synthesis, self-assembly and applications / edited by Ashok Kakkar.
Book by Kakkar, Ashok, (Cambridge, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2017])
551.315091822 Q2 Quaternary glaciation in the Mediterranean mountains / edited by P.D. Hughes and J.C. Woodward, the University of Manchester, UK.
Book by Hughes, Philip D., & Woodward, Jamie C., (London : The Geological Society, 2017.)
551.5 C36 Atmospheric evolution on inhabited and lifeless worlds / David C. Catling, James F. Kasting.
Book by Catling, David & Kasting, James F., (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
579.362 B12 G7 Bacillus : cellular and molecular biology / edited by Peter L. Graumann.
Book by Graumann, Peter, (Norfolk, UK : Caister Academic Press, [2017])
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[中] Q125 .B949127 2015 知识与权力 : 科学的世界之旅 = Knowledge and power : science in world history / (美) 威廉・E・伯恩斯著 ; 杨志译.
Book by Burns, William E., & 杨志, (北京 : 中国人民大学出版社, 2015.)
[中] QA28 .G866 2017 论中国古代数学家 / 郭书春著.
Book by 郭书春, (北京市 : 海豚出版社, 2017.)
[醫BC] QP376 .H38127 2016 動動你的腦 : 腦權威教你遠離失智的全方位腦力進化術 / 林成之著 ; 王靖惠譯.
Book by 林成之, & 王靖惠, (香港 : 萬里機構出版有限公司, 2015.)

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